Light skin: what colors are suitable?

Цвета одежды и купальника для светлой кожиWomen tend
compare yourself with other individuals and often when you see
friend toilet beautiful and unusual shade, we literally ”
light up ”and are ready to immediately apply it in your wardrobe.
It happens that in a burst of enthusiasm we forget that
there is such a thing as matching skin color and color
clothes: the colors of clothes for fair skin will not suit dark-skinned women, and
vice versa.


So how to determine whether to face this or that color?

Much depends on the color of clothes you choose: your mood
and how you are perceived by others. Correctly selected
clothing, its style, size and color can either emphasize profitably
figure, complexion, gloss of the eyes and freshness of the lips, or, conversely,
make all virtues inexpressive.

A huge role in the selection of colors of dress plays skin color:
brunettes are allowed a lot, but only those of them who have light
skin, can safely rely on all shades of purple, yellow,
orange, green and pink. Цвета, что  близки к оттенку
skin, can make the image plain and strip the features

Цвета одежды и купальника для светлой кожиChoosing colors
clothes for light skin of blondes – owners of gray and blue
eye, it is worth to stay on the pastel shades of blue, orange,
gray or green. These muted colors are the best
Matt tenderness of the skin is emphasized and will allow to avoid unwanted
the effect of eye shadows that is so common on faces
fair-skinned women.

In the event that nature endowed the owner of light skin
bright eyes of dark blue, green or brown, you can
Feel free to choose bright colors. Best suited saturated colors
purple, red, blue, you can experiment with fabrics,
decorated with ornaments that include combinations of these

Brown-haired people, as a rule, have very light, transparent skin.
due to which some shades may add to pallor or
even make it painful. Colors of clothes for light brown skin
must be chosen very carefully: carrot and light orange
the color and color of the “shrimp” are able to wipe the natural blush
and emphasize the circles around the eyes. Light shades of green or
pink, combinations of black and yellow, yellow and lilac
emphasize a beautiful skin tone and give the face a youthful

Choosing a swimsuit color

Great opportunities for choosing the right shades and their
combinations presents us the coming spring-summer period.
A variety of textures and colors certainly allow you to choose for
yourself a wardrobe in which every thing will be to face. Not worth it
forget about choosing the right swimsuit. Very often we
we make a mistake, focusing only on his fit in an attempt
emphasize all your virtues and hide what we do not burn
desire to put on public display.

However, stylists are sure: the color of the swimsuit is an equal ally
cut in the creation of beauty. The color of the swimsuit for light skin is not
should be overly bright, light-skinned girls should pay
focus on swimwear in neutral shades.

Neon colors that have become so popular now, alas, will have to
leave those with dark skin. Fair-skinned blondes like
swimsuits of blue, gray or
light green shade, but the swimwear is red, turquoise and
fashionable olive shade can safely try on
fair-skinned brunettes with bright eyes.

In any case, the color of the swimsuit for light skin should not
Complete and visually brighten the skin. Light-skinned young
girls can take a chance by trying on a combination of swimsuits
colors, giving preference to combinations of bright colors and black –
she is young, not to be afraid of experiments!

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