Jacket bomber jacket – the undisputed trend of fashionseason

In the fashion world there is a widespread phenomenon –
the return of all that is old and well forgotten. In due degree
This can be attributed to the bomber jacket.

Initially, such outerwear was created only for
American pilots. Such short jackets differed
practicality, convenience, not at all constrained and did not interfere
active movements. Outstanding distinguishing feature of such a product
there was a strong elastic cuffs at the very bottom. Initially
bombers were only removed from the skin, however after the data
wardrobe items have become popular outside the strict military environment,
for the production began to use other materials, for example,
nylon or wool fabric.

Over time, this jacket has become not only part of the mass
American culture, but even a stylish world trend that
does not leave fashion podiums for about 50 years. That is why
Many women of fashion want to get themselves such a product. However for
In order to look stylish in such a jacket, you need to learn
to combine it with other elements of the wardrobe.

What to wear with a bomber jacket?

Today, a bomber jacket is not necessarily a warm one.
demi-season jacket. Often it is removed from lace, cashmere,
vinyl, silk, decorated with bright trendy prints, decorative
вышивками, аппликациями и т. д. Благодаря всему этому такую
the jacket can be combined completely with unpredictable
wardrobe items.

But it is necessary to start all the same with the classics. So, warm bombers with
tight fur lining for cool weather great
look with shoes from high-quality rough leather with genuine
fur trim or with ankle boots. This image is appropriate to complement
gloves, leather belts, scarves, hats and purses to match the jacket.

Lightweight variants of jackets designers advise to wear along with
chiffon dresses, so you can create a seductive and
romantic image. In addition, the bomber jacket looks good even with
various skirts, for example, with a pencil skirt or a mini skirt,
which once again proves the versatility of this style.

A game of contrasts that can
involves a combination of a voluminous jacket with high heels and
tight jeans. The image will complete the bag, which can be absolutely
any sizes.

Even if you choose a sporty bomber jacket, it will not
reason to refuse cute feminine accessories. For example:
You can safely combine tight pants with a sports jacket-bomber jacket,
knitted top and catchy bright neckline. Small handbag on
A long strap will only complement the image.

If you do not like or rarely wear high heels, bomber
can be a great addition to ordinary jeans, pantyhose,
leggings, low shoes and a loose t-shirt. This image
can be complemented with aviators and quite capacious
bag – in this case, the comfort you will be provided for a whole
working day.

This style of jacket can harmoniously fit into the style
Preppy which included a mixture of smart casual and business
style. In such a combination, the bomber will correctly emphasize the shortened
classic pants and shoes without a heel. In combination with pants,
shirt and shoes in heels, even sports jacket options
will give your image a “zest”.

The jacket bomber looks great in combination with short
shorts and closed shoes on medium heels or shoes on low
go. The proposed combination will make legs slimmer.

Of all the variety of accessories, this jacket will require
a little. For example, it will look great aviators, so
how they have a common origin with the jacket. The image follows
avoid massiveness, because the bomber and so gives the appearance of pomp
and volume.

A bomber can be a fan of any style, which is
the beauty of this model outerwear. If you want to create
cheeky, catchy look, you can wear a bomber jacket, leather or
denim shorts, high boots, light shirt. With that way
not bad harmonizes black mini bag.

To achieve originality just put on loose
jeans fashionable khaki with a low waistline, boots on
hooks and laces, leather belt. Wear a color cap on your head.
Khaki, and on hand – a watch with a noticeable large dial.

An unusual image will help create a combination of a bright skirt,
Contrast shoes and a bomber jacket. Elegant you in this image
definitely not called, but that bold and bold – yes!

On a par with bold images with the help of this jacket can
get and feminine, calm appearance. For this
it is enough to wear a bomber jacket with simple boots or short black
a dress of a simple cut. Looks good and pencil skirt with lacquered
classic shoes and light jacket.

Now you know what a bomber jacket is. What to wear with a jacket
bomber – a question the answer to which will strongly depend on the type
female figure. It should be understood that girls with imperfect
kicking is better to draw attention to the combination of a bomber jacket with jeans or
юбками, а не шортами и т. д. Необходимо учитывать и то, что
most similar products are suitable for girls with narrow hips and
small breasted. Women with big breasts from wearing such products
it is better to refuse, because in this way you can inadvertently inject
imagine extra volume in your upper body.

What to wear with a jacket бомбер What to wear with a jacket бомбер What to wear with a jacket бомбер What to wear with a jacket бомбер What to wear with a jacket бомбер What to wear with a jacket бомбер What to wear with a jacket бомбер

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