Khokhloma on the nails – ideal forthe fall

Many different types of art are used in Russian folk art.
the paintings: Zhostovo, Khokhloma, Dymkovo, Gorodetsky, Gzhel. These
the drawings are recognizable and well known not only in our country, but also
worldwide. We very often borrow patterns from other cultures,
rarely paying attention to the achievements of their own people.
It is not necessary to wear a national costume in everyday life, but
here it is quite possible to use some of its elements.

The same applies to the use of traditional Russian motifs.
for drawing on the nails. Why not pay attention to Khokhloma?
This is a very effective type of painting, catchy, noticeable and good.
recognizable. On nails such a picture will look at least
stylish and elegant than on household items traditionally painted
in this style.

Features of the design

Khokhloma is ideal for autumn manicure, because in her
the color range is dominated by warm, bright and saturated
paints: red, gold, orange, yellow, green. Performed
drawing on a black background, so correctly executed painting will be
literally shine on your nails.

In order to get an excellent result, you need a master
with good preparation and great experience. This is due to the fact that
Khokhloma work on the nails is very painstaking, thin and
long, requiring skill, perseverance and attentiveness.

Before you explain to the master what you want, it is worth
pay attention to the study, since there are many
variants of the pattern, colors and styles of execution. In order to
guaranteed to get what you want, best to stock up on samples
future design. The presence of “visual aids” will help the master
accurately reproduce your dream on the nails.

Also, you need to agree in advance for a certain time, because this
the work will require much more time than the usual drawing. If a
you or the master will be in a hurry, all the work will go down the drain, and
the result will not bring any pleasure.

Design Execution Rules

Usually black lacquer is chosen for the background, but it can be replaced and
on any other color from the classic color range of Khokhloma –
red, burgundy or yellow. Brown and green colors
rarely used, mostly just for decoration
accent details. But gold in this figure is present in a very
large quantities causing the nails to literally shine and

The design is as follows:

  1. On the prepared nails apply a base coat, not forgetting
    process and the ends of the nails. This is necessary in order to extend
    the term of the socks cover and increase its durability.
  2. Apply several layers of black or any other selected
    gel polish, drying each under the ice-lamp.
  3. Run the largest items and the main figure.
    To dry
  4. Draw small details, curls, gold elements – Khokhloma
    very “loves” gold.
  5. Points often found in the design, easy and simple
    portrayed with dots.
  6. Finished work need to fix a transparent top, secure
    in the lamp and remove the sticky layer.

If a такая работа кажется очень сложной или же мастер не слишком
owns good technique, you can go the other way. For this
there are special stickers that allow you to get
almost any pattern on the nails. They work on the principle
decals and with fairly careful handling give
the ability to decorate the nails clear, expressive and beautiful

Manicure is ready, but it still needs to be integrated into your image. AT
In this case, it is important not to overdo it with an abundance of elements under the Khokhloma.
ATполне достаточно использовать всего лишь одну деталь наряда в
a la ryus style, such as a scarf or shawl. Not bad
Khokhloma will suit a traditional Pavlovo Posad shawl. He is not
goes out of fashion, and Western women of fashion consider it sophisticated and
stylish accessory.

With the pattern in the style of Khokhloma you need to be careful, because
the slightest discrepancy to good taste will quickly turn stylish
design in kitsch. To avoid this, do not abuse
an abundance of “Russified” details in the dress and not to paint all
nails in a row.

Khokhloma is a demanding drawing, so it’s worth decorating them
just a few nails or make a stylish decor with partial
using elements. Beautifully look one or two painted
nails, combined with the rest of the nails, painted the background
paint pattern – black, red, burgundy. It turns out nobly and
exquisitely, while too motley a pattern will cause completely
the opposite impression.

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