Lunar calendar haircuts for May 2019:favorable and unfavorable days for cutting, curling and dyeinghair

Ср, 21 мар 2018 Автор: Наталья Овченко

If a person decides to drastically change his life for the better
side, attract luck and luck, first of all he starts with
external image. And not the last place is occupied by hairstyle. it
может быть стрижка, выпрямление hair или их завивка, изменение
colors. Подобная манипуляция с hairами уже сама по себе способна
change your life. And to make such changes in your life
только лучшее, стоит для манипуляций с hairами подбирать
suitable days

Favorable days for haircuts in May 2019 according to the Lunar calendar.

1. Haircut on this day will be accompanied by the execution of the forgotten.

2. Creating a new hairstyle will attract a lot of pleasant to you.
moments: happy events, pleasant meetings.

3, 16. Filling thoughts with a positive for a long time is possible,
visiting a beauty salon. Your benevolence will be felt
surrounding People will reach out to you that will open up new opportunities for
useful dating.

8, 25. Смене длины hair будет сопутствовать улучшению
financial position.

11. Thanks to the haircut, you can take the right important
decisions and change your life.

13. If it seems to you that luck does not accompany you, do
haircut on March 13th. In addition, you will be able to activate

14. Haircut will be a stimulator of intellectual abilities

17. The new hairstyle will attract happiness and good luck to your destiny.

18, 26. You can not just successfully change the image, but also
activate work that will contribute
increase in career and income growth.

27. For those who suffer from lack of fans, as well as bad
финансового положения, следует в этот день сменить длину hair.

31. Fill life with joy and good events will help
haircut May 31.

Tip! Принимать решения по поводу длины hair
should with caution. Very short haircut goes young
slender girls. If the face has even small wrinkles,
In this case, they will be in full view. Also a short haircut can
not suitable if the face is full.

Unfavorable haircut days in May 2019 following the Lunar
календарю haircuts

4. Не стоит планировать смену длины hair, в противном случае
you will have to face critical events, maybe even

5. Changing hairstyle faces misunderstanding, misunderstandings,
conflicts and proceedings are possible both in the family circle and on

6. Having made a haircut, most likely, you will encounter problems
regarding health: fatigue, fatigue.

7. It is better to postpone the trip to the salon, otherwise you will have to face
dental diseases will also overcome you
melancholic mood

9, 10, 15, 22. Those who go to the hairdresser these days will have to
face financial problems.

12, 19, 20, 21. Put off going to the salon, so you can avoid
health problems.

28, 29. For a haircut on this day will have to pay health
your eyes. it могут быть всевозможные воспаления, ухудшение
vision, the restoration of which will take a long

Окраска hair в мае 2019 по Lunar calendar: благоприятные

К выбору цвета при покраске hair надо отнестись крайне
Seriously. Incorrectly chosen, he can add you some
years, change for the worse the shade of the skin, and what is the worst –
to destroy the harmony of the image (for example, to give something not peculiar to you
frivolity or seriousness).

Also, often the fair sex try to be
similar to their idol movie or pop star. But such a choice
colors are not correct. Something that suits another person not
sure to suit you. А чтобы цвет hair после посещения салона
pleased you, but life has changed for the better, plan it
it is necessary according to the lunar calendar. В мае это следующие days:

5. Painting on this day will bring a lot of beautiful bright

6. The day is good for coloring, as such manipulations will strengthen
health status.

8. Можно смело окрашивать hairы, так вы усилите свое обаяние,
attractiveness that will open the way for new acquaintances.

11. Staining is permissible, but must only be applied.
only natural ingredients.

12, 13 — лучшие даты в этом месяце для смены цвета hair.

15, 16, 17, 21, 24 color possible only natural

18, 26. Hair can be dyed, but only in dark

19. Можно красить hairы в рыжий, белый цвет.

20. Можно менять цвет hair, но к выбору тона надо отнестись

23. Окрашивать hairы можно только в белый цвет.

25. Красить hairы рекомендуется для приобретения уверенности в
to myself.

28, 29. День хорош для окрашивания в любые tones.

Important! Окрашенные hairы требуют
appropriate care which is to use
special shampoos, balms, masks. Their color and brilliance
You will be able to save for a long time.

Неблагоприятными днями для окрашивания hair в мае 2019 по
Lunar calendar are:

1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 9, 10, 22, 27, 30, 31.

Завивка в мае 2019, следуя Lunar calendar haircuts

Благоприятными днями в мае для завивки, после которой hairы
Will look alive and shiny are the following:

1, 2, 7 to 11, 15 to 19, 24, 25, 31.

Adverse days for curling in May 2019 on Lunar
календарю are:

5, 6, 13, 14, from 19 to 22, from 28 to 29.

Creating a successful hairstyle is not only a guarantee of external
attractiveness. Манипуляции с hairами, проведенные в неудачный
day, able to play a cruel joke in your destiny. And vice versa,
следуя советам посещения парикмахерских по Lunar calendar, вы
attract positive energy, provide yourself with harmony with
the outside world and yourself, get rid of all the negative.
To remain beautiful, happy, successful simply, thanks to Lunar
календарю haircuts 2019 года.

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