Lunar calendar haircuts for February 2013

Mon, Nov 14, 2016

Our hair is a real living organism that accumulates from
environmental radiation, cosmic dust and large static
charges. Especially if you use fixers for hair –
varnishes, gels and mousses. Astrologers advise with frequent headaches.
pains to do short hair and refuse chemical
preparations for a perm, and at night drench your hair with cool water,
to sleep better. Hairstyle done at the right time in
according to the lunar calendar, be sure to please us, even
if we “got” on happy days by accident. We already
we know that under the sign of Virgo hair grow very quickly, and under the sign
Leo is gaining density.

But what recommendations do astrologers give to those who want to have
long hair, but afraid of transition – start a shift
hairstyles and for 6 months, cut your hair just under
constellation Virgo, and even under the young moon. Hair very fast
reach the desired length, and besides this will be healthy and fresh.
With the defective Moon, nothing terrible will happen, just hair
will grow a little slower. And who knows – aren’t
dandruff, hair loss, thinning by the consequence of wrong
What time is your haircut?

Lunar calendar haircuts for February 2013 – завивка волос

Let us listen to the recommendations that the Moon itself can give us.
February begins its countdown from 1 quarter of the lunar phase. From 1 day and
until the full moon on February 8, you can resort to any services
hairdresser. For curling especially suitable signs of the Virgin and Leo, in
February these days will be at the end, from 23 to 26. If you have already done
perm, and the hair is not very kept her, then try again, already
under these signs.

These days are especially recommended for owners of direct heavy
hair. At home you can carve – that is
sparing and easy short curling. After carving need
wait three days and do not wash your hair. They become obedient and
voluminous, laying time is greatly reduced. Useful by the way
Tip – Earlier in the water for rinsing curled hair was added
a little vinegar. This advice has not lost its relevance today.

Lunar calendar haircuts for February 2013 – окраска волос

Many girls ask the question – what position of the moon is successful for
hair coloring? Astrologers give an unequivocal answer to this question –
applying paint on a young moon is more preferable in order
so it does not wash off for a long time. The color is more intense.
In the case of a damaged moon, the paint is washed off quickly. In early February, the moon in
the first quarter of the lunar phase, so you can dye your hair
any color – the paint will fall fine and the color will be long and saturated
deep. The first quarter of the moon comes at the end of the month. So with
On February 23, you can do any haircuts again during the whole growth period.
according to the moon days.

Lunar calendar haircuts for February 2013 – благоприятные дни
for a haircut

In February, Mars enters the active phase. This is a time of activity and
opening prospects for each person. New hairstyle will help
avoid pessimism and gather rebellious thoughts in
single impulse

As you know, when the moon is in the constellations Taurus, Capricorn
and Virgin, haircuts are the most successful. Applied to February
2013 you can point to the 15th, 16th, 17th day and at the end of the month to 25, 26,
27. After the haircuts done on these days, healthy and healthy
strong hair, good care. Favorable also
will be the days of February 18, 19, 27, 28 – when the moon is under
constellations Libra and Gemini. If you do not like to get a haircut often –
go to the hairdresser under the constellations of Pisces and Cancer – 11, 12, or 23-25
February Although hair will grow slower, but still
will look healthy and well maintained. But the best way to cut
hair after full moon. February moon declines after 14
February, the new moon will appear in the sky after the 22nd. From 23 again
comes the first quarter. And from the 24th to 27.28, that is, to
end of February, the most favorable time for new
haircuts, although the hair may not grow very quickly.

Lunar calendar haircuts for February 2013 – неблагоприятные дни
for a haircut

Tibetan monks consider the ninth lunar day to be burning and
call on this day not to carry out any manipulations with hair.
They believe that otherwise you can scorch your hair and your destiny. Also
it is necessary to refuse a hairstyle and in days when the moon passes
constellation Scorpio, Aquarius and Aries. Shaving hair these days
increases the risk of catching a cold and weakening immunity. Take your time and
go the next day. Body defenses can be
blown up just because of the haircut at the wrong time. In February for
стрижек есть всего лишь один неблагоприятный день — это 10 February
A few days of February are neutral – it’s 19, 22, 26. In February
It is recommended to do hairstyles with the effect of flowing hair, avoiding
lush and high styling. Supplement fever in February should
with the help of firming and nourishing masks, and all manipulations with
hair carry out in a gentle way.

Lunar calendar haircuts for February 2013 — заключение

In ancient times, young beauties went with loose
hair до самого замужества. Certain hair magic attracted
future spouse. Married women use hair energy
differently. Hiding their braids under their hats, women kept
power for one single man and for all his family.
It was believed that the magical properties of witches and sorceresses possessed
thanks to the hair, which is why the first thing that the Inquisition did was
women cut their hair to protect themselves from spells.
Haircuts and hairstyles were made only on certain days belonging to
The moon and the sun.

Of course, now this is all considered superstition, but not everyone
of us will risk cutting the hair before the exam, knowing that it is bad
omen So consult with the lunar calendar. By the way, lunar
the calendar is applicable to all-body hair, and will tell you when
to remove hair with the eternal male problems – for example, in the nose
or in the ears. By the way, you can not pull out the hair in these areas,
trim gently enough. And of course, you shouldn’t do there.
perm … (joke).

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