Long torso, short legs: get dressedright

Not all of us are perfect by nature, but some ladies can
so present your flaws that you involuntarily begin
admire. The complete absence of the waist in the presence of long legs – not
a problem, it is enough to put on a loose blouse length to the hips
and skinny jeans. But is it possible to do something if your
features are long torso, short legs?

Long torso, short legs: how to choose clothes?

How to choose clothes?

Adjusting the shape with clothes is not easy, but it’s quite
feasible. In some cases, this is completely unnecessary.
tremendous effort. For example, if the bust is big, it is always possible
wrap a big plus – enough to wear dresses with deep
triangular cut, with a low waist, semi-fitting cut with
three-quarter wide sleeves or wrists. Clothes should
To sit perfectly on a figure and then the big bust becomes your main
trump card (in the presence of a good corrective bra or
corset, of course).

Small breasts need a visual “gain” – for this
fit round-neck dresses with a build around the neck, slit
cutouts, draperies and ruffles.

  • If the fifth point appears somewhat, then hide this fact.
    allow straight skirts with a normal waist line, slightly fitting,
    long blouses, tunics, sweaters. Will look good slightly
    loose trousers paired with a long jacket and massive shoes.
  • In order to visually lengthen short arms should be worn
    dresses and blouses with long, to the middle of the brush sleeves, tapering
    in the cuff.
  • For long arms, short flared sleeves are suitable.
    three quarters long.
  • When it comes to the shape of the body, everything is a little more complicated, because
    forms the whole silhouette. Torso deficiencies can also be hidden when
    clothing assistance.

Long torso, short legs: how to choose clothes?

In order to find out whether your problem is imaginary,
you need to measure the distance between the lower ribs and pelvic bones.
If it turns out to be more than 10 cm, then, indeed, your body is
long. But this is not a reason for frustration, because with the help of clothes
all disadvantages are easily converted into advantages!

In order for a short torso to look visually shorter, and
legs are longer, you should wear long narrow skirts with high
waist pants with a high belt. Shoes must be on
fairly high heels, and the distance between the shoes and the edge of the dress
(i.e. stockings or pantyhose) should be the same tone with hem.

Absolute prohibition is imposed on the square shape of the skirts,
shortened versions of skirts and trousers, skirts and pants with low waist.
Short jackets and jackets will look great, for example, with
high-rise trousers.

Прекрасно   в этом случае будут смотреться туники,
having a belt right under the bust with a flared hem is in them and legs
will seem longer, and the body will look quite

A short torso needs a completely different adjustment – for
in order to visually equalize the length of the legs and torso is necessary
wear loose mid-thigh tunics and blouses,

You should not wear high-heeled shoes, rather small
heel or thin platform. Jackets with shawl collars,
small stands, triangular cutouts – this is your choice. As a rule, with such
type of legs legs slender and long – this should be the focus of the
account brighter colors, tight fabrics. Harmonize
torso and legs in this case can be with the help of long scarves,
palatines, chains and beads.

It will be good to look at you and a straight, slightly loose dress,
adorned with a belt lying on the hips – it will allow “not to see” everything

Do not despair, considering yourself awkward, love yourself and
look for your things that will make you a queen!

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