Male haircuts. Short, medium and longMen’s haircuts 2015 photo.

Wed, Nov 16 2016

Contrary to the stereotype that a woman should carefully
take care of yourself to look great in society at work and
at home, for men, this moment is no less important. In this
The case is not only about polished shoes and a neat suit,
but also about such an important element as a haircut. Male haircuts
form the image and style of the strong sex make
a man more elegant and well-groomed. Depending on the structure
hair, age and stylistic preferences male haircuts can
be short or long, classic or creative,
be created manually or with the help of a special machine.

Men’s short haircuts

Short haircuts are always in demand because they have
advantages such as convenience and relevance. However
There are quite a few short haircuts, they can be like
classic and extremely original, complementing or
creating a certain style. The main difference between short haircuts
lies in the length of the hairs on the sides and on the crown. For example,
traditional “sporty” haircut suggests the same length
hair on the entire area of ​​the head, there are haircuts when cleaned
hair over the ears and sides, left in the line of the forehead or behind.
A pretty common option among adolescents is creative.
solutions with vystriganii different sorts of drawings

Average men’s haircuts

Medium haircuts are the largest section in men’s
hairdressing, because varieties of such hairstyles
a great many. This is a ladder, cascade, hairstyles with
long strands and trimmed sides, medium length hair
falling on the eyes or laid behind the ears, elongated cap,
short hair cut in combination with thick long bangs,
dropping to the level of the cheekbones, long strands at the crown and shortened
sides. A rather popular haircut, which is called “a la
Brad Pitt”. Not to mention the traditional classic, which
всегда актуальна.Average men’s haircuts предполагают немало
variations of styling, depending on the situation.

Men’s long haircuts

By the long hair throughout history
differently in the middle ages they were a sign of power and
nobility, personified wisdom and courage, the situation is fundamentally
changed during the time of the Soviet Union, during this period
long hair was considered unreliable. In the second half of XX
centuries, men’s haircuts for long hair preferred “dudes” and
musicians who composed and performed rock or metal, who because of
the length of their own hair had to endure quite serious
public attacks. In the XXI century, men’s haircuts on
long hair is quite popular among them
can be noted cascade, ladder, asymmetrical design of the slice.
If a man wishes to wear long hair, a haircut should be chosen.
depending on the type of hair: – hard hair – strong filigree
or cascade; – soft and thick hair – any variations are possible; –
thin and weak hair – long haircuts are not recommended, in
As a last resort, you can choose a creative, for example, a hairstyle in style

Youth men’s haircuts

Youth haircuts – quite positive and extraordinary
the direction, as a rule, the models in this section suggest some
a sign of hooliganism and courage, for example, this season hit
became the haircut “Tom fight” (hair cut short cap,
there is a long oblique bang, which hangs over one eye).
For most youth haircuts negligence is peculiar. Not
lost its relevance haircut undercut, whose history
has more than a century (on the sides and back of the hair is short,
the central part is long). Teens love to be different from
peers, often making haircuts a la “not like everyone else”,
a similar effect is formed due to the different lengths of strands, laying
�”Hedgehog”, etc.

Fashionable men’s haircuts

If you talk about the fashion for haircuts, there is a bright
a pronounced tendency to return to past traditions, always relevant
classic options and short haircuts. This season
asymmetry is popular, often haircuts are pretty
traditional, and unusual created by the original form
bangs, which can be shaved diagonally, straight or plucked.
On the long hair looks great haircut in the style of Victor
Choi, this model can be called a hit of the season. Medium length hair
It is important to twist a little, creating a romantic Spanish
style. Popular models are retro, 50s and 60s, hedgehogs of different
lengths, as well as hairstyles “under zero”.

Male haircuts машинкой

For the creation of haircuts from home conditions created cars for
haircuts, with their help you can not only make your hair
�”Kotovsky”, but also pick up several variations of hairstyles. Total
depends on many factors – type of nozzles, thoroughness
preliminary preparation of hair (comb, wet, etc.),
skill of the person who is engaged in a hairstyle. With the help of a typewriter
can vary the length of the hair, cut off the temples, clean the hair on
neck so that the man looked attractive and tidy and even
create simple drawings. Options for men’s haircuts machine
a lot, you just need to turn on the fantasy or look at
photos of models on our resource.

Men’s sports haircuts

As you know, men do not like to spend too much time on,
as it seems to them, useless things, most consider absurd,
that the fair sex is taken away in the morning
plenty of time for washing and styling hair. Most often men
prefer to wear sports haircuts, because their care requires
minimum of time. Half a century ago, sports haircuts were relevant
exclusively among people actively engaged in different types
sports, hair did not interfere during the competition and allowed
achieve results that man was capable of. Exactly
The convenience of sporty haircuts has made them incredibly popular, in
As a result, from a separate class, haircuts migrated to everyday
a life. Today, no one will be surprised if they see sports
haircut businessman or banker. As a rule, sports haircut –
This is short hair and volume at the top of the head. In the last
years became fashionable to lengthen the bangs or make light strands on

Men’s haircut 1
Men’s haircut 2
Men’s haircut 3
Men’s haircut 4
Men’s haircut 5
Men’s haircut 6
Men’s haircut 7
Men’s haircut 8
Men’s haircut 9
Men’s haircut 10
Men’s haircut 11
Men’s haircut 12
Men’s haircut 13
Men’s haircut 14
Men’s haircut 15
Men’s haircut 16


Tanya 03/31/2016 And I chose number 7 myself!))) Almost my ideal
men, well, or just the ideal))) And a haircut, and profile, and bright
great kindness … Eh … In general, I prefer short ones, even
sports men’s haircuts. I like it better when a man
looks so serious. Lida 03/31/2016 Well, what are you … First photo,
very much or what … and I also like it when haircut
asymmetrical. Everybody there vyshchipy and vystregi)) Very creative
looks! I love well-groomed men, even with a long, even with a short
haircut. the main thing is to be well maintained. Valya 03/31/2016 And I don’t
like average men’s haircuts. They, oddly enough, much
more long, betray the man – femininity. And this is not at all
my taste. But with long hair, men can look like
courageously. Among my acquaintances, there are those who wear long
hairstyles Irishka 03/31/2016 The guy in the photo 14 me right
пугает…Такой взгляд…Not, не хотелось бы мне с ним один на один
meet))) But 12 photos .. Real macho! Although .. So too not
my taste. I prefer men with short hair and not too much
beautiful. Lily 03/31/2016 Well … the third option is definitely not mine … 16,
however, too))) Among these men, the representative stands out
on the eighth photo! This … or something like that. I absolutely do not
like men with not even long, but with medium length hair.
neither there nor here ..)))

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