Is it possible to squeeze acne on the face and body? Canwhether to acne acne on the face with alcohol or iodine: how it will be better

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Pimples on face and body are very unpleasant, but familiar to everyone.

The first reaction – urgently get rid of acne.

But how to do it right?

Can ли выдавливать прыщи на лице и теле

The most common way is to squeeze acne. But he is not always
correct, and often just dangerous. Not by chance dermatologists on
the question of whether it is possible to squeeze acne on the face and body in
most cases respond negatively. Why? Yes, because
the consequences can be very, very serious:

• development of suppuration, if it is blocked during extrusion
blood flow;

• sepsis, or blood poisoning, if through a wound on the skin

• the spread of acne over the entire face or body if pus has got
into the bloodstream;

• formation of a scar or hyperpigmented area on

• blood clot formation, if a piece of skin enters the vessel.

But, hand on heart: who among us did not do it – not
squeezed pimples, especially during adolescence? Such perfect
people just don’t exist. And yet doctors really
face severe cases of skin lesions and infections
blood after self-removal of pustules from the skin. Among them
there are also lethal episodes.

So what to do? Can ли выдавливать прыщи на лице и теле или
Should I wait for their independent disappearance? The thing is with
exactly what acne we are dealing with.

If the inflammation has just begun and goes through the subcutaneous stage,
it is simply impossible to touch anything with your hands. Otherwise, you can
aggravate the course of the inflammatory process, and if deep under
skin formation of an abscess has begun, it can be provoked
the separation of pus on the adjacent tissue. The result is
a large area of ​​inflammation, a scattering of acne will appear.

It is very dangerous to crush pimples on the face, next to the nose. Not by chance
This area is called the triangle of death. There is a lot of
blood vessels, and if the infection got into the blood, it is easy
penetrates the brain. At least have a long treatment. At most
– do not have to be treated ever.

Observing extreme care, you can only clean yourself
Those acne on the face and body, which already formed over the skin well
visible white purulent head, and that provided that
inflammation inside the skin is completed. You can check it
pushing pimple. If you feel a strong pain, the process
still coming.

All this applies only to acne. If the face is acne
illness, you can’t do anything on your own, nor
squeeze or cauterize. There is no pus content
does not matter. Treatment should be carried out comprehensively, with
using tablets, ointments, other methods, and prescribed
Should only an experienced dermatologist.

Can ли выдавливать прыщи и как это сделать правильно?

If a single pimple worries, you can get rid of it.
on their own. Make it pretty easy, the main thing is to comply
elementary safety requirements. The procedure is carried out only
with clean hands, very good if they are extra
disinfected with an alcohol-containing agent. At least you need
antibacterial soap.

The skin around the pimple must be treated with an antiseptic solution.
For example, use chlorhexidine solution. Then click on the skin
on both sides of the acne and release purulent contents.

It is important to make sure that the pimple head is completely out. If a
pus particles will remain in the wound, inflammation will start anew. but
don’t be too zealous: the wound will heal, and the bruise, white or
brown stain will remain. As soon as blood appeared, pressure
need to stop and treat the wound with alcohol or salicylic

After the formation of a crust over the wound need to remain calm
and do not touch anything, no matter how strong the desire to tear off the crust.
If a это сделать, надолго останется некрасивый красный след.

Can ли выдавливать прыщи, пока они полностью не
formed? In no case. Even if you see an abscess, to
full completion of his education can not squeeze it. It happens,
that when pressed, severe pain is felt, and the skin over a pimple is not
torn. it значит, что воспалительный процесс still coming. Need to
urgently interrupt the procedure, treat the skin with an antiseptic.

Can ли прижечь прыщи спиртом или йодом

Cauterization of skin inflammation is another way to fight
acne. but в здесь существует опасность ожога, особенно если
we are talking about the delicate skin of the face. Mostly for cauterization
alcohol, iodine and calendula spirit tincture are used. So it is possible
to burn acne with alcohol or iodine?

About the use of pharmaceutical tinctures alcohol disagreements
practically none: they can be used for cauterization. Procedure
helps prevent inflammation but is most effective in
if the pimple is only scheduled.

Boric alcohol is an excellent antiseptic with good
anti-inflammatory action. It has a very delicate effect on
skin practically does not dry it and rarely causes burns. It is due to
its soft action will have no instant effect.

Levomycetin alcohol is good because it contains antibacterial
component. That is, not only dries pimple, but also prevents
the formation of new inflammatory elements. Especially good
works on youthful skin when acne is caused by
increased hormonal levels.

Burning acne with salicylic acid has a stronger effect.
alcohol. It dries, quickly removes redness and inflammation,
at the same time eliminates oily shine and cleans the skin from black spots well
– comedones. but при всей своей эффективности именно это
the product dries the skin, so you can not use it all the time.

But as for iodine, there is no unanimity among dermatologists. Alone
consider iodine moxibustion almost barbaric, others
coolly say that efficiency justifies everything.
Indeed, iodine solution is effective against matured
acne. Cotton swab need to moisten abundantly in the solution and attach
to the head for five to seven seconds.

Can ли выдавливать прыщи, обработанные йодом? Not. They must
open yourself to avoid additional injury
dried iodine solution of the skin.

Due to the antiseptic properties of the iodine solution of the wound
quickly tightens and heals. For more effective treatment
purulent acne spot application is recommended to repeat at least
three times a day.

Can использовать и сочетание йода и салицилового спирта. it
It is advisable in the presence of white subcutaneous acne, or prosyanok.
Moxibustion with iodine is carried out at night. Solution moistened in solution
you need to press the eel, press, hold for a few seconds. In the morning
after washing the area with pustules will be rubbed with salicylic
alcohol. After three to five days, the papule will open, the contents will be released.
out and the skin is cleansed.

A mixture of 1/2 teaspoon is good for fighting purulent acne
iodine, 100 ml of vodka and chicken protein. This mask should be applied to
pustular lesion twice a day. Face fast
cleared, pimples disappear for a long time.

So the question is whether acne can be burned with alcohol or
iodine, is solved positively. Moreover, due to cauterization, new
inflammatory foci are not formed. Unlike extruding,
the papule inside the skin is not damaged, and purulent elements are not
extend to the diligence of the fabric.

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