How to tie a scarf on your head? Photo Ideas

For women, a scarf is the most necessary thing. Perhaps there is no such
universal item in the wardrobe, which can be picked up by
style to almost any clothes! Throw lightly on
shoulders, wrap your neck, tie your hair. Some ways how to tie
a scarf on the head – do not count the fingers!

Gentle and light scarf, warm scarf, luxurious tippet – everything
This variety can dramatically change the image. Make style
elegant, make an oriental touch, add romance or even
eccentricity. Learn some tricks from stylists. Know how
Beautifully tie a scarf on your head does not hurt!

Fashionable dressing

Plain headband scarf is a familiar way for everyone.
ladies. I am glad that this is also a fashionable way to decorate your beloved one.
Roll up a scarf that blends in color with your clothes or
handbag. Pick the desired width so as not to make the face heavier.
Tie a knot on the back of the head – the first way is mastered!

Fun retro

Style “Charleston” – no less simple. Feminine image and
easy coquetry – why not a way to stand out! Throw a scarf on
hair so that the ends hang down straight and lay loose. Tie up
on the back of my head it is tighter so as not to fall, turning into a tight harness. Here is
tie this bundle into a knot, while dismissing the ends. Chiffon, silk,
Another lightweight Charleston fabric fits perfectly.

Fashionable cozy palatine

Palatine we get when you want it becomes chilly. For summer
on cool evenings or in the winter cold, the stole is the coziest thing.
Yes, and as an addition to the side scarf-stole is perfect. Fashionable
silk, satin models or fine cashmere can
tie not only on the neck, or throw on the shoulders.

Do you know how beautiful it is to tie a scarf on your head?

  • – The easiest way is to just throw it on your head and
    easy to lower on the shoulders, wrapped gently around the neck. For more
    Throw one end behind the back. If there is a beautiful brooch,
    suitable to the side, fasten it to the side. Convenient fixation attached
    a lot of charm.
  • – Young people love hoods. Can borrow style
    teenagers. You can make a semblance out of a wide scarf-wrap
    cozy hood. Throw a scarf on your head so that you are left alone.
    long end. Here is его и следует нежно обернуть вокруг шеи. To
    it was convenient, fasten this end on the belt using a normal belt
    or belt. Now in fashion scarves with fur. For such
    options for tying fur models are ideal. And warm and cozy. BUT
    how stylish!

If you are in a hurry, just throw a fur scarf over your head,
wrap gently around the neck and just fasten the ends to the side.
Of course, it all depends on the length of the model. But, here is a matter of taste.
The main thing is that you will be comfortable, and you will look fashionable.

Exotic East

Turban, turban – all these hats are reminiscent of the eastern
fairy tales, African passions and other exotic. If you know,
how to tie a scarf on your head in this style means you are very
extravagant and stylish lady. Of course, fashionable tricks a lot, but
such original, and at the same time practical as a turban – not
to find. If you learn at least one way, such an exotic
sure to impress fans of style.

Which scarves are best to use? Not necessary to follow
Muslim type. Suit and traditional colors. To tie
a scarf like a turban is very simple – it would be long!

  • – Put the canvas behind the head so that the ends are the same.
    located. If your scarf is wide, fold the product along its length.
    Lift the ends slightly upward – approximately at the level of the forehead.
    Cross them one, then the second time. At the same time try
    to center shifted slightly to the side. It looks very
    original Just cross the ends on the back of your head, tie it on your forehead
    and tuck them under the scarf. But not from below, but from above. Practice
    repeatedly. It is not difficult.

Twisted way of tying a scarf

Style twisted “turban” is perfect for those who have long
hair. How to tie a scarf on your head in a twisted way? Method not
simple, requires rehearsals. First comb your hair, dividing by
nape exactly in half. Then roll the scarf over your head so that
it was convenient to wind the ends with the hair. One half curls
wrapped on the left side, and the other – on the right. You will succeed
two bundles. They need to be raised to the forehead, cross over, send to
back of the head and again return to his forehead. If the hair is long, then so
way you can cross them many times. After – tie a knot
the ends of the harnesses on the back of the head.

You can think of your own way to tie a scarf. Fashionable
colors, wealth of textures make this accessory very
sought after. Thin scarf can be used as a bezel, and
dense – perfectly closes the ears from the cold wind. The more u
you scarves in the closet, the richer your wardrobe will be. Fantasy
The use of fashion accessory is limitless.

How to tie a scarf on the head, photo

Как красиво завязывать шарф на голове, фото

Как красиво завязывать шарф на голове, фото

Как красиво завязывать шарф на голове, фото

Как красиво завязывать шарф на голове, фото

Как красиво завязывать шарф на голове, фото

Как красиво завязывать шарф на голове, фото

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