How to use clothes to “expand” narrowshoulders

To be honest, we are all in one way or another.
 non-standard: someone is overweight, someone has hips
much wider than shoulders, someone thinks his legs are short. Generally,
we are all different and that is what makes us unique. So don’t
you need to cultivate complexes, just need to know the features
your figure and choose clothes based on this knowledge.

No matter what type of your figure, always follows
measure a thing – sometimes even a thing that is obviously unsuitable for the type of figure
This fits great. But most often you need to take into account the features of the figure,
such as the ratio of the hips and shoulders, the location of the waist, leg length
relative to the length of the back.

как скрыть узкие shoulders с помощью одежды, фото

Узкие shoulders: что носить?

  • Если у вас широкие бедра и относительно узкие shoulders, то лучше
    just fit tunics and dresses with voluminous sleeves,
  • If these are tunics, then their length should reach the middle of the hips,
    that is, the place where the hips are most narrow.
  • Уравновесить ширину бедер и плеч,  можно отдавая
    preference for clothes with large elements of decoration in the shoulder area and
  • Sometimes flared dresses look good with inflated
    waist, definitely go straight and strongly flared pants on
    stitched belt with small folds. If you like skinny
    pants should be worn with long jackets or jackets,
    reaching mid-thighs.
  • Wide at the top, but tapering waistcoats will fit your
    the figure, if worn with skirts corrugation and year, skirts that have
    trapezium shape.
  • Если у вас такие узкие shoulders, что носить платья из тонких
    materials you do not risk, try to get out of the situation by
    color solutions.
  • If the bottom is dark and the top is very bright, with a large pattern,
    цветами или геометрией, то shoulders будут казаться шире, а бедра
  • With sloping and narrow shoulders, dresses and blouses are absolutely not suitable.
    cut like a kimono, bat-sleeved, triangular
    cutout. Horizontal slit or square cutout
    uniforms, large shoulder pads, sailors’ collars and shoulder-straps
    помогут зрительно сделать невыразительные shoulders крупнее.

uskie_plechi-2 uskie_plechi-3 uskie_plechi-4

With narrow hips, on the contrary, they need to be visually increased.
volume due to folds, large drapery, which will do an excellent job
wide trousers with large folds, skirts with a large fold, long
jackets having a square silhouette.

If the legs do not differ in length, then you should not wear mini skirts and
very fluffy skirts, voluminous pants like bananas, with cuffs or
gathered at the ankles. Appearance does not win in the event that
if you wear long jackets, skirts of medium length, reaching
 mid-calf, flat shoes or, conversely,
too high or massive heel.

You can solve the problem if you wear dresses with a high line
waist, costumes in which the upper part and the bottom have the same
color, shoes on a low, stable heels.


If the back is long, then you do not need to buy clothes with a cutting
waistline, low waist and overly adjacent silhouette.
Narrow belt and striped print, vertical pattern
only reinforce the impression of disharmony. But dresses are overpriced
waistline, and with a wide belt, yoke – perfect
harmonize silhouette.

If the back is short and the legs are long, then you cannot allow yourself
wide belt, short jackets and boleros, sweaters and blouses,
tucked in skirts and pants. It is advisable to purchase dresses with
low waistline and straight uncut at the waistline dresses –
and wear with them expressive belts on the hips (you can use and
bright shawls).


Если у вас широкие атлетические shoulders, то вам противопоказаны
blouses and dresses with short voluminous sleeves, details in
shoulder and chest areas (shoulder straps, turn-down collars, overhead
pockets). Для того чтобы визуально скрыть shoulders, необходимо носить
blouses and dresses with a triangular low neckline accentuating the bottom more
light color, and the top is muffled by dark shades. Long
medium-sized beads and chains to help look away from the shoulder line

There is no ugly figure, you just need to carefully
think through your wardrobe.

Узкие shoulders: что носить?

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