How to take L-carnitine forlosing weight?

  • 1 How does L-carnitine affect the body?
    • 1.1 Which is better for girls?
    • 1.2 Contraindications
  • 2 How to take?
    • 2.1 Жидкий Л-Карнитин
    • 2.2 В таблетках
    • 2.3 How to take the powder?

L-carnitine is a substance produced by the body. It is replaceable
acid, which is involved in fat metabolism. The drug is not
fat burner, its main task is not fat burning, but their

L-Carnitine makes the delivery of fatty acids in the mitochondria –
a kind of exchange stations of the body. As a result
process, energy is released, due to fat cells.

Именно этот процесс способствует похудению и активному
weight loss.


How does L-carnitine affect the body?

Препарат способствует выделению не только
физической, но и умственной энергии,
stress resistance and lowers cholesterol, thereby protecting
vessels and heart.

The most effective effect on the body, if
совмещен со сбалансированной диетой и регулярными

Если принять препарат перед физической
, он даст толчок для перестройки энергетического
exchange in mode of use, as fuel, fat reserve

Which is better for girls?

Which L-carnitine is better for slimming girls? –
The answer is simple: any option is effective, it all depends on
individual preferences.

No difference in what form and form of release to take it. Act
each of them on the body is identical.

Важно помнить, что L-Карнитин помогает
сжигать жир
лишь в том случае, если будет затрачена
energy. Поэтому, примите вы его в таблетках, капсулах,
жидком, либо разведенном виде – без разницы. Главное –
involved energy.

L-Carnitine is not a medicine, doctors reviews
only confirm that there are no magic pills. Without compliance
balanced diet and the use of moderate physical activity,
This drug is not a miracle.

Healthy food + sport = a beautiful figure.

Nobody canceled this formula. Prolonged use
L-Carnitine for weight loss without a break, according to the recommendations of doctors, not
must exceed more than six months.


Despite the fact that L-Carnitine is the most harmless sport
Supplement for weight loss, even he has contraindications.

Contraindication of L-carnitine is:

  • allergy;
  • individual intolerance;
  • insomnia;
  • повышенную возбудимость, поскольку он способствует
    energy storage.

Patients with hypertension, cirrhosis, diabetes, kidney disease and
peripheral vascular drug use is not recommended.
Pregnant and lactating mothers should refrain from taking

How to take?

L-carnitine, when properly applied, not only contributes
weight loss, but allows you to feel a surge of strength and energy. Slimming
можно принимать L-Карнитин в качестве добавки, так
how it intensifies fat transport and energy release.

The best way to take L-carnitine
перед тренировкой, так как физическая активность
will provide an opportunity to spend the energy released, “burn” these
transported fats.

Если принимать Л-Карнитин без последующей тренировки, он
только повышает аппетит, будьте осторожны.

When using the drug for weight loss, it is important to observe the daily
norm and do not exceed it. Оптимальная доза
препарата от 500 до 2 000 мг в day.

To exceed the norm of L-Carnitine does not make sense. Research not
no high dose benefits have been identified. Substance level
регулируется организмом и все его излишки эффективно
are displayed.

Жидкий Л-Карнитин

Of all the forms of L-carnitine release, the fastest effect brings
liquid composition. Take liquid L-carnitine for weight loss
необходимо перед тренировкой, минут за

Many manufacturers of sports nutrition are already dosed.
порционный жидкий препарат в ампулах. it
is very convenient. You can always take a portion with you and
empty out in the locker room.

В продаже есть также жидкий препарат, разбавленный в
В пластиковых бутылках 0,5 – 0,7 литра. Such
вариант хорош для длительной аэробной нагрузки, в
during which you can “refuel”.

Предтренировочная доза для похудения – от 500 до 1 000
Столько же жидкого вещества можно принимать
on an empty stomach in the morning.

В таблетках

L-carnitine for weight loss in pills and capsules, you need to take
orally, washed down with the necessary amount of water. Not
grind and do not dissolve.

Дозировка в тех же рамках – 1 500 мг в

По 500 мг три раза в день перед едой в дни,
when there is no training.

В дни тренировок – 500 мг с утра и 1 000 мг
before training. Unlike liquid drug, pills
рекомендуется принимать немного раньше – за 30 минут до

How to take the powder?

L-carnitine powder is a bit more awkward. The way

Разводим его в любой жидкости – воде, соке и
even tea. Take 15 minutes before your workout.

The principle of L-carnitine in powder, no different from
taking a liquid preparation, with the only difference that it needs liquid
do it yourself. Spend an extra couple of calories on

It is important to note that L-Carnitine is effective for losing weight.
Due to the enhanced production of “fuel” the drug gives strength and
energy throughout the body, stimulating physical activity.

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