Learning to do hairstyles for girls 10 years.Options for modern hairstyles for 10 year old girls

Ср, 28 сен 2016 Автор: Александра Никонова

We offer you a selection of interesting hairstyles for all
possible cases. Hairstyles will raise the mood of the child and become
a great way to complete your look during your daily hike
school or sports section, also suitable for any child

Easy hairstyle for girls 10 years old every day

Hairstyle is done on long hair. Hair comb,
we carry out a parting. On the back of the head do two small tails and
we fix them with rubber bands. In order not to pull the hair and do not
hurt the baby, use soft rubber. From each side
heads weave on the usual spikelet, weaving in it “tails”.
Spikelets stretch width, give them volume.

We turn the finished pigtail “spike” around the base of the tail,
forming a flower. We fasten both sides with invisible ones.

Easy hairstyle for girls 10 years. Bow

We form hair in a high tail, we fix with an elastic band. Select
at the base of the tail a small strand and wrap it around

Carefully comb the hair in a ponytail and divide them into
two equal parts.

Roll up on each side, starting from half the length
hair. Buffing done with a comb towards the head.
Form the “ears” of the bow and temporarily fix them small
clamps. Minor errors should be corrected with a comb.
Preliminary result carefully varnish.

Using silicone rubber, fasten each eyelet bow.
�”Ear” is attached invisible to the base of hair. From tails,
remaining after the formation of the bow, select the total strand, slightly
combing, opening varnish and throwing over the bow as
jumpers. In front we fix the jumper stealth and varnish. Two
strands on the back can be screwed onto a curling iron or straightened with an iron.

Bowики из волос на косичках. Hairstyles for girls 10 years

Children’s hairstyle with bows of hair is made easy, but quite
suitable for both regular school day and holiday

Using the tip of the comb, we divide the hair so that it turns out
right parting in the middle of the head. On either side of the parting
separate comb hair strand parallel to the center. Strand
we twist in a flagellum and we pin up with a clip.

From the same side we proceed to weaving the French braid. In
the place where the strands are connected should hold the hair
by thumb and index finger, then the spit will be
tight and level. To spit was not twisted, should be maintained
direction during weaving and adjust the tension
подхватываемых hair. Pigtail should be braided to the end and on
The initial stage is secured with a clamp.

In the next step, we detach the prearranged strand and
good at combing This strand is necessary to weave bows.

Prepare a large stud and slightly bend it in the middle.
Such a tool is convenient to attract strands. The spinning that goes
along the parting, is divided into small sections, each of which,
through the studs will be tightened in the links of the French braids for
the formation of a bow.

Bowик формируется следующим образом: в звено косы вставляется
curved hairpin (eyelet stud in the direction of the parting).
Separated strand is rolled up twice, through the eyelet
studs and pulled through the link braids.

Formed a bow will have a “tail” of hair, which
should be combined with the following strand. To bows come out
smooth and neat, the loops need to be firmly held.

When weaving is done before the neck, the last “tail”
neatly woven into the braid that goes from the back of the head to the ends
hair. To do this, remove the clip and carefully unravel this area,
holding the hair at the base of the head.

We correct the bows and go to the second side of the parting, where
we do the same thing. You can finish weaving decor from
two bow hairpins. Hair for a girl of 10 years is ready!

Festive hairstyle for a girl of 10 years. Flower weave +
ribbon weaving

Gorgeous festive option for girls with long
hair The hairstyle consists of two elements.

The first element is the classic French braid, formed
of three strands. Pigtail will be performed with one-way
grab. Weaving starts from the top of the head and moves along
spirals. The remaining hair that will not enter the spiral braid, we
We will use for the second stage of weaving.

Используя кончик расчески, выделим на глаз 1/4 часть hair.
Parting is performed from the temporal lobe towards the back of the head. Of
This volume will be formed spit. To keep our flower
longer, hair can be slightly waxed for styling.

We form the center of the flower: select a small strand closer to
top and divide it into three parts. Inverted braid performed
plant side strands with pickup hair under the middle strand.
Take the hair from the inside only
strand comes under the middle without grab. Each subsequent coil
spirals try to weave as close as possible to the previous one.

When the flower is finished, the “tail” should be hidden and
fix the stud. Weave the lines of weaving lightly with varnish.
The finished flower can be decorated in the middle with a spring with

Go to the second stage of weaving hairstyles. For this we
You will need two colored ribbons to be folded together and
wrap around clamp. Clip with ribbons fixed on hair with
opposite side of the head. Select прядь волос, делим ее на
three equal parts. Weave ribbons.

Pigtail with ribbons should weave around the contour of the flower.
To achieve this, it is necessary to shift at each stage of weaving.
hooks. In the area of ​​the back of the head braid with ribbons wrapped in a hinged
flower and fixed throughout the helix studs.

Hairstyles for girls 10 years. Openwork beam with weaving

The hairstyle is suitable for a girl who is engaged in sports

Hair combed, collected in a high bundle and fixed
rubber band. The collected hair is distributed in a circle and gently.

On the side of the head, select two identical strands and tie them together.
loop Slightly pull the eyelet and secure it with the pin for
hair. Hold the remaining tail and separate the next one.
circle strand. Loop again and secure with a pin.
Continue weaving around the entire circumference.

Of оставшегося хвостика заплетите классическую косичку из трех

Secure the pigtail with a thin rubber band and hide under the loops.
The resulting loops straighten and spray varnish.

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