How to take Glucophage slimming

It so happened that the drug is intended strictly for the treatment of
diabetes, has become very popular among losing weight.
Endocrinologists constantly warn that Glucophage is for
weight loss is not worth it, it is a very serious medicine
able to cause deadly side effects, even

But when it is impossible, but really want, no prohibitions will not stop
wanting to lose weight. Therefore, tell you how to lose weight with
Glucofazhem, and what precautions to follow.

таблетки Глюкофаж для похудения


How does Glucophage while losing weight

Glucophage really can be called the dream of losing weight. is he
consists of the active substance metformin which does not allow
eaten carbohydrates sucked from the intestines into the blood. As a result
carbohydrates leave the body with a stool that is more liquid than usual
more frequent and with an abundance of gases. If abused sweet, can
be and abdominal pain.

Since glucose does not enter the bloodstream, it will not be produced.
the hormone insulin responsible for its conversion to fat reserves in
problem areas of our body. But that’s not all. Body after all
energy is always needed for life, and the most easily digestible it
source – carbohydrates – no. And then the accumulated begin to burn
fats. And if you follow a low-calorie diet – then losing weight on
Glyukofazhe goes even faster.

And one more peculiarity of Glyukofazh: it reduces appetite. Wherein
there may be nausea and taste of metal in the mouth, but even these side
The effects of losing weight do not stop.

How to take Glucophage slimming

If a person is losing weight, there is no diabetes mellitus (otherwise the medicine and
a dosage would be prescribed to him by an endocrinologist) is enough to drink
Glyukofazh tablet with a minimum dose of 500 mg 2-3 times a day
during main meals or immediately after meals. Pill need
swallow without chewing, and drink no less than half a glass
water. Glyukofazh can be taken no longer than 3 months, and repeat
the course is allowed only after a 3-month break.

In order not to get health complications from taking
Glyukofazh, need to remember:

– it is impossible to starve (the daily caloric content of food should not be
less than 1000 kcal);

– it is strictly forbidden to drink alcohol, take
drug for pregnant and lactating mothers;

– it is impossible to physically work hard or carry out exhausting
sports training (can come deadly
complication – lactate acidosis);

– not to take diuretics along with Glucophage, but
also drugs and vitamins containing iodine;

– it is necessary to abandon the drug at the time of acute intestinal or
catarrhal infections with diarrhea or fever.

Finally – a small fly in the ointment for the lazy: not worth it
hope that you can lose weight with Glucophage, not doing sports
or at least charging. The body, not getting glucose from food, everything
synthesizes it equally, and Glucophage drives her into muscles. If she does not
will burn there during exercise then it will turn into

And remember, take Glucophage to lose weight – extreme,
which doctors do not approve. Weight reduction can be achieved if
eliminate flour, sweet and fatty, go on diet food,
eat a lot of protein foods and move. If you want to help
body in losing weight, it is better to take natural supplements for
losing weight

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