How to take a fat burner “Blackmamba”?

  • 1 Как правильно принимать жиросжигатель «Black Mamba»?
    • 1.1 Composition of the “Black Mamba”
    • 1.2 Instructions and method of use
    • 1.3 Contraindications and side effects
    • 1.4 Is there an analog?
    • 1.5 How to combine with sports nutrition?
  • 2 Recommendations of doctors

«Black Mamba Hyperrush» — один из множества термогенных
fat burner, different balanced composition and lack of
gender contraindications – that is, suitable for all. Who created it
Innovative labs promises to quickly lose weight
and build a relief body. �”Black Mamba” is used as
food supplement. The product is distributed in the form of black capsules.
colors with snake engraving.

“Black Mamba” consists of thermogenic compounds and
стимуляторов центральной нервной системы
(ЦНС). Besides
caffeine, in its composition are: thiamin, yohimbine, synephrine, ephedran
and other scary words. Это значит, что принимая этот
препарат, у худеющего будет больше сил и энергии
занятия спортом и повседневные дела, а процесс сжигания
лишних калорий и отложений жира значительно ускорится

Moreover, handouts promise a slimming effect even
without excessive physical exertion. However, it also notes that
если добавлять «Black Mamba» в рацион в период тренировок, и
while on a strict diet, the energy of losing weight does not decrease,
and the effect of losing weight will increase significantly.


Как правильно принимать жиросжигатель «Black Mamba»?

To achieve results in losing weight and building beautiful
body, you need to know how to properly apply this drug. Should
знать, что у «Black Mamba» есть свои особенности: строгая
дозировка и строгое время приема

�“Black Mamba” should be started from one capsule per day.
This should be done 30-45 minutes before breakfast. A week later when
the period of getting used to the drug will pass, the daily diet can be
add a second capsule. It should be taken 30-45 minutes before
lunch. In total in a jar of 90 capsules. More than two capsules
«Black Mamba» в сутки принимать запрещено
. Not
рекомендуется принимать «Черную
Мамбу» за 6 часов до сна, чтобы не получить
strong charge of energy.

The composition of the “Black Mamba”

�Black Mamba is a powerful fat burner and stimulant. Its composition
this confirms. But first, let’s deal with the basic functions.
supplements from Innovative labs.

Fat Burner “Black Mamba” is intended

  • neurostimulation and optimization of central nervous
  • stimulation of norepinephrine;
  • performance improvements;
  • suppress feelings of muscle fatigue;
  • increase endurance;
  • accelerate lipolysis – the breakdown of body fat;
  • suppress excessive appetite;
  • active weight loss even with minimal physical

What allows you to achieve this effect, and how it works
a drug?
 In short, “Black Mamba” consists of
the following groups of active substances:

  1. caffeine;
  2. amino complexes;
  3. plant extracts.

Particular attention in the “Black Mamba”
заслуживает EPH — экстракт хвойника эфедры,
содержащий эфедран. Each capsule contains 65
mg of this substance. Ephedran – a plant component-adrenomimetic,
which stimulates the secretion of adrenaline. Ephedra enhances action
receptors that interact with adrenaline. Should знать,
that ephedra itself is equated to narcotic substances. but
в «Черной Мамбе» содержится лишь ее экстракт, а не трава
ephedra, which is prohibited. The manufacturer assures that this
fat burner no prohibited items.

Кофеин, который является частью любой
жиросжигающей добавки, содержится в капсуле «Черной
Mambas “in the amount of 200 mg. The positive effect of this natural
supplements is to optimize the central nervous system, accelerating metabolic processes
directly affecting the rate of burning fat. Side effects
caffeine action may occur as a result of regular
use: the nervous system will tire of constant stress,
which will lead to a decrease in mental and physical

The remaining 180 mg capsules of the Black Mamba include many
other components. Yohimbine, synephrine, evodiamine
– work in conjunction to burn excess fat. Behind
контроль аппетита отвечает экстракт Сиды
. Бета-аминоэтиламин близкий
to geranium extract, works well as a stimulant before

Until November 2015, the composition was slightly different from the current one. AT
актуальном составе «Черной Мамбы» есть экстракт

AT 2015 году состав Черной мамбы незначительно
изменился, в него добавили экстракт geraniums

Такой богатый и сбалансированный состав жиросжигателя «Черная
Mamba “provides high efficiency in a short time.
Среди отзывов тех, кто его принимал, значится
effective weight loss, temporary improvement in well-being,
moral uplift. AT инструкции говорится, что эффект будет заметен
right after the first few moves. but препарат с таким
составом вызывает быстрое привыкание, либо может
отвергаться организмом вообще

Instructions and method of use

To achieve the desired effect and not to harm yourself, you need to advance
to study rules for the use of this fat burner.

Instructions and method of use «Черной Мамбы»

  1. Take capsules on an empty stomach – an average of 45 minutes before taking
    food – before breakfast and / or lunch. 
  2. The first three days should definitely take one
    капсуле «Черной Мамбы» в день. This is necessary in order to
    determine whether intolerance to the elements of the drug. With
    no side effects can increase dosage to two
    per day.
  3. Notльзя принимать больше двух капсул «Черной
    Мамбы» в день. 
  4. Not рекомендуется совмещать препарат с алкоголем, кофе, чаем
    and dietary supplements, which include stimulating substances. ATсё это
    will be an additional burden on the heart.
  5. �”Black Mambu” can be taken from 18 years.
  6. Before use, you must consult with
    a qualified medical professional.
  7. ATо время курса нужно пить большое количество

Contraindications and side effects

With выборе и применении этого жиросжигателя нужно учитывать, что
the human body has individual characteristics, therefore
people react to different dosages of the drug in different ways.
Notкоторые могут даже от самой низкой дозы почувствовать сильное
heartbeat, or even start choking. Therefore, it is important to correctly
начать принимать «Черную Мамбу» — с одной капсулы per day.

In addition, before trial use should be carefully
to study противопоказания и побочные эффекты от применения
fat burner “Black Mamba”.

Who should not include in the dietary supplements for
losing weight?
�”Black Mamba” is forbidden
pregnant and lactating women, as well as young people who have not reached
18 years. Капсулы нельзя включать в рацион людям с повышенным
blood pressure, problems with the heart, liver, kidneys,
CNS. The use of the “Black Mamba” must be avoided.
hypertension and allergic reactions to the components of the drug.

Какие могут быть побочные эффекты от применения
fat burner “Black Mamba”?

  • Depression;
  • Hand tremor;
  • Feeling hot;
  • Tachycardia;
  • Excessive sweating;
  • Temperature 37-38 ° C;
  • Lack of appetite after taking for seven
  • Nausea;
  • Vomiting.

Is there an analog?

The following types can be attributed to analogs of “Black Mamba”
Thermogenic Fat Burners: Hellfire and Diablos Eca Fire. These
drugs are similar both in composition and in power of action.

Innovative Laboratories Hellfire – это аналог
fat burner “Black Mamba”, which helps both men and
women seeking to lose weight. The basis of a fat burner is
natural ingredients, CNS stimulants, teromgenics and known with
a nineties mix of ephedrine, caffeine and aspirin – ECA, which
makes it so effective.

Diablos Eca Fire — уникальный препарат, который
take mostly professional athletes and bodybuilders. AT этом
The preparation also contains a mixture of ECA. It is its content in
right proportions and is the main feature of this
fat burner.

How to combine with sports nutrition?

Sports nutrition and fat burner “Black Mamba” fine
work together for a set of muscles. Moreover, protein and
fat burner – a great combination in the process of burning fat and
the formation of a slim silhouette. With использовании этих средств
It is also recommended to include in the diet an additional complex
of vitamins.

Doctor’s recommendations

Behindчастую на вопрос о том, стоит ли принимать
fat burner “Black Mamba” for weight loss, doctors and nutritionists
отвечают отрицательно
. Medical professionals are treated with
doubt to this category of drugs and supplements, and recommend
completely abandon their use. They argue that
that in these supplements, more often than not, there is simply no need
contrast to proper nutrition and regular physical

In addition, doctors can not accurately predict how the body
individual person will be affected by one or another element from the composition
fat burner. Каждый компонент «Черной Мамбы» по-своему
affects the vital systems and functions of the body,
which may be disturbed as a result of taking the drug.

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