How to wash acrylic sweater?

the cold season sweater is the basis of any wardrobe. TO
Unfortunately, knitwear is a rather troublesome thing to do, however
This is more about wool.

Acrylic sweater has some advantages over jumpers
from natural fibers. There is a guarantee that he will not lose
initial attractive look after several seasons
operation, easy to wash and a little crushed.

The advantages of things from acrylic

ATещи из акрила напоминают на ощупь шерстяные, но гораздо нежнее
and softer than the last. TOроме того, синтетическое волокно не
is of interest to the moth, which allows not to be afraid of invasion
this insect on the wardrobe. However, acrylic stuff
there is one drawback: after some time it forms
pellets. Despite this, things from acrylic do not lose their

To make the product last a long time, you should know how
correctly wash acrylic sweater.

Synthetic materials do not require such a careful to yourself
relationship, like, say, cashmere. However, there are some rules
for example, do not wash them in very hot water, better
use water at room temperature.

Erase right

  • In order not to form the pellets, add to the water
    special softener. It can also be used to care for
    products from delicate fabrics.
  • ATо время ополаскивания необходимо использовать любой
    antistatic so you will be sure that the sweater will not
    stick to the body.
  • These tips are general, better read on the label
    производителя, как correctly wash acrylic sweater. There you
    find more information.
  • ATлажный свитер аккуратно сожмите в ладонях, удаляя лишнюю воду.
    After that, it must be wrapped in a towel and squeezed.
    In order for the sweater to dry faster, you should shift it to dry matter.
    and betray him to the original form.

Acrylic items are different because they need to be washed more often.
the rest. It is better to do this every 4 days, because synthetic fabrics
don’t like high temperatures
only in hot water. ATо время стирки не следует прикладывать
great effort to wipe off all the pollution. It will be enough
hold the product for several minutes in soapy water before starting

If you prefer to wash by hand, it is better to purchase
laundry soap, better than a light color.

For washing in the washing machine are used powders for
synthetic fibers. But soda should not be put in the water: products
from artificial materials do not like her.

No need to save on water, it should be a lot. Also not
You should overload the washing machine with a lot of things
so the acrylic sweater can be creased.

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