Lunar calendar haircuts for February 2018:favorable and unfavorable days for cutting, curling and dyeinghair

Пн, 20 фев 2017 Автор: Юлия Улиткиon

The February moon obeys the same cosmic laws, and
therefore, it is better for us to compare our lives with eternal hours. Most
короткий месяц важен в уходе за hairами не меньше, чем какой-либо
other. Curls will be beautiful, and color and perm successful, if
carry out the corresponding procedures on the lunar calendar.

Main events of the month:

• we see the fattening disk of the moon from the seventeenth to twenty
the eighth of February;

• the birth of the lunar sickle rejoice at the sixteenth;

• the decreasing lunar disk is visible from the first to the fifteenth

Full moon in February will not be, so on a magical day, when
в манипуляциях с hairами дозволено все, onдеяться не стоит. The
it is more important to look at favorable and unfavorable days for
haircuts, curls and coloring curls.

Lunar calendar haircuts for February 2018 – perm

Thanks to the salon perm, you can drastically change the image.
However, chemicals are aggressive, and therefore can spoil
hairы. To avoid this, it is best to choose
auspicious days when the dyes do not destroy the structure so much
hairяного стержня. The lunar calendar will tell you how to avoid
dullness, fragility, lifelessness of curls.

The most favorable for “Khimki” stage of passage
moon beauties through the house of the Virgin. Dare to plan a salon perm in
onчале месяца — 2-г и 3-го February В эти дни hairы почти не
will suffer from chemical reagents, will keep the power shine.

An ambiguous result promises a curl to the days when the moon is staying in
the zodiac of Leo. The fact is that Leo enhances natural waviness
hair. Therefore, for the owners curly from nature
�”Khimka” may be too strong. Fearlessly trust
master in the “lion” period of the first, twenty-seventh and twenty
On the eighth of February only girls with thick, hard can

Water signs of the zodiac increase the potential harm from chemical
waving. You should not assign a cardinal change of image on
those days:

• from the sixth to the eighth of February (Scorpio);

• February fourteenth, fifteenth (Aquarius);

• from the sixteenth to the eighteenth of February (Pisces);

• from the twenty-fifth to the twenty-sixth of February (Cancer).

Natural keratin protection is weakened these days, so harm
from the maximum procedure. Hair will have to be treated for a long time.

Lunar calendar haircuts for February 2018 – coloring

Окрашивание hair — тоже довольно агрессивonя процедура.
It is safest to hold it in the cabin. Then the color will turn out
ожидаемым, и hairы пострадают не так сильно, как от
non-professional coloring agents. The easiest for those who
uses natural basma or henna all the time: they have bands like
generally healthy and strong.

Dyes harm the strands less during the growth of the moon. In February
this is the entire second half of the month, from the 17th to the 28th. During
12 days, you can safely plan a color change or coloring. AND
yet the 13th lunar day that falls on this auspicious
period (February 27) may have its negative impact on
result. Be careful with this day, paint it in
last resort, otherwise the color may disappoint.

The lunar calendar can be used to improve your life.
если окрашивать hairы в соответствии с рекомендациями астрологов.
You can get the following results from the procedure:

• 3rd: new features will appear;

• 7th: improve financial position;

• 8th, 12th: lift your spirits;

• 17th: improve relationships with others;

• 18th: natural paint will enhance credibility at work
provide financial stability;

• 26th, 27th: guarantees success in business.

Окрашивание не стоит проводить 5, 10, 14
February (relations with others will deteriorate), February 15 (color
it will turn out not that), 20, February 22 (will provoke a quarrel), February 28
(feeling worse).

Совет: можно заранее подготовиться к
staining to reduce the risk of damage and quick washout
dye. Need three days before the scheduled procedure to do
процедуру глубокого увлажнения hair. For this fit
professional mask applied to the curls.

Lunar calendar haircuts for February 2018 – favorable
haircut days

The moon-star calendar guarantees the pleasure of a haircut,
carried out during the period of combining the lunar disk with the houses of the Virgin (in
February is the second and third number), Taurus (21st and 22nd number),
Gemini (23rd and 24th number), Capricorn (eleventh and twelfth
number). The result will be exactly the one you wanted to get, but
hairы останутся сильными, блестящими или, onпротив, onполнятся
health as a result of the procedure.

In addition, it is important to take into account astrological recommendations on
days of the month. Favorable haircut in the following

• 6th: improve health;

• 14th: give well-being;

• 19th: will strengthen the financial situation;

• 22nd, 26th: lengthen life.

Совет: если нужно быстро восстановить
ослабленные, поредевшие hairы, подстричь их можно во время власти
on the sky of the zodiac Leo. In February-2018 это три дня: 1, 27, 28 число.
Additionally, use burdock oil for two months,
onнося его в качестве маски on 3-4 часа через два-три дня.

Лунный календарь стрижек on февраль 2018 года — неблагоприятные
haircut days

Стрижка hair неблагоприятно сказывается on их внешнем виде,
если процедура проведеon не вовремя. Adverse periods
считается onхождение луны в домах Скорпиоon (6-8 февраля), Водолея
(14-15 февраля), Овon (19-20 февраля), Стрельца (9-10 февраля).
Либо у мастера что-то не получится, либо hairы onчнут вести себя
not in the best way: spoil, break, cross, quickly
dirty things.

In addition, a haircut can cause trouble
следующие days:

• 1st, 15th, 20th: will attract failure;

• 3rd, 9th, 23rd, 24th, 25th: will make you feel worse
cause illness;

• 4th, 10th: cause health problems;

• 11th: provokes depression;

• 13th: shorten life;

• 18th: frustrate plans.

Совет: с февраля onчиonйте принимать
multivitamin preparations marked “beauty”. It will help
подготовиться к летнему сезону: сделать hairы блестящими, густыми,
protect from aggressive solar ultraviolet.

During февраля важно выбрать правильный день для посещения
парикмахерского салоon. Do not refuse care procedures in
period of “weight loss” of the lunar disk. Даже on убывающей луне можно
выбрать дни, когда посещение салоon красоты оставит приятное

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