Lunar calendar haircuts for January 2013

Sun, Nov 13, 2016

We all know, the cycles of the moon affect the human body. For example,
at full moon, many of us notice unusual sensations: excitement
or excitement in some people, or lack of energy and apathy in others.
These influences were also noted by our ancestors, who had no such
the number of research equipment in service. However they
enjoyed the lunar calendar and quite successfully. Moon calendar
used in many areas of activity – it was used for sowing
crops, celebrated holidays, and beauties were checked in
carrying out cosmetic procedures.

Women knew that by trimming their hair on a growing moon, they
grow back somewhat faster. On the waning moon hair grows
much slower. There are favorable moments – at this time
roots of hair become stronger, they fall out less. On the lunar cycle
can you figure out when to achieve your goal in hair growth,
coloring or perm. When planning a trip to the hairdresser, do not forget
check with the phase of the moon, especially since in January 2013 to do it
easy enough – from January 1 to January 3, the moon will grow
its first quarter. In January 2013, the moon will grow from 1 to 10
numbers, and then from 28 to 31 numbers. Full moon is expected 9-10

Lunar calendar haircuts for January 2013 – завивка волос

Hair perm is still popular, however
its now much more than our mothers and grandmothers. Now it is
There are many ways that the hair is not “fluffed”, but fit in
perfectly lying curls, not matted and evenly divided.
However, together with cosmetics – gels, lacquers, foams
correct perm need to choose the right procedure time. AT
January 2013, a particularly strong effect of haircuts can be obtained 10-12
January – these are the days when the moon is in the constellation Leo. The most
благоприятное время – следующие дни, 13-14 January The moon turns into
Virgo constellation, which is known to be the most favorable
to create new hairstyles. But the chemical waving is best done
уже в конце месяца — в период новолуния с 23 January Remember that
that after chemical hacking, the hair needs special care. Stock up
moisturizing masks and balms. The changes on the hair will remain,
even if the perm will not hold. Hair ends treated
special “soldering” means. Only newly grown hair
allow you to cut curled parts.

Lunar calendar haircuts for January 2013 – окраска волос

When a modern lady goes to the hairdresser, she expects
hair changes are not only tidying up the hair, but also
emotional discharge. If the hairstyle or hair color is matched
correctly, quite naturally, we can expect a change of image and
favorable changes in personal life. Hair coloring – one of
the main components of the overall image. Moon calendar дает
recommendations and in this event. The fact is that when decreasing
the moon in humans, many substances are “washed out.”
Microparticles of paint also briefly linger on the hair. Therefore,
if you want to just experiment with the new color,
dye your hair in the first decade of January and in the last few
days Firmly paint will be taken in the middle of the month. Many are asked
the question of hair dye after a perm. Insofar as
You can dye your hair no earlier than 3-4 days after curling,
referring to the lunar calendar. in January it’s best to do it in
the middle of the month.

Lunar calendar haircuts for January 2013 – благоприятные дни для

Insofar as идеально посещать парикмахерскую, когда Луна находится
в знаках Льва, Девы, Стрельца, Козерога, Тельца и ATесов, то лучшими
днями для haircuts станут 3-7, 12-16, 19-22, 30-31 January Hairstyle
it will turn out especially successful, the internal state of health will improve, and
even you will see positive changes in your personal life. AT это время
along with the hair will come profit and success at work. A haircut,
held in the “right” time makes the hair more voluminous,
healthy and shiny. From January 1 to January 3, it is worth refraining from
short haircuts. But from 4 to 9 January hair will be fine
grow, become stronger. AT эти дни прекрасно действуют
nourishing masks and staining. It is recommended on this day to do
nourishing hair masks as well as dyeing. Hair color
will be bright and will last for a long time. ATо время полнолуния с 9-го по
January 10th in January it is not recommended to hold any
manipulations with hair. С 11 января haircuts будут более стойкими,
as in the descending phase of the moon, hair does not grow very quickly.
January, the new moon comes on the 23rd, from that moment on
work out festive hairstyles.

Lunar calendar haircuts for January 2013 – неблагоприятные дни
для haircuts

Astrologers warn against going to the hairdresser on January 11 and
January 27 – the days when the body’s defenses weaken. Should
abstain and when the moon passes through the constellation of Cancer, Pisces or
ATодолея, (8-9 , 17-18, 23-27 января). Hair clipping
adverse days can lead to energy loss. BUT folk
superstition suggests that at this time, cutting off hair can
shorten your life, or get relationship problems. AT эти
days and hairdressers point out that dandruff or hair may appear
will fall more.

January 2013 – Conclusion

Being under the influence of various constellations, the moon is different
affects the human body. BUT зная принципы лунного календаря, вы
you can influence your own destiny. No need to think that this
the result will be too great. Only by changing the hairstyle, of course,
It would be an exaggeration to expect a radical change. Is it worth
pay attention to the phase of the moon before going to the hairdresser – each
decides for himself. But sometimes the experience of ancestors is not worth it.
neglect, especially if the hair already has problems. By the way
These recommendations are valid not only for women, but also for men.
Это может касаться бритья волос или haircuts бороды. BUTстрологи
claim that haircut and shave associated with “cutting off” parts
hair are also elements of a single energy flow. AT
some lunar days the loss of vital energy can be

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