Manicure gel varnish for short nails – 10 ideasdesign

Often the rhythm of modern life leaves no opportunity to give
time to yourself. Sometimes, due to lack of time, manicure especially suffers,
because it takes a lot of time to make the handles beautiful
and the life of this beauty is not as long as we would like.
To make a fashionable manicure as long as possible, you should pay
attention to gel polish coating. Gel Polish has become incredibly popular
in modern women: this coating is almost impossible
traumatized, and it needs to be updated every two to three weeks. Wide
the choice of shades and unsurpassed durability gel varnish allows
to carry out in manicure on short nails a wide variety of fashionable


  • Fashion trends
  • Manicure rules for short nails
  • One-color manicure gel varnish
  • Emphasis
  • French manicure
  • Moon manicure
  • Draw dots
  • Decor ribbons
  • Dynamics
  • Fashion drawings and decorative items
  • Wedding design

Fashionable manicure with gel polish

A couple of years ago, long nails were at the peak of popularity.
Today, however, stylists are advised to wear a manicure for short or
medium length nails. In terms of the form should give their preference.
�”Soft square” with rounded edges.

For several years now, French has not given up its fashionable positions.
manicure, which has long been a win-win classic. Besides
traditional performance is gaining popularity the so-called
�”Fan-french”, involving the use of various designs.

The smile line can also be drawn arbitrarily. Very creative
looks like a zigzag line, triangular or wave. Such a jacket
It will look great in everyday looks as well as in
time of the evening out.

Rules for performing a manicure with a short length of nails

  1. In order to manicure looked neatly on short nails,
    nails on all fingers must be of the same length.
  2. It is possible to narrow the wide nail plate by applying
    varnish strips only in the central part, without affecting the edges.
  3. Volumetric elements, large-scale molding and other decorations of large
    Sizes are not suitable for short lengths. Массивные элементы design
    look good only on fairly long nails. However by this
    don’t worry about it – the large decor is out of fashion.
  4. Diversify a manicure on short nails and make it fashionable
    will help the use of several shades of gel polish.
  5. To manicure looked harmonious and stylish, it is worth giving
    preference for small or small elements
  6. Striped pattern, directed horizontally, and
    concentric circular ornament, visually make nails more
    shorter than they really are. At short lengths well
    looks like a longitudinal pattern and thin patterns of small

Manicure gel polish in one tone

Monochrome coating is an absolute classic and never
go out of fashion. It looks great also on small nails.
lengths You can choose any color – they are perfect as delicate
pastel colors and bright deep shades.

Manicure can be varied with the help of varnish with sparkles, rhinestone
or slider film. Most often decorate the nameless decor
little finger

Fashionable accent

To make the manicure interesting, you can decorate it by resorting
to a trendy accent. All nails are covered in
one color and then one nail of any finger (as a rule, this
unnamed) is decorated with a special decor. Here you can use
sparkles, various ornaments, rhinestones, cast or painted. Also
You can select one nail just by painting it in a different color.

Sometimes accents stand out two nails on one or both

French gel polish

French manicure является прекрасным вариантом, который
fits absolutely everything. Diversify classic solution
can be with the help of fantasy white line design. She can
make angular or triangular as well as wavy
form or zigzag.

With a manicure at a short length, the usual smile line stands
as much as possible to round off at the base of the nail. For such a manicure
it is better to use less contrasting tones and give
preferences for a couple of similar shades in the same color range.

Moon manicure

An excellent choice for short nails would be a moon manicure.
A dedicated well creates a visual effect that is longer and more elegant.
nail plate and also looks great on nails any

This manicure can be done in any color, as well as
use different texture coatings. Will look good
gloss, matte finish or cat’s eye effect.

Point Manicure

Manicure decoration with graphic points looks very
unusual and fresh. The location and size of the points can be any
color should choose a contrasting base coat.

The points are perfectly combined with one-tone manicure, french or
moonlight. To make a stylish and trendy design, enough
draw a few points at the edge of the nail or at its base.
Also хорошо будут выглядеть точки расположенные по центру nail

Маникюр с использованием лент для design

Stylish manicure on short nails can be done with
special tapes for decoration. To create interesting and unusual
design можно использовать ленты нескольких сочетающихся между
a flowers. Also можно составить из кусочков ленты какой-нибудь
pattern and transfer it to the nail plate. Or cover the nail
bright color, put on it pieces of ribbon pattern without cutting
extra edges. And then cover the top with another contrasting color and
Carefully remove the tape. It turns out a stylish and interesting manicure with
bright pattern.

Dynamic design

Stylish decor is available not only to owners of long
Marigold. On the short length you can also create an interesting and
dynamic design that will look bright and attractive.
Each nail can be decorated in its own style or make a coating.
all colors of the rainbow.

A great idea would be a gradient of several tones of the same color.
or different drawings on each nail of the same subject.

Stylish painting and decor elements

Covering gel varnish with fashionable patterns is not the first season.
is at the peak of popularity. Short nails also allow
to place on them the elements of the painting, however
рисунок должен быть небольшим и пропорциональным размеру nail
plates. Preference is given to vertical or longitudinal
drawings, place them better closer to the middle of the nail. Good will
Look openwork and delicate flower ornaments, small peas or

To complement the manicure at a short length can be with the help of rhinestones,
bouillon or decorative foil. But do not overdo it with
these decorative elements, for a stylish manicure will be quite
a rather thin strip of rhinestones at the base of the marigold or along
smile lines. Spangles will also look good with moderate
использовании, ими можно украсить самый кончик nail

Wedding Classic

Brides on the wedding day usually prefer the traditional service jacket,
occasionally diluting it with rhinestones or white lace patterns.
But lately, particular popularity in wedding trends
Acquired 3D design using volumetric gel. If the wedding
will be in winter, the manicure can be decorated with voluminous snowflakes or
perform a knitted ornament on one leg. Very beautiful and gentle
lace and mesh patterns, volumetric flowers, bows or
asterisks. Цветовую гамму для такого design лучше выбрать
traditional wedding: dairy, beige, pink and other tender
pastel shades.

If any color was chosen by the bride as the main color
weddings, there will be great ideas to support him and in manicure.
Original elements of a themed wedding can also be reflected in
manicure with the help of drawings or decor. Look very stylish
accents on the ring fingers.

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