How to take Bisacodyl for weight loss?

  • 1 Bisacodyl for weight loss how to take?
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For weight loss, people use a lot of different drugs and folk
means. Some are trying to reduce appetite, others use
low-carb food, and still others take pills. Practiced
slimming with laxatives. Such is
Bisacodyl Consider his instructions and reviews of people.


Bisacodyl for weight loss how to take?

Bisacodyl is available in several forms:

  • tablets (5 mg);
  • dragee (5 mg);
  • rectal suppositories (10 mg).

In order to reduce weight you need to take pills. They are issued
by many manufacturers. The drug is in great demand.
Grindeks and Akrikhin companies. Candles are produced by one manufacturer.
– Hemofarm.

This laxative is aimed at accelerating and
increased peristaltic contractions of the large intestine.

Активным компонентом выступает Bisacodyl For weight loss you can
use tablets by two methods. When taking the medicine should
follow a low-calorie diet. In this case, weight is reduced.
due to nutritional deficiencies. The second method implies normal
full nutrition of man. Here, the drug bisacodil reduces
assimilation of nutrients that are in food. According to
instructions this tool should be used for constipation, but not for
losing weight

there are also other drugs with diuretic
effect. Read here:

Instructions for use

The instruction indicates that the daily dosage for losing weight
makes 5-15 mg or 1-3 tab. Nevertheless, doctors recommend starting
process with 1 tablet. The laxative effect comes at least after 6
hours It is best to take Bisacodil before bedtime. If this dose is not
acted, then in the morning you need to take another remedy. On
The drug does not affect food intake. The instruction says that in
Rarely, you can take 4 tab. per day. If more –
hurt yourself.

Bisacodyl – instructions for use:

Take diet pills need whole. Chew
leads to irritation of the gastric mucosa and severe pain. Medicine
washed down with water. When losing weight with this laxative you need
observe drinking regime. At least 1.5 liters should be drunk per day.
water (not including teas, juices and compotes). To do no harm
body, use bisacodil for weight loss can be no longer 7


Before you start losing weight with the help of Bisacodil, learn it
contraindications and side effects.

Contraindications препарата Бисакодил:

  • intolerance to the active substance;
  • intestinal obstruction;
  • strangulated hernia;
  • acute hemorrhoids and proctitis;
  • pancreatitis and gastritis;
  • intestinal and gastric bleeding.

It is unacceptable to drink medicine for uterine bleeding,
cystitis, dehydration and potassium deficiency.
These are unambiguous.
contraindications. There are also relative ones. So, be careful and
if necessary, you can take the drug for renal and hepatic
deficiency, pregnancy and lactation. Although the instruction
the manufacturer writes that a laxative does not enter the blood and milk,
therefore, it will not harm the fetus or infant.

The most common side effect that occurs when
losing weight – constipation.
The fact is that a multi-day reception
2 or more tablets leads to addictive intestines. In this case
the intestine cannot empty itself, no matter how much the urge to
toilet was not. Reviews write, that often there is belching, heartburn,
flatulence and even prolonged diarrhea. Given these effects, it is worth
Think about whether to lose weight with a laxative.

Opinion thinned

Mostly reviews of people on the drug Bisacodil neutral and
negative. Few people advise using this drug for
losing weight People write that Bisacodil only helps to clean
organism from slags and toxins. Adipose tissue remains on
place unchanged. Even a companion diet reduces it by a couple.
millimeters. Most experienced did not notice any
positive changes, but experienced only difficulty walking in
toilet after a week course.

Other reviews also write that excess fat does not go anywhere.
Bisacodil only eliminated excess matter and thus weight.
decreased by 1.5-2 kg. At the same time, people felt lightness and
got rid of a swollen belly. They say that this method is equal
Reception Furosemide. Только он выводит жидкость и тем самым
reduces weight slightly.


Units managed to lose weight with Bisacodyl tablets for
losing weight These are mainly people who are on strict diets and
involved in sports. So, one man lost 4 kg in a week.
Only vegetables, fruits and dairy were present in his diet.
products. He drank a laxative in the evening (1 pc.) And in the morning (2 pcs.)
he also used dairy products after taking the medication.
A man writes that he was engaged daily in the gym and turned on
morning jogging. Except that those extra pounds are gone,
the work of the intestines and stomach was adjusted.

Young girls also announce good the result. They are drinking
Bisacodyl after a grueling diet to normalize work
intestine. Parallel exercise twice a day
2 approaches each. A week later, the weight decreased by 3 kg at full
nutrition. After this, after 3 months, you can again resort to this
Extreme weight loss.

Yet positive feedbacks write that weight returns quickly,
if it is not supported by physical exertion or at least
proper moderate nutrition.


Bisacodyl candles for slimming and reducing
веса использовались редко. Those who tested introduced 1 candle each.
day and did not see any desired result. they say that
the intestine is cleaned within an hour, and the weight remains unchanged. Everything
people write that after 2-3 injections there is pain and burning in
anus area. It can be concluded that candles do not
change the numbers of the scales.

It is more effective to lose weight in more benign ways, and Bisacodyl
apply as intended.

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