Lunar calendar haircuts for August 2013

Sun, Nov 20, 2016

Changing hairstyle entails a change in image, and hence the whole life.
August 2013 is quite conducive to improving your own life, and
also to rest with your loved one. This month in women
there is a very big need for dramatic change
image. Yes! We women want to constantly change to live
Your life is more saturated, feel its taste in a new way. Change
hairstyles help to feel this taste, enjoy the emotions and
reaction of others.

Most people in August, especially at the end of the month, feel
rise in creativity, becomes more attentive to the opposite
semi, committed to excellence. About the influence of the moon on these aspirations we
we already know quite a lot. So much to keep
The calendar of the passage of the moon under the influence of different constellations. In August
the new moon and the full moon fall on the 7th and 21st. The greatest
affected by women in the first and last quarters of the moon, this
time from 14 to 20 and from 28 to the end of the month. Immediately note for yourself
those periods when astrologers give a great unconditional “good” on
visiting hairdressing and design studios is August 8 and 9 (
Virgo constellation), as well as in the last decade of the month (25, 26, 27

Lunar calendar haircuts for August 2013 – curling hair

Truly, to discover a new one is enough to shake up well.
forgotten old. Curling hair is such an old process
which 400 years ago was relevant for medieval beauties.
However, today we have much more ways to do it.
For example, “iron” – just recently this word caused us
associations with ironing. And now with his help, we are beautiful
Curl or styled hair. According to the lunar calendar most
favorable days for perm will be 25, 26, 27
August or at the beginning of the month from 8 to 12 August. But “chemistry” and
staining is not recommended on August 16, as well as in the full moon and
new moon. On other days, you can successfully apply electric
ironing I must say that its prototypes were known in the 18th century
ladies of high society who could not appear without curling
society. Preparation for perm includes hair washing and application
air conditioner. Despite the modern ceramic coating, this
the way still hurts the hair, so when washing your hair
Be sure to use masks or balms.

Lunar calendar haircuts for August 2013 – hair coloring

August 2013 the moon begins to grow in the middle of the month, therefore
hair coloring at this time will last long enough. Can
dye your hair and after the full moon, from 25 to 29 August the moon will
be under the constellations Taurus and Gemini, which is enough
favorably affects coloring by natural dyes. AT
Recently, we have a fairly large number
cosmetics for hair coloring, but many are returning to
famous medicinal dyes – henna and basme. Serious
alternative to hair dye is henna – its use
combines several functions – staining, treatment and therapy.
After henna, hair becomes shiny and docile, it is treated dry.
seborrhea and strengthens the hair itself along with the hair follicle. With
henna staining other than lawsonia (the plant from which
henna is produced) use whey and essential oils.
But it must be remembered that henna is not washed off, it is impossible after painting
perm and dye your hair with chemical dyes
for hair until all hair dyed
henna. Henna paints gray hair perfectly, it can be used
at home. Do not dye your hair on August 30, 31 and 21,22.

Lunar calendar haircuts for August 2013 – favorable days for

The lunar calendar is made quite difficult. Besides
periods of growth and decline of the moon takes into account many components. it
features of the influence of the phases of the moon, finding it in a certain
quarters, single moon (no course), and most importantly – accounting
interactions of all these factors. Interweave points allow
determine the days in which visiting the hairdresser’s
favorably, as well as the “forbidden days”. Haircut calendar never
repeats – every year and every month have only their own,
unique horoscope. Despite the fact that in the first week of August
The moon is waning, this time is very favorable for going to
hair salon Create a bold image, it will benefit
your attitude. You can experiment on August 5 – successful
будут любые haircuts, прически, укладки. Waxing moon from 8 to 20
August is also conducive to visiting the hairdresser. AT конце месяца
It is best to get a haircut on August 23,24,28.

Lunar calendar haircuts for August 2013 – adverse days
для haircuts

Unfavorable days in August can be called 7 and 21
August is the full moon and the new moon, and August 19th is almost
just before the full moon. Astrologers warn – these days you can
cut off your luck. Do not get a haircut and at the end of the month. 25, 26,
27, 30 it is better to abandon manipulations with hair. But even these days
quite suitable for the treatment of decoctions of herbs and tinctures.

Lunar calendar haircuts for August 2013 – conclusion

Scientists estimate that a person’s head can grow from 90,000
up to 150,000 hairs. For three days, hair grows on average by 1 mm, in
year about 12 cm. By the way, in the summer they grow faster than in
cold season. After 50 years, hair growth slows and grows
slower than in 15-30 years. Few know that hair itself
elastic – it can be stretched to 1/5 length, but it is fast
returns to its original state. The thickest
hair is red-haired people, but it can be much less
rather than pretty blonde hair. Blondes have the biggest
the amount of hair (up to 150 thousand). The first hairs appear in a child
at 4-5 months of development – before birth. ATолосками покрывается 90%
human skin. The life of an ordinary hair can be from 2 years at
men and 4-5 years in women. Women’s hair sit in the scalp
much deeper – about 2 mm.

The lunar calendar will help keep your hair healthy and beautiful.
Let yourself be stylish!

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