Japanese method of losing weight with a towel as a waybody shaping. The main advantages and principles of losing weight witha towel

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Japanese метод похудения с a towel начал пользоваться
popularity is relatively recent.

This is a special gymnastics, which has a positive effect on the overall
state of the body and the body. Exercises are as simple as possible, because
which is hard to believe in the effectiveness of this method to reduce

However, positive reviews prove the opposite – losing weight with
a towel действительно возможно, если учитывать все тонкости и
follow the basic rules.

Японское похудение с a towel: основные особенности

1. Exercise teaches you to listen to your body, concentrate on
sensations – only in this way the lessons will give the desired result.

2. Proper breathing is an important aspect. It should be smooth,
slightly slower then stimulate
internal processes in the body.

3. Spirit and body must be in harmony with each other. It is for this
The reason for losing weight with a towel should be accompanied
proper nutrition.

Японское похудение — это две довольно оригинальные techniques,
that are perfect for those who do not like strong physical
load. A unique way to reduce weight allows you to forget forever.
about what “fatty ballast” is. Lie down and lose weight – what can
be easier?

Преимущества способа похудения с a towel

1. Simplicity. It does not take much time and space to
do your body workout.

2. Accessibility. You do not need to purchase expensive inventory for
occupations. All you need is a bath towel
everyone in the house.

3. Security. Японское похудение с a towel намного
safer than fasting and other grueling diets.

4. Occupation helps to strengthen the entire musculoskeletal system.
apparatus, prevents the development of scoliosis and other ailments,
connected with the back.

5. The belly goes. Regular classes with a roll of towel
help get rid of the tummy in both men and women. Besides
Moreover, the reviews prove that the hips also decrease in volume.

6. Correct posture, gait becomes correct.

The benefits are really a lot. Wellness methods
techniques для снижения веса с валиком из полотенца максимально
are simple. Trying is not difficult, you just need to aim at

Improving weight loss with the help of a towel according to the method

The technique received the name of the name of its creator. Japanese
the doctor did some research and did a very interesting
inference – a divergence of the pelvic and femur bones can lead to
увеличению объема талии и набору weight. Based on this information
a truly unique exercise was developed that allows
restore normal bone location and stimulate the best
the work of the internal organs.

The author has published a book describing his weight loss method,
which instantly became popular. 6 million released
copies were sold out in record short time.
of time.

To start losing weight with a towel,
will need:

• only 5 minutes daily;

• simple terry towel;

• a small rope, you can take the lace (you will need in order
to make a roller);

• solid surface, flat (hard couch or floor).

The towel must be of such a size to make it
roll tight roller that will fit
individual width of the human body.

The order of the exercise of the Japanese method of losing weight
a towel

1. Starting position – sitting on the floor. Must first
correctly place the roller. It should be located behind the back.
across the body, approximately like where the loins will be.

2. A person should slowly fall on his back, already from the position
lying down to adjust the position of the roller from the towel. It is important that
located at the level of the navel, otherwise the effect will not be

3. Legs need to spread apart shoulder width. Next – foot
are placed so that the heels are left on the floor and the big toes
touched each other. To fix the position, you can
on top put a small pillow.

4. Hands are turned behind the head, palms are flush with the floor, while
little fingers touching. At first it may be hard not
bend your elbows, but do not worry, in a few days will
already easier.

5. In this position, you need to hold out for 5 minutes. It will be
not as easy as it seemed. It is important to relax, but to the little fingers
hands and toes remained closed.

6. You can not get up sharply from a towel. Need caution
roll over on the side, rest 10-15 seconds, only then get up

Похудение с a towel по методу Fukutsuji противоречит здравому
meaning. However, regular classes really give great
result. The spine is pulled out and gradually returns to
correct anatomical position. Due to this decreases in
waist size, belly goes, the figure acquires a beautiful relief.

Оздоровительная зарядка с a towel: методика Imabari

Power sports in Japan absolutely do not enjoy
popular. Хрупкие женщины предпочитают другие techniques
losing weight If in the previous method a towel was used as
валик, то по Imabari его нужно будет использовать в качестве
expander. This is a great option for morning exercises. Simple
exercises charge you with energy for the whole day, allow you to develop
muscles of the whole body, reduce the waist in volume.

Поэтапное японское похудение с a towel по методике

1. You need to grab a towel at the ends with your hands and stretch
its as strong as possible so that the hands are at chest level. So
it is necessary to linger for 10-15 seconds, because return to the original
position and make another 5-6 repetitions.

2. Starting position – standing. So же как и в предыдущем случае
need to stretch the “expander” hands. Only now hands are rising
above the head and performed tilts on the sides. Soой способ зарядки
allows you to remove extra centimeters from the waist.

3. To improve your posture, you can stretch for 5 minutes a day
towel behind the back.

4. To strengthen the abdominal muscles and hips
take a prone position, grab the feet with a cloth and pull
towel on my own.

Japanese метод похудения с a towel — это прекрасная
opportunity for untrained people to bring their figure back to normal.
Упражнения по Imabari максимально просты, но при этом эффективны.
The whole complex of morning charging does not take much time, but
positive results can be seen after a week.
Only 5 minutes a day and proper nutrition (5-6 small meals
once a day) will allow to gain a beautiful waist, posture, forever
forget about cellulite in the hips.

Precautionary measures

Losing weight with a towel is safe, however there are a few
nuances that you need to know before proceeding
classes on any method you like.

1. If a person has back problems, be sure to
need to consult with your doctor before
start exercises to reduce waist size and reduce
weight. In some cases, the method of using towels for training
is strictly prohibited.

2. You can not lie on a roll from a towel for longer than 5 minutes,
to achieve the best result. It will be опасно даже для
healthy spine.

3. Упражнения по методике Imabari и Fukutsuji подразумевают
interaction of body and soul. It is for this причине очень важно
engage in complete silence so that no one is around. Permitted
turn on soothing music.

4. You can not engage on a full stomach, because then it is possible
bloating and feeling of heaviness. It is recommended to conduct
exercise one hour after breakfast or half an hour before taking

5. You must drink a sufficient amount during the day.
fluid, because without water the body will not normally
function, slows down the process of fat loss.

Похудение с a towel — это просто и доступно для каждого.
The main thing – if you want to achieve a good result, you need
be sure to practice regularly and do not forget about the main rules.
Japanese метод снижения веса с использованием полотенца, пусть и
recently practiced, but already boasts great
the amount of positive feedback from satisfied people.

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