Long summer skirts: fashion models andstyles

Summertime is the best time for long summer skirts,
flying and weightless skirts of silk and chiffon. She beautifully wrapped
slender legs and shape of the figure, heat is easily transferred to them. TO
the same model of long summer skirts are so diverse that
A girl of any body size will choose the right one.

TOогда как не летом радоваться жизни, носить красивую одежду и
live a full life? On summer days, women bloom and look
younger and slimmer – thanks in large part to their positive
mood, but also because summer clothes are lighter,
bright and beautiful.

One of the favorite items of the summer wardrobe is
длинная легкая юбка – styles длинных летних юбок очень разнообразны
and enable the woman to decide for herself which one is best to choose: on
smell, flared, “sun” or straight. This selection is directly
depends on several factors: age, body type,
complexion, commitment to the traditions or trends of fashion and
individual taste.

Long summer skirts are sewn from light translucent, thin and
air tissues that are practically not felt on the body. Their
the cut does not restrict movement, usually these skirts are so light that
Suitable for wearing in the very heat. Indian silk and marlevka, silk,
Flax, chiffon and cotton – these are the most suitable materials for all.
styles of long summer skirts. Perhaps the only drawback
such materials can be called their shrinkage during washing, however, usually
The material is washed before sewing the product.

Fashionable models of long summer skirts, presented this year,
differ in various color schemes. Most often fashion designers
offer long skirts from flowing thin fabrics, transparent and
translucent, with various patterns and ornaments, guipure
finish Classic black is still in fashion, dark
shades with different ornaments, striped, with floral

Модели и styles длинных летних юбок: 15 фото

Gaining momentum in fashion on long battered skirts, stacked,
sewn from contrasting materials, moreover, both in color and in
invoice. It can be a combination of denim and chiffon, fine flax and
thick cotton fabric.

Пышные модели длинных летних юбок  могут быть украшены
ruffles, frills of other fabrics and lace. Their расцветка так же
can be very diverse, from monotone to variegated, for example,
in gypsy style.

TOогда можно носить длинную летнюю юбку?

If this skirt is sewn of opaque silk or chiffon, has
straight cut, sewn on the smell or with reasonable cuts, then it
It can be worn and to work. Skirts puffy and bright, more
Of course, suitable for leisure and recreation, at work in them can
be uncomfortable.

The skirts of fashionable black and white are also perfect for the office.
colors, from translucent fabrics, but on a cover.

You can wear a very fashionable floor-length skirt
satin, with a cut to the thigh, form-fitting and very sexy.
Такие юбки  могут быть украшены различными декоративными
items such as dangling chains, straps, straps with
stones and rhinestones.

What to wear long skirt in summer? Speaking of fashion for long summer
юбки, стоит  отметить, что все они обладают завышенной талией
and can be worn as with short seductive tops, and
blouses in color matching the fabric of the skirt, reaching the hips
(if the skirt is narrow) or places where the expansion of its silhouette begins (if the skirt
flared). Long sleeves will look great.
simple T-shirts, linen blouses, tops. Straight skirt and tulip skirt,
Skirts with ruffles and ruffles look great with decorative belts
and straps. Don’t forget that layered skirts are great
combined with large jewelry.

Длинные летние юбки. Модели и styles длинных летних юбок

Длинные летние юбки. Модели и styles длинных летних юбок

Длинные летние юбки. Модели и styles длинных летних юбок

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