Listata Mini

A new drug has appeared on the Russian market for
снижения веса – Listata Mini. It includes the well-known
and the studied substance orlistat. Orlistat is able to hinder
absorption of part of the fat that comes from food. Thereby
nutrition becomes less caloric, and the person begins to lose weight.

Листата мини However good
it is known that undigested fat is excreted from the body naturally
by, which can cause side effects such as bloating
abdomen, abdominal pain, flatulence, frequent urge, liquid oily
chair. Especially often side effects are observed in people who
do not adhere to recommendations about food according to the instruction –
caloric intake should not exceed 2000 kcal per day, with
this should not exceed 30% of the total
calorie content. All daily fat intake is also recommended.
distribute evenly between the three main meals –
breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The discomfort that can occur when taking medications
containing orlistat, very often forces people to completely refuse
from treatment. Given that all drugs containing orlistat,
allowed to take in continuous mode for 4 years, only
10% of people take them for more than one year and only 2% of people more
two years old.

Проблема побочных эффектов была решена в препарате Listata Mini.
In addition to orlistat, an additional component was introduced into its composition –
gum arabic. This is a vegetable matter produced by
from gum arabic. Gum arabic has unique properties.
First, it is able to emulsify indigestible fats – small
fat droplets are surrounded by gum arabic molecules, which
prevents them from merging into larger drops. By
emulsifying the fat particles is evenly distributed in the contents
intestines, and do not flow down the intestinal walls. In Listat Mini
contains so much gum arabic that is capable
emulsify 72% of undigested fat, which contributes
a significant reduction in the frequency and severity of side effects.
However, it should be remembered that if the recommendations on nutrition and
fat content in food will be violated, side effects may
manifest as well as when taking regular orlistat.

Secondly, gum arabic is a probiotic. In human
the body is not absorbed, but the microflora of the lower intestine
splits it and uses for nutrition and growth. When splitting
gum arabic molecules form organic acids that
alter the acidity of the intestinal environment. Acidic pathogens
microorganisms can not multiply, and the normal microflora,
on the contrary, it multiplies in a weakly acidic medium. In this way,
normal microflora is restored and maintained

There is an opinion that drugs that inhibit the absorption of fat,
can only be used in cases where overeating is possible,
for example, at a festive feast. For this reason sometimes
preparations containing orlistat are also called “banquet
drugs. Unfortunately, this is not true. The fact is that in full
volume effect when taking orlistatov develops within 24 – 48
hours after the first dose and their one-time reception is not able to give
tangible result.

Listata Mini является безрецептурным препаратом, поэтому для его
acquisitions do not require a prior visit to the doctor for
getting a recipe. However, like any other medicinal
drug, Listata Mini has its own contraindications, so before
application is recommended to carefully read

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