Life in purple. What to wear tightsand a scarf?

Many girls and women in the cold season prefer
wear bright things. Coat, jacket, hat or gloves purple
colors – today it is no longer a rarity, but a regularity,
followed by both the fashion houses and their true fans. what
the same applies to tights and scarves of different violet shades, then
everything is a little different, because it is these details of the female wardrobe,
become the final touch for an image over which some
ladies “work” for more than one hour.

It is very important that the bright detail of the wardrobe does not just attract to
most of the attention of the people around them, but also harmoniously
subscribed to the general ensemble. At the same time, as experts say in
areas of the fashion industry, if you take a little detail and make it
main, then pick up to her suitable wardrobe items much
more difficult.

Purple tights, with what to wear them and successfully combine?

How to solve, buying purple tights, with what to wear this
in its own way an attractive and original female subject
wardrobe. Everyone knows that tights in the cold season – are
important and necessary subject in the women’s wardrobe. In the same time
many of them prefer to wear non standard bodily or
black tights, and choose bright colors, including purple
takes not the last place. After all, it is this color with ease
will complete an image and will give it an original and peculiar look.

In addition, it is the purple hue that helps to hide some
flaws in the figure and emphasize its undoubted advantages.
The main thing here is to correctly determine the necessary shade of purple.
и тогда, можно boldly носить модный предмет wardrobe.

с чем носить фиолетовые колготки Bright accent – making
tights center of the image, they can be easily worn with dresses or
tunics in dark gray or black.

Tone to Tone is a solution to specific knowledge or skills from a woman
does not require. All you need is to choose YOUR violet and
just like him to pick up both tights and all other parts
wardrobe. Those who want to visually lengthen their legs worth
lower skirts prefer narrow skirts or narrowed trousers.
Such an outfit will not only emphasize your individuality, but also
significantly diversifies everyday outfits.

с чем носить фиолетовые колготки Accessories – many of
fashionistas purchasing fashionable tights one of the many
purple shades, then simply do not know that with them
to do and what to wear them with. Already after making a purchase, girls
begin to frantically think, with what to combine them. Eventually,
most simply send a fashion item to the farthest corner
shelves. But everything is simple. It is enough to add tights
accessories in the same color palette and everything … Fashionable and stylish
image is quite ready.

Important! for the kit to acquire a finished look it is necessary that
there were only three things of the same color in it.

с чем носить фиолетовые колготки To complete – colored
tights, including monophonic easily completes the image,
making it stylish, organic and sophisticatedly elegant. Wherein
It is important that the color of the pantyhose matches the pattern on the
dress, turtleneck color or a touch of any accessory. And what
the less detail that complements the tights, the more interesting and profitable
will look set.

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How to wear a purple jacket?

Knitwear – so as not to suffer from the choice of wardrobe, just
choose tops or jackets that are exactly the same color as those purchased

A lucky touch is a purple scarf, what is it to wear?

A purple scarf, like tights of the same shade, can become like
supplementing element, and “the highlight of the program.” And absolutely not
It is worth being afraid of this little accessory, because combinations
which he can easily participate a huge amount. AND
so the question of what to wear with a purple scarf is solved
quite simple.

с чем носить фиолетовый шарф Monophonic look – pretty
it will be interesting and peculiar to look at the image created with
using the same color. However, taking such a step,
be careful because your chosen shade should ideally suit you
approach, emphasizing individuality and originality. In such
It is a scarf that should attract special attention.
otherwise the other person’s image will cause a feeling of irritation and

Contrasts – the easiest to create with accessories
original contrasts and properly arrange the necessary accents.
The main thing in this case is a sense of moderation. And the rest will help

с чем носить фиолетовый шарф Nuances – an outfit in which
the scarf is colder or warm in contrast
purple than the main outfit will be a win-win option for
everyday trips to work.

Shoes – scarf, usually bought in the color of shoes or
vice versa. This combination is always a win-win.

Whatever combination of purple-colored garments you would
We chose the main thing correctly to place the necessary accents After all, they
must emphasize the beauty of a woman. AND тогда можно boldly
go to the office or to a party where you cannot be torn from you
Look no one man and your chosen one as well.

Photos of successful combinations of purple tights and scarves

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