Lips on the nails – cool design for everyone’s dayLovers

On the face of a woman you can always put makeup on, which will hide traces
age or inadequate care. But hide the hands will not succeed.
They will give everything – and how old a woman is, and how well she is
cares for them, talk about work and home life. That is why
Hands are considered the calling card of any woman. Great importance
has a manicure – hygienic and decorative. Since the hands are always
in plain sight, this needs special attention.

If a hygienic manicure does everything, then the coating depends on
fashion and girl tastes. Young people often stop for more
bright and creative methods of decoration, and older women are more often used
one-color coating of high quality. From decoration methods,
fashionable this season, the most attractive and unusual is
image of lips on nails. Moreover, such a manicure is perfect
Suitable for celebrating Valentine’s Day on February 14th.

Selection of flowers and decorations in the design with lips

This is an unusual choice of patterns for manicure, so it
use brave, even daring girls and young women. They
have a good sense of humor and good taste, because with
It is very easy to go too far and get such an unusual design.
a vulgar picture instead of a trendy and stylish image.

Most popular colors:

  • All shades of red and wine. Traditional red lips in
    the form of a kiss imprint do not go out of fashion, but no one forbids
    use more complex shades, such as coral, fuchsia,
    salmon, ruby, burgundy.
  • Pink lips – a beautiful girlish option. They могут быть
    light, Barbie shade or closer to the peach, flamingo.
  • As the background for the work perfectly suited bright colors of varnish –
    white, cream, solid, pinkish, light yellow, pale gray and
  • Black or white background is almost a classic.
  • Gold, silver, glitter spangles or pearlescent rubs
    will give the design a special festivity.
  • Very bright “acid” paint. This choice basically makes
    creative and spontaneous youth. With the right combination
    the colors are very effective and elegant.

To make the drawing look even more interesting, to him
add the following types of decor:

  • Rhinestones. Brilliant pebble on the “lip” painted mouth looks
    appropriate and even elegant. Also these rhinestones can be decorated and
    other nails, it turns out catchy and festive.
  • Piercing This interesting element is best used on
    extended nails, because their can not stand drilling and
    load. Artificial nails will calmly “survive” the procedure and
    will look stylish and fashionable next to the “kiss”.
  • Multicolored shimmer and glitter. The sparkles will immediately make any
    manicure festive.
  • Kamifubuki – multi-colored sequins that you can lay out
    almost any pattern.
  • Lace Their use will help to make an already catchy
    drawing even more impudent and extraordinary.

For the addition of “kiss” you can use other images
which are combined with this motive. It can be candy, cherry,
strawberries, various inscriptions. But the lips themselves are focal
element, so with extra decor it is worth being careful.
Otherwise, the spectacular pattern will quickly turn into a motley

There are several methods for creating such a design:

  • Hand drawing. Manual equipment is unique, but requires
    a lot of experience and a “firm hand”.
  • Use sliders. This is the fastest and tidiest way.
    get a beautiful picture. Kiss options are many.
  • Inlay with rhinestones. You can lay out only the contour or
    completely the entire image of the lips.
  • Stemping is a simple way to get a silhouette pattern. Him
    You can color or add catchy and bright elements.
  • Deep design, in which the image is obtained in relief.

How to portray lips on nails

Even if you do not have much artistic talent, for
drawing a kiss is not important. It is important to have a desire
perseverance and patience. Everything will turn out fine after a little

Any design on the nails will be beautiful only in the case of well-groomed
and neat hands, so first you need to perform
hygienic manicure, correct the shape of nails, walk on them
Buff for leveling the surface. These are important steps because
any drawing will look spectacular only on even and smooth
nail plates.

You can think of your own version of the drawing or borrow it from
experienced craftsmen. There are quite a few options, you can always
find something to your taste.

That the drawing was not only beautiful, but also durable,
you need to do everything right:

  1. Cover the nails with a base coat, dry the coat.
  2. Apply two layers of background paint, also dry well.
  3. Put two small drops of scarlet varnish on the nail (color
    depends on the author’s ideas).
  4. Quickly and gently, with a toothpick to complete the drawing,
    spreading paint in the shape of lips.
  5. Dry work.
  6. Cover with clear top varnish. He will protect the drawing and give
    him great depth and accuracy.

If there is a possibility and desire, drawing lips is best done when
using a very fine brush. So you can get the most
realistic volume image.

�“Kiss” on the nails is a stylish and fashionable decoration that
requires a very good taste from a woman not to become

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