How to whiten your face at home withcucumber, lemon, essential oils. The best bleaching methodsfaces

Пн, 12 сен 2016 Автор: Юлия Улиткина

Fashion на загорелое лицо неоднозначна.

Too dark skin ages European girls.

In addition, tanning spoils the skin, and pigment spots give it
sloppy look.

How to whiten your face at home? The answer to this question
pretty simple.

How to whiten your face homemade cosmetics

Skin prone to hyperpigmentation requires special treatment.
care. Day cream must necessarily contain SPF-filters to
protect face from aggressive ultraviolet.

Tonics, lotions, scrubs and masks should be included in the care program.
homemade. Firstly, they are absolutely natural.
Secondly, the daily use of bleaching products
will allow you to always keep your skin perfectly smooth, beautiful and
healthy state.

Хорошо осветляет и выравнивает кожу faces отвар садовой
Fresh or dried leaves (2-3 tablespoons) need
pour a glass of boiling water and let it brew. Cooled infusion
strain and add lemon juice, squeezed from two fruits. Tonic
pour into a bottle and use after cleansing.

Great whitening lotion can be made from
лимонного сока
(потребуется половинка плода) и 50 мл
quality vodka. However, this composition will only work well.
on oily skin (alcohol dries).

Замороженные отвары — одно из самых полезных и
effective means of home cosmetology not only for whitening
skin, but also to maintain its elasticity, youth, beauty. AT
ice cakes are very convenient to freeze individual portions
decoctions and use them every morning.

How to whiten a face at home using this
ATот перечень наиболее эффективных средств:

• rice water. White rice is poured with water and boiled until
grain readiness;

• decoction of fresh parsley. This vegetable has great
bleaching agents;

• decoction of chamomile;

• cucumber juice diluted with mineral water in proportion
1: 1;

• diluted lemon juice (1: 3 ratio).

Seasonal berry masks can help combat unsuccessful
нежелательными веснушками или пигментными
stained. It is convenient to apply them dotted on the site.
hyperpigmented skin. For example, you can grind the blackberry with
with a spoon of powdered milk and put gruel for five minutes, not more.

Garden raspberries, currants and strawberries also possess
good whitening ability.
Pounded with a spoon
berry mass need to impose on the whole face or point on the large
freckles or age spots. After 15 minutes, wash off the berries, face
smear with cream. Usually to get a good effect you need from 7 to
10 treatments.

How to whiten your face at home with
special scrubbing compositions?
Baking soda can
use instead of a delicate whitening scrub. He especially
effective against post acne. Gruel just put on
problem areas and lightly massaged.

Another homemade whitening scrub is a blend.
grated orange peel and flower honey.
the composition of the face, you need to slightly drive it with your fingers and gently
Massage the skin. ATместе с отбеливанием медово-апельсиновый скраб
nourishes the skin, smooth out wrinkles.

How to whiten your face with a cucumber and lemon

Огуречный сок великолепно отбеливает кожу faces, освежает и
fills with moisture. At the same time he is perfectly perceived prone to
allergic manifestations, as well as sensitive or inflamed
skin. Cucumber juice and pulp can be combined with others.
food products, creating masks for any skin type.

ATесьма эффективны домашние огуречные лосьоны. how
to whiten your face at home with their help?
If skin
oily or combination, the following option will do. Have to take
four tablespoons of fresh parsley and grated
cucumber. Pour a mixture of 100 ml of high-quality vodka and insist for
of the week. Then strain, add one part of water, pour into
suitable bottle and refresh the skin after the morning and evening
washing up. Always keep on the shelf of the refrigerator.

Dry skin can be wiped with a lotion of a mixture of cucumber juice and milk,
mixed in equal proportion. Stored means in the refrigerator not
more than three days.

For special care need masks. Simplest
The composition includes only grated cucumber pulp. She needs
spread on gauze folded in 2-3 layers, lie down and put on
face. After 20-25 minutes to remove the mask, rinse the skin with water. it
universal version of the mask. To give anti-inflammatory
the effect can be added to the cucumber puree 3 drops of tea oil

how отбелить лицо в домашних условиях, если кожа
Suitable cucumber mask with the addition of sour cream.
Suitable and rustic, and fat, thick shop. Mix can
impose without a gauze layer, just spreading it over the face. ATремя
exposure is the same: 20 minutes. After washing the face can be wiped
cucumber tonic and apply a nourishing cream.

The skin of pregnant women and mature women prone to
the appearance of age spots.
To get rid of them, can
try a mask of grated pulp of fresh cucumber mixed with
honey This option is especially recommended for wrinkled skin with
obvious signs of wilting. Honey-cucumber composition whiten and
tighten the flabby derma, wipe off wrinkles, make the face again
fresh and young.

Для нормальной кожи faces подойдут маска из сока огурца и
lemon mixed in a wound proportion.
A mixture of juice needed
пропитать чистую натуральную ткань и наложить ее на face. Composition
active, so with dry or inflamed skin use it
Not recommended.

Lemon is generally a great remedy for
His miraculous juice can be wiped from the fingers
stubborn vegetable or vegetable juice, what to speak of tender
коже faces! The fact is that lemon juice acts as an acid
peeling, removing the top layer of cornified cells. Besides,
the substances contained in it whiten the skin, that is, it turns out
double effect.

Lemon masks are especially good for whitening oily skin, so
how lemon juice dries. Соответственно, при сухой коже faces
It should be extremely careful to use homemade cosmetics made
based on it.

How to whiten your face at home with
fragrant citrus fruit?

ATариант первый: смешать сок, выжатый
from half an average lemon, with a dessert spoon of liquid
flower honey. Apply the mass to the face, if the layer dries quickly,
apply the compound again. Keep on dry skin no more than ten minutes
on fat – up to twenty minutes.

ATариант второй: добавить к меду и соку
spoon grind in the coffee grinder rolled oats. Смывая такую маску, can
get additional grinding effect.

For dry or very sensitive skin, lemon juice can
be too active component. To reduce aggressive
exposure to acid but take advantage of its whitening
properties, the juice must be combined with sour cream or cream. To
make a lot thicker, more convenient to use, will add to
a mixture of a little starch or flour.

Another magical whitening mask prepares their lemon
juice and grated raw potatoes. It brightens the traces of postacne,
fights pigmentation, refreshes the face, makes it smooth,
matte, young. Finely grated mashed potatoes need to be mixed with
lemon juice, distribute the mass on a gauze napkin and apply it
на face. Hold for 10 to 20 minutes depending on the reaction

how отбелить лицо с помощью кисломолочных продуктов

Sour cream, kefir, cottage cheese, cream, milk – this is what can help in
fight against undesirable suntan and pigmentation. Sour milk
products work great on dry and sensitive skin. They are not
только отбеливают, но и хорошо увлажняют face. ATот
several recipes.

• ATозрастную, дряблую кожу оживит маска из кефира повышенной
fat content mixed with a few drops of castor oil.
The simple composition does not just whiten the face, but also slightly level
wrinkles, tighten.

• Смешав творог с яйцом, can приготовить чудесную отбеливающую
mask ATажный нюанс: если кожа сухая, следует взять только желток,
if fat – protein. To обеспечить дополнительное питание,
curd-egg composition enriched with a spoonful of sour cream.

• After 30 years, when the skin begins to fade, good
Whitening, toning, refreshing effect will give a mask of
rubbed through a sieve of curd and liquid honey. Use it
means better by course, twice a week, until reaching an explicit

После солнечного ожога can наносить сметану и кефир на кожу
without additional components. Condition will improve and skin
will not suffer so much, but will recover faster.

how отбелить лицо с помощью эфирных масел

Many essential oils have whitening properties. therefore
их can добавлять в любые маски, приготовленные самостоятельно.
Besides, масла эффективно работают в составе готовых кремов.
You need to add to your care product literally two drops,
rub and apply on face in the morning or in the evening.

Эфирные масла каких растений can купить для
отбеливания faces:

• lemon;

• birch;

• rosemary;

• grapefruit;

• oregano;

• eucalyptus;

• black pepper;

• sandalwood;

• patchouli;

• mint;

• orange;

• tea tree;

• turmeric;

• vanilla;

• palmarosis.

Many plant esters have anti-pigment properties. Their
be sure to use, especially since the wonderful aroma
has a calming effect, relieves nervous tension, normalizes
the work of the internal organs. Simplest вариант: смешать ложку
olive or flaxseed oil and three drops of lemon oil. Apply
minutes to fifteen, blot the remnants of unabsorbed oil.

To cope with the pigmentation independently by the forces of any woman
независимо от возраста и типа skin. Regular care will allow
for a long time to keep the skin snow-white, fresh, elastic.

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