How to clean the liver at home quicklyand efficiently

  • 1 Methods to clean the liver of toxins and slags
    • 1.1 Folk remedies
    • 1.2 Oats
    • 1.3 Olive oil and lemon juice
    • 1.4 Preparations
  • 2 How to clean the liver of a child?

Liver is one of the most important organs of human life.
It cleans the blood and helps to eliminate toxins. With her
clogged, the body absorbs nutrients defective.

At home, clean the liver is simple enough
follow all recommendations. First of all, it should be cleaned
intestine special diet. One week before the cleansing procedure
refuse meat, dairy products, unhealthy fats, simple
carbohydrates, dyes, preservatives. Eat more grains,
fiber, bran.

If you have gallstones, liver and kidney stones,
similar cleaning is contraindicated. Therefore, in advance consult with
a doctor.


Methods to clean the liver of toxins and slags

There are several methods of cleaning the liver:

The first:

It is necessary to cause a choleretic effect. Buy Magnesia at the pharmacy
or sorbitol. Take the product and apply a hot water heater to
liver for a day to the bile ducts expanded in diameter.


Tyubazh – traditional medicine. Give the patient a drink 250ml
mineral water with magnesia on an empty stomach, after 20 minutes the procedure
repeats. Man remains lying down for 2 hours in hot
hot water bottle in the right hypochondrium.


A couple of days before cleansing, go on a vegetable diet, drink
a lot of hot water. Do not eat on the day of cleaning and keep a hot water bottle.
on the liver, in the late afternoon drink up to 200g of warm vegetable
oils. For better effect, wash down with lemon juice. In this way,
bile is eliminated faster. Closer to the night or the morning will begin powerful
purification process. The next day, eat beet juices or
apples. Perform the procedure up to 3 times with an interval of 1-2 days.

Folk remedies

Our liver is a unique organ, because it has the ability
self-repair. Through time after refusal from fatty foods,
alcohol, preservatives, it will come back on its own.

In the cleaning of the liver folk remedies at home
help: herbs, oils, mineral waters, vegetable food,
sorbitol. If there are no contraindications to cleaning, start by going to
clean food that includes vegetable salads, fruits, grains
porridge. Do enemas in addition to water, add lemon juice or soda.
Water should be at room temperature.

How to clean the liver folk remedies at home
conditions – recipes:

  • Расторопша — уникальная трава- природный
    hepatoprotector. Brew tea from thistle powder and immediately
    drink in the morning on an empty stomach and in the evening before bedtime;
  • Сорбит и желтки куриных яиц Размешайте 2 ложки
    sorbitol in 150g of warm water and drink on an empty stomach in the evening
    together with 3 yolks. Lie on a warm heating pad for a couple of hours. Similar
    cleaning is recommended no more than 8 times a year.


Clean the liver at home will help oats. To find
quality crude product can be on the product markets, in
pet stores.

Рецепт как почистить печень овсом: Измельчите
oats in a blender to powder. Pour boiling water, best in
thermos After 12 hours, strain and eat before eating
within a month.

Перед началом лечения очень важно очистить
intestine, as toxins are eliminated in the process of cleansing the body.
So that harmful substances are not accumulated, but removed from the body,
врачи советуют:

  • сделать клизму на основе отвара ромашки ;
  • give preference to plant foods;
  • include dried apricots, millet, citrus fruits, apricots,
    olive oil;
  • give up mushrooms, pickles, canned, fatty meat and

Рецепт клизмы: Залейте 2 столовые ложки
chamomile blooms with a glass of hot water and let it steam for
30 minutes. Strain the resulting broth and mix with a liter of pure
boiled water (permissible temperature – 38 degrees). Lie on
side and bend your knees. Enema tube tip enter
5-6 cm and provide an easy flow of fluid by lifting up the tank
with decoction. After the tank is empty, lie another 15-20
minutes after you can empty the intestines.

Olive oil and lemon juice

Vegetable oil enhances the formation of bile, and lemon juice
It helps to remove it, stimulates the digestive system.
That is why doctors advise to clean the liver with olive
oil and lemon juice.

Рецепт: Налейте в стакан 2 ст.л. oils
squeeze in half a lemon and drink on an empty stomach this mixture for
of the month. For greater efficiency, use olive oil, it is,
it also lowers cholesterol.

Bile will wash the liver ducts, thereby toxins will be actively
displayed every day. This cleaning is gentle, but not
suitable for stones, ulcers and gastritis.


Clean the liver at home will help drugs
purchased at the pharmacy. These medications are called hepatoprotectors,
and are protection and recovery for the liver, impede
inflammatory processes.

Preparations для очистки печени в homemade

  • Аллохол В состав входит животная желчь,
    garlic and nettle extract, activated carbon. Shown at
    hepatitis, cholangitis, gallstone disease, constipation. Pills
    have a choleretic effect, block the occurrence of stones;
  • Фосфоглиф В состав входит глицирризиновая
    acid and phospholipids. Shown at гепатозах, фиброзах,
  • Эссенциале В состав входят фосфолипиды.
    Shown at жировой дистрофии, гепатитах. Is prevention
    the occurrence of stones;
  • Резалют В состав входят фосфолипиды, комплекс
    vitamins B, PP. Used more for prevention;
  • ФанДетокс В состав входят растительные
    components: goji berries, tangerine peel, soy sprouts. Shown at
    hepatitis, cirrhosis, hepatosis, poisoning, hangover. Effectively
    removes toxins;
  • Лив52 В состав входят экстракты растений.
    Shown at гепатите, циррозе, фиброзе, гепатозе, истощении.
    It has a choleretic, anti-inflammatory effect. Displays
    accumulated toxins.

The method of application of each tool carefully read in
instructions. The market offers a range of diverse medicinal
drugs. To find yourself more suitable, consult with
a doctor.

The composition of the drug must include at least one of these
components: glycyrrhizic acid, phospholipids,
ursodeoxycholic acid, ademetionine, ornithine, extract
milk thistle, dymyanki officinalis extract, thioctic

How to clean the liver of a child?

Most often, cleaning the liver of children is therapeutic. Many
children experience allergies, diathesis and obesity due to
improper nutrition. Чтобы приступать к очистке в homemade
условиях проконсультируйтесь для начала с a doctor.

First of all, to improve health, you should follow
vitamin diet- consume different fruits, berries and vegetables, especially
apples, currants, cranberries, carrots.

As for adults, children from 10 years old can drink olive oil with
adding lemon juice. Herbs decoctions will help. Watch out for
dosage, it should correspond to the weight of the child.

Most likely, you will need several courses of treatment. Even when
the baby will feel better, do not stop the cleaning course.

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