Lay nails on hands – what to do? What to do,if fingernails continue to exfoliate, even with the rightleaving

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The hands of a woman are always in sight and are one of the most
attractive body parts.

Именно поэтому руки нуждаются в постоянном косметическом leaving,
manicure, applying moisturizers to the skin and firming
means for nails.

But what to do if the nails are peeling on the hands?

This unpleasant condition can bring serious
psychological discomfort to the woman.

Why nails on hands are exfoliated: reasons

The causes of layered nails are many. There are like
exogenous as well as endogenous causes. First of all on the nails
external factors influence: exposure to detergents, cold or
sun rays.

Exogenous reasons also include various mechanical
damages, including those that were caused during
sloppy manicure and improper hand care.

There are many more internal or endogenous causes. Layered nails
may be associated with malnutrition, avitaminosis and
lack of trace elements, hormonal changes, endocrine
pathologies and the development of fungal diseases. In addition to
The condition of the nails can be affected by chronic overwork,
stressful situations and bad habits such as smoking and
alcohol abuse.

What to do, если слоятся ногти на руках?

In order to bring nails in order, you need to find out and
eliminate the causes of this phenomenon, as well as ensure proper
care hands. Faced with the problem of stratifying nails, first
queue need to eliminate external factors.

Cleaning and washing dishes should be done in rubber gloves.
Any chemicals have a negative effect not only on the skin.
hands, but on the nail phalanx. Not recommended to use rough
iron brushes and should also be handled with care
metal grout during cooking.

To keep your hands well-groomed, it is recommended to use cream
containing protein, keratin and vitamin C. They increase resistance
to negative environmental factors and environmental influences.
Moisturizers, preferably twice a day. AT
especially, applying cream on hands and nails is recommended before
access to the street and at night.

A neat manicure is also important. Wrong
manicure technique can lead to brittleness and lamination of nails. Not
it is advisable to use nail polish remover with high
acetone content. It is acetone that often breaks the structure.
the nail. In addition, most cosmetologists oppose
cutting nails with scissors. Recommend during manicure
use a nail file, and it should have a glass base, and
not metallic. Not желательно подпиливать ногти по бокам. ATо
the time of filing movement must be done in one
direction to avoid nail injury and cracking.
It is forbidden to square the nail plate. Desirable
make them more oval, with rounded corners. Square
the form is more susceptible to fragility and lamination.

In addition to the nails are not subjected to exfoliation, it is necessary
special care The nail plate should be strengthened with special
means and oil solutions. Recommended carefully
choose a varnish coating and use a base
under the varnish. If the nails on your hands are exfoliated, it is forbidden to manicure with
using acrylic extensions. Even in the case of healthy
Intact nails should be treated for similar procedures in
nail salon, to proven professionals.

Nails on hands are folded – home remedies

In order not to spend a lot of money on the purchase of special tools
hand and nail care, at home you can perform
many useful procedures.

One of the most ancient, but very effective methods for caring for
nails are nutritional baths. Such procedures are not only
strengthen the nails, but also saturate them with nutrients, as well as
eliminate inflammatory processes. Most common
The technique is a bath with sea salt. For this dissolve in
a glass of warm water a spoonful of sea salt crystals. Duration
procedures for taking baths should be about 15 minutes.
Efficiency will be achieved if these baths for nails
do continuously for two to three weeks. Can also
use a solution of simple salt, for the preparation of which
It will take about 3 tablespoons of salt and one teaspoon of 5%
iodine. The tips of the fingers are immersed in a bowl with a solution and held around
15 minutes. Potato broth has strengthening properties,
which can also be used for baths. Other
A proven recipe is a gelatin-based bath.
dissolved in boiling water. After the solution has cooled,
Bowl dropping fingertips. Duration такой процедуры
should be about 15 minutes, and the frequency of up to 2 times per
a week ATанночки желательно принимать перед сном. And so the result
was more effective, recommended after the procedure, at night,
wear special gloves.

A very effective way to nourish and strengthen nails
considered olive oil. It is recommended to add in it vitamin A
and a few drops of lemon juice. The mixture is applied to
fingers wrapped in cellophane and wearing cotton
gloves. This so-called hand mask that can be held
до нескольких часов, а выполнять 1 раз в a week

AT увлажнении и питании нуждаются не только ногтевые пластины, но
and cuticle. Therefore, nail care includes moisturizing.
cuticle. For this, you can use not only masks with olive
oiled, but also the usual rubbing of vitamins A and E from capsules.

An effective method of strengthening the nail plates, especially when
strong lamination and fragility, is considered sealing wax. it
a more complicated procedure for which you will need the wax itself,
vitamin oils, nail file and lotion for hot manicure. AT начале
file off the nails and lower the tips of the fingers in the bath with lotion.
Then rubbed into the nail plate a mixture of vitamin oil with
melted wax. The rubbing process is carried out using
soft suede polishing file. ATо время процедуры большое
attention should be paid to the tips of the nails.

AT домашних условиях, кроме перечисленных процедур, можно
apply light peeling in the form of massage. Especially since this
The procedure is not only useful, but also pleasant. Thanks to this procedure
the cuticle is updated and nutrition and blood circulation are improved in
nail phalanges. Usually massage the nails do in parallel with
by applying the nutrient. It is recommended to do massage with
olive oil. This procedure is preferably carried out once a day.
a week, lubricating hands and carefully massaging and rubbing in the nail
phalanx oil. Perfectly moisturizes, strengthens and makes the nail more
supple avocado oil. It can be combined with lavender,
rosemary, lemon juice. Massage with nutrients not
will only strengthen the nails, but also make them more resilient.

What to do, если ногти на руках продолжают слоиться, несмотря
for proper care?

Иногда, даже при правильном leaving за руками, ногти продолжают
exfoliate. AT таком случае сразу надо задуматься над рационом
power supply. It should be as balanced as possible. ATедь
Often the problem is associated with a lack of vitamins in the body and
minerals such as calcium, iron, silicon.

If the nails on the hands are exfoliated, it is necessary to include in the diet
fermented milk products. A large amount of calcium is found in
cottage cheese. In addition, eating fish, nuts, cabbage
eliminate the lack of nutrients. To make calcium better
assimilated, it is desirable to use it together with vitamin D.

To compensate for the lack of vitamins and silicon, the diet should
enter fresh vegetables and fruits, green beans, parsley, spinach
and Chinese salad leaves. Black is rich in beneficial trace elements
currants, figs, dates and bananas. It is recommended to drink in the morning
carrot juice that is fortified with vitamin A.

If, in spite of proper nutrition and attentive care,
nails continue to exfoliate, it is recommended to consult a doctor.
Such changes can be caused by serious illnesses. AT
In any case, the doctor will prescribe a complete comprehensive examination and give
necessary recommendations, and in case of detection of the disease,
prescribe treatment.

The main thing to remember is that in order to get rid of the problem
nail lamination, you must perform a full range of activities.
It is recommended to get rid of bad habits, avoid stressful
situations and overwork. An integrated approach should include
proper balanced nutrition, vitamin intake
preparations, cosmetic procedures, careful nail care,
doing homework with gloves will help restore health
and beautiful appearance of the nails and hands in general.

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