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The most pleasant time of the year is summer. That’s just hair
it does not benefit, because ultraviolet dries hair,
bathing in the sea from them washed away proteins, and as a result – hair
weaken and grow dull, become brittle, split, fall out
because of the increased solar activity, the scalp dries out,
dandruff appears due to itching and

Of course, during the summer holidays we think first of all about
yourself, that’s just the end of the holiday will have to think about
hair. The process of their recovery requires immediate acceptance.

Factors that negatively affect our hair

Summertime is not the only cause of hair damage.
Along with other factors:

1. Means for styling. Trying to look beautiful every day,
women regularly straighten hair, using a huge
the number of varnishes, mousses and foams. Such daily torture cannot
сказаться на hair. In the end, we have to deal with brittle
damaged hair.

2. Solarium. Такие процедуры негативно сказываются на hair.
To reduce the negative impact, it is necessary before going to
Tanning spray for brittle hair.

3. Cold. Not only heat, but also frost, and in addition with
penetrating wind, adversely affects the hair. Most
Fashionable women who do not dare to wear a hat suffer.

4. Diets. In pursuit of the slim figure of a woman and girl not
represent the harm they do to their health in this way,
including hair. In this case, the hair does not get that due
nutrition, you need them.

5. Hot water, including hard water, is not good for ours.
hair can not bring.

6. Everyday washing. There are many shampoos with
indicating: “suitable for daily use.” In fact
such daily procedures, and even more so if a hair dryer is used, for
Our hair is a real torture. No manufacturers have yet succeeded.
create shampoo, able to clean the hair, while not inflicting them
negative effects of chemicals.

General rules to follow when starting
treat dry hair at home

1. Choosing a shampoo that really suits your hair –
very important moment. Do not forget that a long time one
and the same shampoo can not be used. If you like it,
you can use it for washing your head later
change to other appropriate. For example, if you used shampoo
to make hair soft, then temporarily you can pick up a tool
for moistening or the like. Improved effect guaranteed.

2. Do not immediately after the decision to do the hair
start buying all the products promising improvement
hair condition. The fact is that in this case they become
similar to spoiled children who were given everything but now
they know how to surprise them. So first you can buy
balm for hair, later gradually add and alternate
various means to strengthen. With the use of new tools
hair will be transformed and delight you.

Tip! Treating brittle and dry hair at home will
more effective if using creams
and oils that can moisturize hair.

3. The next problem is split ends. Unfortunately,
This is a normal phenomenon, because with a hair length of more than 30 centimeters
natural lubricant cannot be distributed over its entire length, as a result
the tips dry, split and break.

Many advise cutting them monthly to get rid of
brittle hair. That’s only if the girl wants to grow hair to
a certain length, this option is not suitable. But there is one more
A good solution to the problem. To do this, take a pair of scissors.
in front of the mirror and protruding hairs in a twisted strand of hair
cut off The length of the hair does not change, but the quality is very
even improve. Also the duration of daily brushing should
be at least 30 minutes.

4. A hairdryer is temporarily abandoned. If the weather permits and
the time of year to dry your hair is not so painful for them to be on
the street.

5. Here is just the next item is the price of funds for
improve the structure of the hair. Of course, you can find cheap, but only
do not expect excellent results from them. And then it is worth
refer to the treatment of dry hair at home.

Recipes masks for the treatment of dry hair at home

The use of traditional medicine recipes for the treatment of dry hair in
home conditions can bring back hair to life no worse than expensive
hair products or beauty salons. That’s just in the salons
experts work on your hair, and at home you will have to mask
cook yourself, apply it. But the result is
worth it.

Next, we consider examples of recipes tested by centuries for our
great-grandmothers. For their preparation they take such Ingredients:

– milk products;

– vegetable oils;

– lemon;

– honey;

– eggs and others.

If you regularly make masks using such products,
they will help bring split ends back to life and saturate your hair

Recipe 1


– Horseradish root, grated in a mush in a mush – 1 piece;

– vegetable oil – 1 tablespoon;

– Fresh sour cream – 1 tablespoon.

In horseradish gruel add sour cream, butter, all carefully
mix. Before washing the head mixture must be rubbed into the skin
head and hair, tie a wrap, warm with a towel or woolen
a handkerchief. Hold for at least half an hour, rinse.

Recipe 2


– banana – 1 piece;

– egg yolk – 1 piece;

– Natural vegetable oil – 2 tablespoons.

To prepare a mixture for the treatment of dry hair at home
conditions, the banana must be thoroughly chopped with
blender. You should not try to stir with a spoon, because ideally so
subject to make it impossible, pieces that will later
be confused in the hair, will remain. To the resulting slurry add yolk
and butter, mix everything well.

Apply the mask immediately before washing the head. For this
we distribute on roots and hair, we wrap, having waited 40 minutes, we wash off
slightly warm water, while using shampoo and balm.

Recipe 3

Olive oil has long been used as an indispensable tool.
for body and dry hair treatment. Applying this mask can be quickly
achieve a good result of dry hair treatment at home

The procedure is that the olive oil is rubbed into the roots
an hour before shampooing.

Recipe 4

For treatment of light dry, brittle hair, kefir is fine
fits After such procedures, the hair shines, as saturated
vitamins and amino acids. Also this way you can hair
make a couple of tones lighter. To make such a mask, to
Half a liter of kefir should add a teaspoon of honey, heat up,
to make the mixture slightly hot, rub into the hair roots, warm,
stand up to an hour, rinse.

Recipe 5

It is a simple but effective remedy. Any vegetable oil,
Glycerin and apple cider vinegar are taken in equal proportions, adjusted to
homogeneous mass. Compress of such ingredients is applied, insulated
for half an hour. The result will be noticeable after the third

Recipe 6

Next in our list is strawberry mask. It provides
Ingredients that won’t scare you: ripe
strawberries – 200 grams, egg yolk, 2 tablespoons of olive
oils. Shake everything and apply for 20 minutes, rinse.

Recipe 7

Sour cream mask with lemon – a very effective tool.


– yolk of one egg;

– milk – 50 g;

– Lemon juice – 2 tsp.

The components must be thoroughly mixed, applied for half an hour on
hair over the entire length. Apply this mask for a month after
what the result will be clearly visible.

Also, to get the most out of the procedures, you need
apply masks several times a week, wash them off with warm water
using shampoo, then it is advisable to rinse your hair warm
decoction of chamomile. The result will become more noticeable with
every use.

To achieve a good result at home is quite realistic
but it will take your patience and also make a little effort
after all masks need to be done regularly, but the result is
worth it.

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