The best diuretic for weight loss

  • one Is it possible to use diuretics for weight loss?
    • What are diuretics for weight loss?
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    • one.3 Contraindications

In case of emergency, when you urgently need to lose weight for a couple
kilograms, diuretics come to the rescue. Their
use contributes to a soft removal from the body
accumulated fluid, due to which the body is “dried” and
weight loss by one-2 sizes. However, diuretic abuse
the means for the long-awaited weight loss is not worth it, because they do not
are an alternative to diet and exercise.


Is it possible to use diuretics for weight loss?

Fat tissue is 90% water. Scientists have proved that
one g of carbohydrates consumed can hold 4 g of water, therefore
with improper diet (the predominance in the diet is sweet, fatty,
salty food) puffiness is formed which is the enemy
slim figure. The removal of excess fluid from the body allows
lose weight by one-3 kg, due to the “drying” of the body, and not splitting
fat deposits.

Diuretic for weight loss are chemical
(tablets, injections, solutions) and natural

Prevention with diuretics prevents
the appearance of puffiness, removes accumulated slags from the body and
toxins. Often, chemicals to remove excess fluid
from the body take before the competition athletes to
lose weight and enter your category. Reception of natural diuretic
means distributed in the diet for weight loss, which together
allows you to achieve amazing results.

After pregnancy, to remove the swelling, it is better to take
natural diuretics. Before use chemical
drugs should definitely consult a doctor on
no contraindications.

What are the diuretics for weight loss?

Chemical diuretics – diuretics (tablets, drugs)
used to relieve swelling, prevent and relieve
conditions in diseases of the kidneys, heart, liver,
hypertensive crisis. Sold at the pharmacy and do not require prescriptions for
issuing. They should be taken only after the appointment of a doctor. For
Slimming is used in emergency cases, not more than 3 days, when
urgent need to get rid of 2-3 kg.

The most effective diuretics for

  • Фуросемид – препарат в виде таблеток.
    It is applied no more than 2-3 days. It is necessary to use one tablet in
    day, preferably in the morning. With little effect allowed
    drink another tablet at lunch.
  • Верошпирон – препарат в виде таблеток.
    Apply one-2 tablets per day. Contraindicated in pregnancy
    and lactation, anuria, severe renal failure.
  • Торасемид – препарат в виде таблеток.
    Применяются по one таблетке в day, preferably in the morning. Pills can
    divide, but not recommended to grind or chew.
    Contraindicated in severe kidney disease, artemia, during
    pregnancy and lactation.

Diuretic herbs for weight loss

Natural products that have a diuretic effect – herbs
(dandelion, guarana, winter woman, corn silk), some species
fruits and berries (watermelon, cantaloupe, cranberries, cranberries), vegetables and greens
(cucumbers, pumpkin, zucchini, artichokes, celery), black and green
tea. Natural remedies are safer for the body, have
mild diuretic action and tonic effect that
promotes cleansing from harmful toxins and slags, the withdrawal of surplus
fluid and slimming.

Folk recipes for diuretics for weight loss
home conditions:

Рецепт №one: Ингредиенты:

  • Chamomile;
  • Hypericum;
  • Immortelle;
  • Birch buds.

Способ приготовления: В равных частях смешать травы,
pour boiling water over (in the ratio of 2 tablespoons of herbs to one liter
water), leave to infuse overnight. Take one glass in the morning
on an empty stomach and one glass before bedtime.

Рецепт №2: Ингредиенты:

  • Lingonberry;
  • Bearberry

Способ приготовления: Смешать в равных пропорциях
lingonberries and bearberry, pour boiling water (proportion 2 tbsp to one l
water), let it brew. Take 3 times a day for half a cup

Рецепт №3: Ингредиенты:

  • Dandelion;
  • Nettle;
  • Parsley;
  • Dill seeds;
  • Mint.

Способ приготовления: Смешать 2 столовые ложки
dandelion, nettle, parsley with one tablespoon of dill and mint. one
чайную ложку смеси залить one стаканом кипятка, дать настояться. Drink
настойку только после еды, но не более one стакана в день.


The use of diuretics for weight loss can harm
health, because along with excess fluid from the body
useful trace elements are derived, such as: sodium and potassium salts,
important for normal heart function. Drug abuse
for drying the body can adversely affect the appearance and
lead to deterioration of hair, skin, nails.

Side effects of drugs can occur in headaches,
nausea and vomiting, loss of appetite, dizziness, increased
sweating, visual impairment, muscle cramps. Reception is contraindicated
diuretics for weight loss kidney diseases and
urinary tract and cardiovascular system.

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