Magnesia for weight loss and cleansing – asapply correctly

Magnesia – a useful drug for weight loss. Single dose of this
salt cleanses the intestines powerfully, reduces appetite, eliminates swelling. Although
she does not burn fat, any diet with it gives a greater effect.
And it is useful not only to drink it, but also to use as
bath products.



Magnesia action

Magnesia is a bitter-tasting salt, chemical name
which – Magnesium sulfate. In medicine, its solution is administered intravenously.
or intramuscularly for lowering blood pressure, treating
muscle cramps, increased uterine tone and nervous tension, and
still as a diuretic. This drug is considered one of the most
safe, because it applies even during pregnancy.

If you need magnesia for weight loss, then you need to use
sold in a pharmacy powders. Packing of 25 grams correspond
single dose for an adult. Magnesia powder bred in half
or whole glass of water and drink immediately after dissolving

A solution is obtained in which the salt concentration is 12.5 or
even 25%. This is a lot. For comparison, this is how to drink water,
a cup of which was diluted with 10 teaspoons of table salt. Such
powerful laxative irritates the intestines, accelerating the movement of food and
interfering with its absorption.

In addition, the salt pulls on a lot of water, so the stool will
frequent, abundant and liquid, as with intestinal infections. It helps
get rid of hidden and obvious edema, and hence a couple of kilograms,
literally within a few hours. And since with diarrhea
useful minerals are surely lost for several days
general weakness occurs and appetite sharply decreases.

In addition, Magnesia has a strong choleretic effect.
After taking it, bile is released into the intestines, clearing it from
accumulated toxins.

It turns out that the drug itself does not burn fat, but it helps
clean the intestines and from a couple of kilograms because of its laxative
and diuretic action. And even his one-time reception for a long time.
fights appetite. If at this time to follow a low-calorie diet,
the effect will be noticeable.

How often to take magnesia for weight loss

It is important to remember one feature: Magnesia drives bile, and bile
need to digest fat. If at least two days before admission
Magnesia does not limit their use, you can overload the liver.
You should also exclude pickles and marinades: after all, the intestines are already
will not be easy on the salt concentrate of magnesium sulfate.

Therefore, the drug is better not to use the first day.
low-calorie diet, and the second week. And sure how
at least a week after that also consume only low-fat and
lightly salted foods. Due to strong irritant effect
intestinal mucosa drugs take more salt
once every 2-3 months is not recommended.

Important to remember

If you suffer from gallstone disease, Magnesia can
cause an attack of liver colic. Therefore, it can not be taken as
and with gastric ulcer, intestinal inflammation.

Since the loss of salts and abundant stools lead to dehydration
organism and cause weakness, it is better to skip sports
workout for at least a week.

Magnesia Bath

If you mix 4 packs of Magnesia, 0.5 kg of sea and cooking
salt and the resulting mixture diluted in water with a temperature of 40
degrees, you get a nice relaxing bath. Take it right
in a sitting position, for 25 minutes, making sure that the heart area into the water
did not sink. In addition to relaxation, this bath will clean the skin pores,
will remove swelling and toxins, relieve headaches and lower arterial
pressure. And all this will make magnesia. For weight loss is useful to do
at least 10 procedures daily or every other day.

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