Lunar calendar haircuts for December 2012

Sat, Nov 12, 2016

Have you ever noticed that sometimes a perfect hairstyle after
the next haircut delivers a lot of trouble? Sometimes with hair just
impossible to handle. And hair growth seems unstable: they
grow back quickly, just imperceptibly slowly. The fact is that
hair growth takes place in a large way at certain phases of the moon.
It may seem that an astrologer is easy enough to make
horoscope, for example, haircuts. However, it is not. Have to
take into account a huge number of rules that sometimes contradict
each other. In ancient times, among the noble persons horoscopes were
very popular. They even tried not to wash their heads without thorough
calculations astrologers.

If you want your hair to grow quickly – you need a haircut
hold during the rising moon (from new moon to full moon).
Remember that the lunar calendar and the calendar of dates on which
the modern world lives – completely different things. Required
check by day with the calendar of the days of the moon from the new moon to
full moon. It is advisable to always navigate the growing moon
or decreasing at the moment when a full moon is expected, which
today is the lunar day. Required понимать, что каждые лунные сутки
carry a certain potential to adjust
behavior and schedule a trip to the hairdresser without the notorious
failures and complications.

Lunar calendar haircuts for December 2012 – завивка волос

Curling hair is a controversial procedure. Many opinions like
usually contradict each other – some cannot do without
she, and someone after the first time regrets about damaged hair, and
forever rejects the procedure. Therefore, planning a perm,
best to check the lunar calendar and take advantage
tips astrologers. For curling hair, the lunar calendar also has
favorable days. It is very good to carry out these procedures under the sign
Virgin This can happen with any moon. Virgo is beneficial
acts on the hair of women, so they do not split, perm
last long enough. You can also curl your hair and under
sign of Scorpio. It is worth waiting until the moon comes out of the sign of Leo,
as the perm may be too strong. Leo sign will help
only for those who have a perm for a long time due to natural properties
hair. A definitive “no” astrologers say if the moon is
under the signs of Aquarius, Cancer, Pisces. Remember that after curling
hair needs special care.

Lunar calendar haircuts for December 2012 – окраска волос

So that changes in appearance bring you joy, not
frustration, compare your actions with the moon’s horoscope
окрашиванию hair. Not all days are considered favorable, but only
1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8, 12,13, 14,15 lunar days. Few days are
neutral and can not do any tangible harm or strengthen
favor These are 16.17, 23 lunar days. Pay attention to the state
The moon at the moment. From the sign in which she is at the moment
coloring depends on how much hair will be healthy after coloring.
Наиболее благоприятно время прохождения через знаки Льва и Virgin BUT
Here are the signs of Pisces and Cancers, as with haircuts and curls, the most
unfavorable for staining. Known that the waning moon
helps to eliminate substances from the body. Paint applied by
waning moon absorbed not too well. Color soon
will fade. Therefore, this time is better to use for experiments,
so that you can quickly change the color in case of failure.
Long-term staining keeps better when the moon grows. To
avoid the risk and unnecessary manipulations with hair, see the moon
the calendar.

Lunar calendar haircuts for December 2012 – благоприятные дни
for a haircut

You will be satisfied with a haircut, performed on days when the moon
проходит знаки Льва или Virgin The moon at this time can be like
growing and decreasing, but preferable, of course, growing.
The days of the Virgin are favorable for hair growth, therefore cutting the hair in
these days, they will grow back very soon. Hair will look
like a thick head of hair. In addition, the hairstyle keeps its shape perfectly.
Therefore, to cut hair is quite safe and when the moon passes
following signs: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. On a waning moon in these
Signs hair grows slower, but also maintains good

Lunar calendar haircuts for December 2012 – неблагоприятные дни
for a haircut

BUT вот, например, Овен, Рак, Скорпион и Рыбы могут быть
unfavorable or just neutral. Slower hair grows when
the waning moon. Eliminate also the “satanic”, that is
adverse days – 9, 15, 19, 23 and the days of the lunar and sunny
eclipses. There is another rather serious limitation –
the state of the moon must be avoided when it is without a course.
The time of the waning moon under the signs is also considered unfavorable.
Gemini and Capricornus. Haircuts made on an unfavorable day
may be difficult to maintain. Hair split, thin,
dandruff appears. The worst thing is that they can start falling out.
so you need to try to plan trips to the hairdresser
in advance, finding out first what phase the moon is in and what
the sign affects her at the moment.

Lunar calendar haircuts for December 2012 — заключение

We all understand that the beauty and health of hair affect
various factors – nutrition, drug use, stress,
pregnancy, hormonal changes of the body. Proper care
помогает улучшить состояние hair. BUT правильное время еще больше
will enhance this effect, make it lasting and sustainable. Not
accidentally, our ancestors for the first haircut kids chose exactly
time of the rising moon, and by no means the other way around. Haircut changes
not only the kind of person, but also our aura. It is associated with this
Signs that you can not cut your hair on yourself. Man cannot himself
correct your biofield, and break – completely. The process of cutting
actively affects our biofield. Since ancient times, it was believed
to cut your hair means to change your life. Moon calendar
helps make these changes positive.

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