How to use caffeine-benzoate for weight losssodium

Стандартная таблетка, содержащая 100 мг кофеин-бензоата sodium,
gives the effect similar to a cup of double strong coffee. During
a few hours after its reception there is a surge of strength, quickens
rhythm of breathing and heartbeat, blood pressure rises. AT
so active, the body spends much more
energy, burning fat.


If at this time still go in for sports, then you can afford
much more physical activity, and therefore, more likely to lose weight. Still
один приятный момент – после приема кофеин-бензоата sodium кровь
rushes to the skin through the dilated vessels. It helps to clean it.
from accumulated toxins, remove swelling, deliver necessary for
fat burning oxygen.

The stimulating effect of Caffeine Benzoate tablets is used to
losing weight About half an hour before the planned sports training
the drug is taken orally with a small amount of water.
Approximate dose is 1 tablet not less than 30 kg of weight
body (but not more than 4 pieces!). It is important to comply with the standard
for athletes there is a requirement – there is no later than an hour and a half
before the start of physical exertion.


Как применяется Кофеин-бензоат sodium в растворе

Из продающегося в аптеках Кофеин-бензоат sodium в виде раствора
in 1 ml ampoules at home you can make masks and wraps from

For one procedure, you will need a pack of any cosmetic powder.
clay and 3 ampoules of caffeine. ATсе смешать, добавить оливкового масла до
obtain a thick homogeneous gruel. Apply after shower on
problem areas of the body and hold for 20 minutes. If you do
wraps, then it’s time to lie down well relaxed under warm
Plaid, drinking a cup of herbal tea. A course of 10 wraps will do
skin elastic, increase muscle tone and reduce body fat.

To enhance the effect, you can add a dessert spoon to the mask.
honey, cocoa butter, 10 drops of any anti-cellulite aromatic
oils. Just be sure to first check whether they are
allergies. Recommended on the forums ointment Kapsikam with red pepper,
Dimexidum solution can cause severe irritation and even burn
skin, therefore it is better not to risk, mixing them more.

Who should not drink caffeine benzoate? Side effects.

If doctors advised you to drink less strong coffee and tea, then
Кофеин-бензоат sodium для похудения использовать нельзя. Otherwise
hypertension, cardiac arrhythmias, strong
headaches, shortness of breath and feeling short of breath. And it is worth picking up
another method of dealing with obesity, if you suffer from insomnia, and
others complain about your temper.

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