Lots of beauty: positive multicoloredmanicure

Gone are the days when it was possible to make up your nails with one varnish and
rejoice in their beauty and grooming the whole 2 weeks. Today
яркие идеи для manicureа захватили подиумы. What is the plus? We can not
bored, painting your nails in bright colors, and always find an outfit,
combined with the color of the coating. Мастера manicureа и стилисты
propose to adhere to the rules of combining the color palette and not
mix drastically non-matching colors. But then the rules
as such, if you really want to do something wild and
unbridled, then you can.

To reveal your individual look, you can use
stylish nail art, make a multi-colored nail design. Such
manicure имеет ряд преимуществ.

What is good individual color

Well-groomed hands always attract attention, and well-groomed and bright
individual nails – doubly. You can not too get involved in the choice
accessories and rings, because nails will become independent

С разноцветными ногтями можно воплотить любые идеи manicureа,
even with drawings, even without, even in doll style, though
classic. Lovers of quick design can purchase drawings on
each nail separately.

Creative ideas hit the edge when you can paint your nails in
all the colors of the rainbow, and most importantly – it can be realized without help
профессионалов от manicureа. Colored nails – the most democratic in
performance plan and available to almost any novice master, even
one who takes care of itself independently.

Are there any cons of multicolored splendor? Yes, in some
situations such a nail design is not entirely appropriate. Not suitable for those
observes a strict dress code and to someone it may not seem at all
appropriate in winter. However, there are plenty of ideas for individual
nail design in the winter.

What form is better to choose

Различные идеи manicureа смотрятся по разному на ногтях
square, oval and round shape. Oval nails are considered
universal. Nature itself protects them from cracking and
позволяет manicureу на них держаться долго. Their smooth lines are just
created for floral designs and fruit designs. They are good
with rhinestones and without, in general, those who seek the classics, but loves
bright colors can make just such nails.

Round shaped nails are quite comfortable if you want to cut them.
short. They are not as actively broken as oval or long.
Suitable for any styling and can serve as a real “platform”
for creativity.

The square shape is good on medium length nails. She allows
сделать не только классический разноцветный manicure, но и френч.
These nails look good by themselves and with stylish designs.
The square shape may not suit the owner of brittle nails, so
As there is a significant risk of damage to the nail plate.

On thin long fingers and long nails look spectacular
pointed forms. These nails can break, so it makes sense
make strengthening them with acrylics.

How to combine colors

This season is pretty democratic. Nails make bright, and,
sometimes even motley and contrasting. Used as a technique
allowing to combine varnishes, as well as “contrasting” combinations, which
aimed at the selection of a single nail color. But the main
Trend – staining of one nail with shades of a single color.

  • Rainbow designs of red, yellow and light green scales do not lose
    popularity You just need to remember a children’s spring toy with
    rainbow and portray on each nail some kind of palette of this.
    Iridescent nails are combined with any clothing of the spectrum in color and
    allow you to emphasize youth and activity.
  • Ombre this season is not only for hair, but also for nails. They
    can be multi-colored and match as soft peach color
    ice cream and cappuccino, with bright accents of raspberry,
    pink, orange flowers. Lilac is also added to the nails.
    and purple hues.
  • You can combine completely different colors that are on different
    parts of the spectrum, paint the nails without transition, making graphic

Нужные оттенки для manicureа можно создать, ориентируясь на
preferences, color type and even mood.

Texture game

Современные лаки позволяют не только делать manicure разных
colors, but also play textures. The most democratic way to create
transitions, patterns and matte tone – this is sand and rub. Colored sands
для manicureа стоят недорого, можно найти баночку буквально за 100
rubles, and the ways of applying a lot. Someone draws on glossy
the surface of the nail patterns with sand, someone tries to black out the whole
nail plates or alternate matte nails decorated with sand, and
ordinary glossy.

In the trend velvet – it looks stylish and cute. This cover
allows you to select only the tips or part of the nails, or
emphasize the individual nail plate. Manicure is pretty simple –
It is necessary to apply two layers of gel varnish using conventional technology, and then
Add velveteen on top and secure it with a finish-finish, without forgetting
воспользоваться лампой для manicureа.

Lovers of glitter and glamor will be delighted with the return of the chimmer.
Cover with microparticles will allow the nails to shine, and decorate any
solemn event, party or holiday.

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