How to get rid of subcutaneous acne? Treatmentinternal acne folk remedies and medicaldrugs

Вт, 24 май 2016 Автор: Римма Сергеева

People with problem skin know that internal acne or
boils – this is one of the most unpleasant adversity.

Subcutaneous inflammation is difficult to cure.

They badly spoil the mood, worsening the appearance.

Today, you will learn how to get rid of subcutaneous pimple and how not
prevent it from reappearing.

How to get rid of subcutaneous acne: causes

Any treatment, including boil, should be started with
finding out the cause of the disease. If you eliminate acne scars
only cosmetics, they will reappear and
can lead to serious complications. Doctors say that
internal acne appears on the body as a result of a disruption
glands of sebaceous secretion, namely due to:

• increased sebum secretion by external glands

• blockage of the sebaceous glands;

• diseases of the stomach and intestines;

• accelerated hair growth;

• endocrine disruption;

• poor heredity;

• low immunity;

• colds;

• hypothermia;

• improper skin care;

• smoking;

• stress.

Most often suffer from subcutaneous acne:

• young people from 11 to 19 years, that is, during the period of sexual

• those people whose activity is related to harmful

• those who constantly take medications: hormones
corticosteroids, antiepileptic drug
Phenytoin, lithium salts and combined oral contraceptives.

How to get rid of subcutaneous pimple: modern methods

Consider the two most effective methods of getting rid of
boils, предлагаемых в клиниках.

Ozone therapy

Ozone is one of the most powerful catalysts for metabolic processes.
in the body that leads to the rapid renewal of cellular
composition. Ozone mixture can destroy diseased cells and
stimulates the regeneration of new skin cells, accelerates the flow
oxygen and valuable substances in the tissue. Ozone therapy считается хотя и
a painful but highly effective method of improving skin condition
with furunculosis.

Advantages of the procedure:

• destroys pathogenic microbes;

• relieves pain;

• eliminates swelling and redness;

• restores collagen and elastin fibers;

• after ozone therapy no scars or blemishes remain.

Ozone-oxygen injection leads to rapid maturation.
subcutaneous acne. The amount of the mixture and the required number
cosmetology procedures prescribed by ozone therapist after

Autohemotherapy (blood transfusion)

Blood transfusion helps to prevent the emergence of new
subcutaneous acne by stimulating the immune system
human and general cleansing of the body from toxins and toxins. For
The procedure uses the patient’s own blood. She is taken from
veins and injected into the buttocks. Transfusion is carried out gradually,
blood dose increases every day. The course lasts 10 days.

For закрепления полученного результата процедуру очищения крови
It is recommended to repeat in six months. The so-called bonus
autohemotherapy, as a method of treating subcutaneous acne, is
getting rid of chronic diseases and improving the appearance

Electroscopic alignment technique

The technology is the impact of therapeutic impulses
broad spectrum blue light and radio frequency energy
on subcutaneous inflammation. The technique has the following effect on

• fabrics are actively updated;

• imperfections that remain after removal
subcutaneous acne (scars, seals, red spots);

• enlarged pores narrow.

As a rule, the course of treatment is from 8 to 10 procedures.
The procedure is completely painless.

How to get rid of subcutaneous acne by medical means

There are also many drugs that
allow you to get rid of subcutaneous acne at home. To them
should only be resorted to if it is not possible
seek help from professionals.

1. Excellent pulling pus and generally speeds up the process
созревания прыща мазь Вишневского и
Ихтиоловая мазь. These antiseptic drugs
need to impose on the affected skin daily. Also
have analgesic and anti-inflammatory

2. Внутренние прыщи «боятся» раствора или эмульсии
. An antibiotic effectively fights bacteria,
which cause inflammation. The product does not dry the skin and does not clog

3. For лечения подкожных прыщей используется
йод. It’s necessary to treat inflammations
careful not to get burned. If you make an iodine mesh on
night, by morning there will be no trace of her. Acne will pass quickly.
The result of the use of iodine, you can evaluate after
first time.

4. Внутренние прыщи поможет вылечить серная
. All components can be purchased at the pharmacy:

• powder of purified sulfur (2.5 parts);

• aspirin powder (2.5 parts);

• boric acid pp 2% (1 part);

• chloramphenicol powder (2 parts);

• alcohol.

For приготовления лекарства понадобится емкость из темного
glass After mixing the components obtained sulfur talker
Pour into this dish. Apply remedy to problem areas with
using a cotton swab twice a day.

How to get rid of subcutaneous acne folk methods

You can try to get rid of acne scars
by methods. Consider the most effective ones.

Mask Recipes

1. For приготовления этой маски понадобятся:

• honey;

• dry yeast;

• milk;

• White clay.

Mix honey, yeast and cosmetic clay in the same
ratio and dilute them with milk to the consistency of sour cream.
Put a mask on the problem area for 20 minutes. Wash off warm

2. Well-proven mask of garlic. Boils
should be spread with olive oil. Impose crushed top
garlic. After 20 minutes, wash off the mask with a decoction of nettle or

3. Two leaf scarlet pour 200 ml of mineral water. An hour later
boil them on low heat for two to three minutes. Now
you need to cool the leaves of the plant and turn it into a mush. Received
Mass applied to acne for 20 minutes. Смываем теплой water

From domestic acne at home you can also try
get rid of the following methods:

1. Periodically, rub the subcutaneous pimple with tar soap. It
has a pronounced antibacterial effect and accelerates

2. Among the mass of folk remedies shows good results.
reception of sulfur. Remove acne and prevent their reappearance
1 gram of medicinal purified sulfur per day, taken during
food Time.

3. Good for hypodermic pimples, rubbing the skin with lemon
соком, в равных пропорциях разбавленным с кипяченой water

4. Salt compresses have an anti-inflammatory effect,
which need to impose on the internal pimple for 5 minutes every other day.
For этого рецепта можно использовать морскую соль.

How to get rid of hypodermic pimple and prevent it

To permanently get rid of internal acne, you need not only
regularly use the means to treat them, but also to identify
the reason for their appearance. In the fight against skin imperfections will help
The following is expert advice:

1. Review your diet and lifestyle. Significantly improve
skin condition physical education. Give up, at least for a while,
от жирной и сладкой пищи, и вы увидите, что boils станет
less. Cut down on drinking alcohol, coffee and

2. Choose the right skin care.

3. Pamper your skin with decoction of medicinal plants. Special
favorably affects the problematic skin chamomile, calendula, mint
and celandine These medicinal plants will reduce inflammation, will
антимикробное и тонизирующее act.

4. Daily wipe the skin with ice cubes for one
minutes This simple procedure normalizes the sebaceous glands and
предотвратит появление boils.

So we figured out how to get rid of
subcutaneous acne. Properly chosen treatment can fully
cleanse the skin of painful inflammations and restore beauty to it

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