Lunar calendar haircuts for June 2019:favorable and unfavorable days for cutting, curling and dyeinghair

Ср, 21 мар 2018 Автор: Наталья Овченко

Those who wish to begin to change their image with a haircut, it is better
go to the salon in the following days of June:

1, 10. In the 28th lunar day you can safely go to the salon.
In addition to a successful haircut, you will be able to win over the support of colleagues and
loved ones, since from this day your optimism and cheerfulness,
which so attract to themselves, will increase.

2. The easiest way to get rid of negative energy
return or gain luck – make a haircut on this day.

7. Those who wish to improve their financial situation need to
go to the hairdresser that day.

11. Haircut gives you confidence, good luck.

12. A new hairstyle will attract good luck, vitality and sharpen

13. Those who wish to increase their mental activity should
в этот день сменить длину hair.

14. The haircut will have a positive effect on enhancing thinking and

16. Good day for a haircut. In addition to a successful stylish hairstyle
you will attract new useful acquaintances, also expect in speed
happy events.

17. Haircut on this day is a great opportunity to improve
performance and increase well-being.

24. Смена длины hair на 22-ые лунные привлечет на вашу сторону
financial well-being. In addition, in the near future you
reach the goal.

25, 26. Haircut will attract good luck in all your endeavors.

29. New hairstyle will help your wishes come true.

30. Смена длины hair принесет массу приятных событий и
unexpected changes for the better.

28. Стрижка hair может привести к ухудшению зрения, развитию
eye disease and inflammation, the appearance of barley.

Unfavorable days for haircuts in June 2019 Lunar
haircut calendar

1. Not the best day for a haircut, since your life will appear
destructive in all respects aspect.

4. Не стоит обрезать hairы, иначе конфликтов и разбирательств
not escape. This applies to both loved ones and colleagues.

5. Your performance due to shearing significantly
decrease, and to adjust it, to return to the same pace will be very
not so easy.

6, 8. Не стоит состригать hairы, поскольку в таком случае
Your health is threatened by multiple diseases and depression.

9. Not the best day for a haircut.

18, 27. Illnesses and troubles will follow the haircut,
made these days.

19, 20. The trip to the salon should be canceled, because otherwise
case you have to face utter bad luck, due to
which, due to constant experiences, will cause heart disease and
endocrine system.

21. Haircut will follow a lot of trouble, such as theft.
and losses. You will begin to perceive those around you differently.
in fact, which will lead to quarrels, strife.

22. Из-за состригания hair в жизни появятся неприятности и
misunderstandings, negative emotions, antipathy will sweep over you,
prolonged depression.

23. Your plans will fail completely, for this reason you
overcome depression, a sense of hopelessness.

28. The trip to the salon on this day should be canceled. Смена длины hair
will attract eye diseases: barley, inflammation, blurred vision.

Favorable days for coloring in June 2019 according to the lunar calendar

1. Любая смена цвета hair в этот день приветствуется.

3. Окраска в этот день окажется удачной, hairы надолго сохранят
color, but do not lighten them.

4, 23. Окрашивание hair допускается, но выбрать лучше
natural shades.

5. Удачный день для смены цвета hair.

7. Окрашивание hair окажется удачным, цвет hair будет вам к
the face.

10, 15, 16. For staining, use henna,
other natural and soft dyes.

11. Good day for color change. Такие манипуляции с hairами
will attract good luck, make you more attractive both externally and
and from the inside.

12, 27. Цвет hair менять можно, но лучше всего на 1-2 тона.
In order not to be mistaken, one should confide in intuition. These days she doesn’t
will let you down.

17, 18. Good days to visit the salon if you decide to become
brunette But staining in other colors can be

20, 21. Coloring is possible, but the color does not change drastically

22. Good day for clarification.

24. On this day, any change experiments are welcome.
цвета hair.

25. Hair can be dyed in dark colors, but only
natural dyes.

28. Coloring is favorable.

Adverse days for coloring in June 2019 Lunar
haircut calendar

2. Не стоит красить hairы, иначе несчастий и неудач не
to avoid.

6. Окраска hair худшим образом скажется на вашей

8, 9. Краситель может сильно повредить hairы, цвет быстро
will wash off.

13. Подобные манипуляции с hairами негативным образом скажутся
on health, family relationships can also seriously
get worse.

14, 26. Одни из худших дней для смены цвета hair.

19. If you change the image on this day, perhaps in speed
will have to pay much for their material goods.

29, 30. Hike in the salon should be postponed.

When is it better to do завивку по Лунному haircut calendar в июне

С завивкой hair надо быть крайне осторожными, так как неудачно
a perm can not only disappoint you with your
результатом, но и испортить hairы. Bring them back to life after
unsuccessful perms possible, but have to spend a lot
time and effort. To make your trip to the salon to please you, not disappoint,
it is necessary to plan it, following the advice of the lunar calendar.
According to him, you can go to the salon with the aim of making a perm in
next days of the month:

2, 4, 11, from 14 to 16, 18, 19, from 22 to 24, 26, 30.

Refrain from such manipulations should:

3, 9, 10, as well as 3, 17, as the New Moon falls on these days and
The full moon is also 10 and 25 because these days are at the junction of quarters
the moon

Stay always in harmony with yourself regardless of the hairstyle and
цвета hair. И в этом вам поможет Лунный календарь haircuts на июнь

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