How to hide broad shoulders and other flawsfigures?

this is strange, but what we sometimes consider to be our shortcoming,
the eyes of others is a virtue. Despite this statement
we tend to give too much importance to things that are not
deserving – we are talking about figure flaws, or about those
features that only seem to us flaws …. how скрыть
broad shoulders or full chest? howой должна быть одежда для
wide shoulders and skirts with full hips?

how скорректировать фигуру при помощи одежды?

Types of shapes are conventionally placed in several categories: “
rectangle, hourglass, triangle and pear. Such
the division depends on the width of the shoulders, hips and waist, and their

So, if the shoulders are wide and the hips are narrow, the figure has the shape
�”Triangle”, with wide hips and narrow shoulders and pronounced waist
– “pear”, with a normal ratio of shoulders and hips and wide waist
– “rectangle”, with equal width of the hips and shoulders and pronounced
narrow waist – hourglass.

It is believed that the ideal female figure is considered the shape
�“Hourglass” – it has very feminine outlines, and even in
If a full woman retains such proportions, her
The figure looks very impressive. All other types of shapes have
its drawbacks: so, with the “triangular” type of figure problem
considered broad shoulders.

So that the shoulders do not seem to exclude the horizontal
strip in the upper part of the clothes. Prefer muffled

how скрыть широкие плечи?

  • Clothing for wide shoulders is selected so that
    the main focus moved to the level of the hips – tight top and
    flared skirt, pleated skirt or large fold, wide trousers
    and a slightly loose tunic will create the desired effect.
  • If you use bright accessories in clothes for wide shoulders,
    you can also look away from the problem, for example, by placing in
    chest pocket with a bright handkerchief or a chic brooch.
  • Perfectly balances wide shoulders and narrow hips.
    colors – cold shades of clothing for wide shoulders at the top will make
    плечи визуально уже, а теплые – зрительно расширят  линию

In the case of a pear figure, the main task is to correct
wide hips – for this you need to give preference
semi-fitted skirts of slightly elongated shape and wearing tops
loose, but not excessive, cut with a deep or shaped neckline,
large items. Wear loose pants, you can even lightly
flared from the line of the knees.

Give preference to V-corner cutouts

Often a figure is spoiled by full hands – categorically
dresses and blouses without sleeves, with short sleeves are contraindicated,
tight-fitting sleeves, but a three-quarter free sleeve
ideally hide this flaw. Remember that in this case
straight rectangular dresses are contraindicated – it is better to choose a tunic
With a long loose sleeve and a waistline under the bust.

  • If a large bust makes the figure massive and disharmonious,
    you need to choose knitted dresses and blouses with a smooth transition
    bust to the waist and blouses with large breast pockets and other
    large details that will distract the eye from the chest. Should
    remember that large breasts should be “packed” in a dress very
    neatly with the help of vertical darts – ideally it will sew on
  • But with a small bust should pay more attention
    All sorts of lace ruffles and ruffles – the main thing is that the fabric does not
    was motley and unpretentious. Textured knit fabrics and fine
    a print in the chest area will help make it visually larger.
  • For those who suffer from short legs, there is also advice –
    for the top choose shortened versions of bright colors, and for the bottom
    – loose trousers and skirts with a high waist.
  • If the body is short, do not despair – visually
    lengthen the silhouette will help long sweaters, loose pants or skirts
    and, of course, heels. A belt at the hips makes a torso.
    visually longer.
  • With an elongated body, on the contrary, it is necessary to wear short
    waist jackets and jackets, tops and choose pants and skirts with high

The protruding belly, oddly enough, the problem is not only complete, but
and very thin women – but for all the output is universal. Will need
multi-layered loose clothing or stoles, tunics with overestimated
waist and flared free bottom.

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