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Manicure can rightly be called a business card of each

Hands, fingers are always visible, and their condition and appearance can
talk about his mistress even more than the face.

Strict etiquette, among other things, requires that nails be
short, but democratic fashion allows you to go beyond and

A great time for a bright long nail design is

Design of long nails – what are the differences

Long nails require special care and care. Many
girls refuse the idea of ​​such a manicure, referring to the fact that
inconvenient to perform daily affairs at home and at work. In fact,
try to do the dishes, print on the computer and zip up
Buttons with long nails can be literally a week.

But it is long nails that open up a wide field in front of the master.
activities. It can embody the wildest fantasies,
use original decorations and decorative elements. Like
design on long nails looks much more organic and luxurious,
than short ones. And some ideas are just not for them

Long nail design – different directions (photo)

Professional masters try to use new technologies.
and methods of applying a lacquer coating. There are several
directions for the design of long nails, which only gain or
still do not lose their relevance:

1. Good old french

The classic version provides a white color for the smile line.
and pink for the rest of the plate. French manicure is good for
any length. Diversify enough boring colors can be,
giving the tips different shades.

Also, this technique is the basis for creating
�”French millennium”. In this case, the regrown nails are applied
sparkles. This is a great option for an evening out.

2. Geometry on fingers

Artistic ornament has long conquered the fashionistas. Special
technologies are constantly being improved, which makes it possible
create original compositions with sharp corners. Paint over
it is possible to completely cover the entire nail, dividing it into color segments, so
and use separate shapes on a one-color basis.

3. Ombre technology

It implies a gradual transition from one shade to another.
To do this, you can use the colors from one range or play on
contrasts. The gradation from dark to light looks more spectacular.

4. Moon manicure

Its feature is in the emphasis on the nail hole. Smile line can
be convex or concave. To create using two
contrasting varnish. For the first time such a manicure appeared on the show Dior. is he
immediately liked the girls who want to look bright, but when
This does not dare to bold experiments.

5. Nail in a frame

The entire nail is painted with one color, and along its edge
draws a frame. is heа может идти по всему диаметру или быть
�”Open” at the tips. For internal filling correctly
choose a light shade, but the frame should be bright, rich
or dark.

6. Metal nails

This type of manicure has another name – “mirror”. is he
performed using a special foil that can be coated
entire nail plate or use to create separate
decorative elements.

7. Negative space (empty space)

For such a manicure fit absolutely any color. Key
feature are non-shaded places: it can be
space in the middle in the form of a rectangle, flirty
triangle side or zigzag stripes.

8. Glass neils (“broken glass”)

Such nail art is just gaining its popularity. Idea was born
in South Korea and gradually migrated to the world podiums.
Design is created on long nails with special stickers.
They cut out various geometric shapes (mainly
diamonds, trapezoids and triangles) and glued to the nail.

These design technologies can be combined. This allows
fashionistas try everything at once and create literally
original and stylish manicure. You can combine, for example, french and
moon manicure or moon manicure and frame.

To create a similar design of long nails, you must advance
think through the whole concept. The color scheme should include 3
tones, if you do not talk about “geometry”, “fan-french” or other types
artistic painting. In that case, the shades maybe
any number

As an example, you can take a bright evening manicure. Colors:
burgundy, soft pink and golden with sparkles. Pointing,
middle and little finger can be covered only with a pink shade, and
�“Involvement” in the other tones should be emphasized with a drop in the form
hearts at the base of the plate. It can replace the small round
rhinestones in burgundy. The index finger is completely
covered with sparkles. On unnamed perform a lunar manicure with a concave
burgundy smile line, and shade the hole with a special golden

Each of these types can run on nails any
forms. Recently, particular preference has been given to rectangular
nails. Although “cat’s claws” are not out of fashion – pointed
the form. is heа больше подходит смелым и уверенным в себе дамам, которые
know their worth, know how to be strong and feminine
at the same time.

Далеко на заднем плане стоят овальная the form. Believed she
more suitable for older women. Another statement from
professionals that oval nails should be negligible

New so-called nail coffins can be considered. For such
the scary name is hiding a pretty sweet form – this is something
average between rectangular and sharp nails. is heи значительно
rounded, but do not have a sharp tip. Critics first saw
a novelty on the red carpet in Hollywood on the fingers of a local

Long nail design – sequence of actions

The first step towards a beautiful long nail design is
their direct preparation:

• remove the remnants of the previous manicure, especially varnish;

• hold hands in warm water (you can add gentle
cream soap) 10-15 minutes;

• wet your hands and apply moisturizing oil on the area

• carefully move the cuticle and cut off the side with tweezers

• wipe off residual oil moistened with nail polish remover
a napkin.

After that, you can start working with the form: even long nails
require some shortening and correction. During processing
the edges of the nail file, you must not forget about the nail plate itself –
remove flaking pieces, make it smooth.

The next step is to cover the base gel. On the brush should
take a small amount of money and start applying from
free edge of the nail. This is done with light rubbing movements.
Base gel Polish serves as a primer: it must make a nail
smooth and even. Its second task is to provide molecular
adhesion of the main varnish to the plate. It is important to apply the base thinly.
Already dried under the lamp layer must be slightly trimmed, during
avoid spreading varnish to the rollers.

After drying, you can start applying a colored lacquer or
creating long nail designs. Think of the idea must be in advance
and prepare all the necessary materials. May not need
only a few bottles, but also strips, rhinestones, a few needles,
beads and stuff.

After decorating the nails, it is imperative to apply a finish.
gel polish. is he закрепит красоту, будет защищать ее от трещин и
dullness. Apply the product also need a thin layer,
neatly staining places at the base of the nail. Cover carefully
dried under the lamp. After that, you need to wipe your nails
a special tool that protects the skin of the fingers from drying out,
and nails gives a glossy shine.

Long nail design – professional advice

A beginner in the design of long nails can hardly compete with
the skill of a professional. But neat and assiduous fashionista
Still, the strength to “fill his hand” in this difficult matter. To process
learning and creating nail masterpieces was going great, you should listen
to the useful recommendations of experts:

1. Living conditions often do not contribute to a long long life.
nails. And if it so happened that one of the broken or noticeable
damaged, will have to shorten and the rest, otherwise, the manicure will
look untidy.

2. Giving shape to the nails, should focus on the fingers,
which have rollers near the plate. Striking them causes strong
painful sensations.

3. If you want to make a beautiful manicure, you can
focus not only on fashion trends, but also on shade
own skin:

• copper and red are suitable for ivory skin

• the nobility of pale skin will emphasize plum and berry

• owners of dark skin should pay attention to
cold color range.

4. Before applying the gel polish must be carefully prepared
plate. With the nail, you must carefully remove the remnants of the previous
marafet, dust, and take care of its perfectly smoothness.
Adhere to this rule should be at the stages of applying any
cover. Otherwise, the tool on the nails will bubble and
go to the waves.

5. Even if this does not happen, the consequences of the wrong
application may occur later. Gel Polish will not last and
half of the promised time (21 days).

6. Manicure “gradient” (wave, ombre) looks amazing on
long nails, and done very simply. Two colored varnish
bottled nearby. Toothpick gently mixed at the border
of touch. Sponge is dipped in the formed liquid, and
then applied to the nail. Make a truly smooth transition.
succeed if you connect 3-4 shades together.

7. Perfectly smooth lines in geometric manicure are obtained.
thanks to special sticky strips. You can cut out of them
small circles of different diameters, diamonds or hearts.

8. Make colorful dots and circles on the nails can be,
using various items: hairpins or eraser on
the edge of the pencil.

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