Lunar calendar haircuts for March 2018:favorable and unfavorable days for cutting, curling and dyeinghair

Вт, 28 фев 2017 Автор: Юлия Улиткина

The secret of the perfect hairstyle is the master’s talent and suitable for
haircuts day. The lunar calendar will tell you when to plan.
salon visit, dyeing or curling. If you compare your
actions with the moon, no disappointments will be – checked
over the centuries.

The lunar cycles in March of 2018 were amazing.
The world is waiting for two full moons, which means opportunities for successful
transfiguration twice.

What to expect from the night light:

• the lunar disk grows on March 1st, but only one night;

• March 2 is the full moon;

• the time of the waning moon lasts from March 3rd to 16th;

• the new moon will come on the 17th;

• From the 18th to the 30th of March, the thin moon sickle is gradually gaining

• March 31 – the second full moon.

Verify your desires with the tips of the lunar calendar. it
ensures that both a planned image upgrade and a bold experiment
will be successful.

Лунный календарь стрижек на март 2018 — завивка hair

Romantic curls and elegant waves endow a woman
ineffable attractiveness and femininity. However, only
случае, если процедура прошла удачно: мастер не сжег hairы,
the waving didn’t turn out too steep, and the curls didn’t

Do not scroll during the days when the moon moves through the zodiac
Leo Он наделяет рожденных в его время кудрявыми hairами. And this
means that if you decide on a perm during this period, then curls
get too much. In March, the Moon stays with Leo on the 27th and 28th

The visit to the master will please you in the days when the zodiac of Virgo reigns in heaven.
His connection with the moon promises success with any manipulations with curls,
but for curling especially good. Sign up for “Khimka” from 1st to
3-е, а затем с 28-го по 30-е Martha. Вред для hair будет

Do not tempt fate in the period of domination in the firmament
water marks. Cancer, Aquarius, Scorpio and Pisces will do everything to
ruin the perm.

You need to transfer the procedure from such days:

• March 5-8 (Scorpio);

• March 14-15 (Aquarius);

• March 16-17 (Pisces);

• March 25-26 (Cancer).

A perm made these days with a lot of
вероятности испортит hairы. They will lose vitality, will begin
fall out, cross, cease to shine.

Совет: сделав «химку», вообще не
трогайте hairы — ни расческой, ни руками. On the day of their procedure
can not wash. Keratin protection is broken, the plates are soft, and any
прикосновение приведет к травмированию hairяных стержней.

Лунный календарь стрижек на март 2018 — окраска hair

Dyes cause minimal damage to the strands on the growing moon,
therefore, it is worthwhile to outline the procedure either on the first day of the month or
на две недели с 18-го по 30-е Martha. The dye will not wash off for a long time, but
curls keep silky structure and vibrant sheen.

In addition, the stars recommend combining staining with
changing your life for the better:

• On March 5th, experiments will attract new opportunities and good

• March 6, natural dyes will change the negative energy
day to positive;

• On March 8, light shades will attract good people and
pleasant emotions;

• March 9th natural shades will improve financial

• March 10th change of tone will increase the mood;

• On the 19th and 21st, natural dyes will improve relationships with

• On the 20th, they will also strengthen the working authority and preserve finances in

• 28th, 29th staining will bring success in all areas
of life.

It is better not to be painted on the 3rd (the mood deteriorates), on the 7th, the 16th,
22nd, 24th (you can quarrel with someone), 30th (worsen

Совет: если вы краситесь
yourself, then before applying the composition must lubricate
кожу за ушами, на лбу по линии роста hair и на висках вазелином
or fat cream. So the danger of accidental staining of the skin
will decrease. To wash the skin in the case of staining will help tablet
hydrogen peroxide dipped in water.

Lunar calendar haircuts for March 2018 – favorable days for

Подравнивать hairы и делать стрижку звезды советуют на растущей
the moon (18-30 numbers). It is also good to get a haircut during the passage of the moon.
through the zodiacs of Virgo (March 1-3), Taurus (March 21, 22), Leo (27, 28
March), Libra (4.5, March 31) and Capricorn (March 11-13).

However, the 1 and 31 numbers are very ambiguous in March.
On the one hand, a haircut can attract money, on the other – to reduce
tone and mood. But a safe visit to
the barber shop will be on the following days:

• March 2 (full moon) haircut will save from the accumulated
negative, improve tone;

• March 8 will improve health, improve mood;

• the 16th will bring well-being and joy;

• the 21st will strengthen the area of ​​finance;

• The 24th will make life longer.

Совет: с помощью челки можно
correct the flaws of the face and emphasize its merits.
Expressive eyes emphasize oblique or meek bangs. Straight
good for a narrow face, and long and uneven – for a round.

Lunar calendar haircuts for March 2018 – adverse days for

Enough in March will be days that you shouldn’t schedule
haircut. Postpone a visit to the hairdresser stars advise in
following days:

• On March 3, 22, the state of health will decrease, failure will happen;

• On March 6th there will be health problems;

• on March 7, the mood will deteriorate;

• On March 10th, relations will deteriorate, a breakdown will appear;

• March 15th, a haircut will shorten life;

• 19-го испортятся hairы;

• plans of the 20th will fail;

• On the 23rd a conflict will occur;

• The 25th, 26th, 27th haircut will attract illness or quarrel.

Неблагоприятным для подравнивания кончиков или haircuts является
the period of the lunar disk through the zodiac of Sagittarius, Pisces and Cancer.
Не стоит рисковать здоровьем hair и своим душевным состоянием в
those days.

March weeks are ambiguous to bring the hair in strand.
However, a double full moon promises a generally good period. Making up
self care schedule, be sure to check it with recommendations
astrologers. Skillfully using the lunar calendar, you can in any
situations look great and not be afraid of a radical change

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