How to choose the pants on the figure and theirthe size

Как выбрать брюки по фигуре? Как выбрать the size брюк?Now
it’s hard to believe, but there were times when women in trousers were not
let in serious institutions. The lady in the pants – it was indecent
and scandalously, and passers-by on the streets shook their indignation and condemnation
heads. Now it seems funny and funny. Many women
trousers and jeans practically forced traditional skirts out of wardrobe
and dresses.

It is not necessary, however, to go to extremes, because the dress is always
remains a symbol of femininity, and true femininity, however
cool, always causes admiration. But in beautiful pants you can
look no worse!

For all its undoubted convenience, the pants – quite insidious
thing. Unlike skirts, they pretty frankly describe
female hips, and are able to impartially stress as too
fluffy and not enough rounded shapes.

This does not mean that women who are not satisfied with their
proportions, you need to abandon the pants – quite the opposite: right
and thoughtfully selected, they will mask the flaws and attract
attention to the merits.

How to choose the pants on the figure, especially if the figure is not perfect

  • Полноватые бедра и ягодицы: подойдут брюки
    slightly widened from the middle of the thigh or from the knee, as well as straight
    Models of average width. But be careful: pronounced
    A flare starting from the top can visually add volume.
    Strongly narrow, tight fitting styles are not strongly recommended.
    and also the trouser legs narrowed downwards – they create undesirable
    the contrast between the upper volume and the narrower lower legs.
    Bright decor, large patch pockets on the buttocks and thighs
    underlined overweight.
  • Короткие ноги: выбирайте прямые и слегка
    models widening downwards, it is possible with the overestimated waistline. Than
    the longer the pants are, the more they will visually lengthen the legs.
    In combination with high-heeled shoes, the legs should cover
    most of the heel. Shortish, “hit” leg
    they will aggravate the problem, and they look undignified. Therefore, please note that
    giving the pants in a binder, you need to take with you to try on shoes on
    heels. Also very narrow or very narrow legs are visually shortened.
    wide trousers and models with cuffs at the bottom.
  • Слишком худые ноги: конечно же, нужно избегать
    Tightening styles. Fit straight models of average width and more.
    wide and pants extending down from the hip.
  • Прямая талия: когда талия и бедра не очень
    differ in volume, and I want the figure to look more
    feminine, give preference to light straight pants with wide
    dark belt.
  • Большая разница между объемами талии и бедер:
    как выбрать брюки по фигуре и как выбрать the size брюк, когда по
    талии у вас один the size одежды, а по бедрам другой? Sometimes it
    can be a real problem. In some cases, when
    the disproportion is not too big, a wide belt can help,
    which you tighten the waist. But in this case, the fabric can be collected
    ugly folds. Try a model with a low waistline
    – they can be a real salvation.

One has only to take into account a few recommendations, choosing such

  • With curvaceous hips, as mentioned above, the leg should not
    be tight or too narrow, the best option –
    slightly extended downwards.
  • If you can’t brag on a taut tummy, don’t
    wear short tops or tight blouses with understated trousers,
    so that ugly folds do not hang over the belt.

Picks photos with panties peeking at the girls from behind because
belts of low pants, have long been walking on the Internet. If not
want to get into this selection, get special low
panties, and also do not wear shortish blouses. Great option
– combidress.

брюки для фигуры песочные часы

Тип фигуры «Песочные часы»: ваш выбор брюки
high-waisted loose fit, flared jeans, straight jeans

брюки дл типа фигуры груша

Тип фигуры «Груша»: ваш выбор расклешеные от
hips jeans, wide trousers and banana pants

брюки для типа фигуры яблоко

Тип фигуры «Яблоко»: ваш выбор модели брюк с
high waists that visually reduce problem stomach

Тип фигуры «Треугольник»: ваш выбор брюки,
adding volume to the hips (mom jeans), flared from
knee jeans and banana pants.

брюки для типа фигуры прямоугольник

Тип фигуры «Прямоугольник»: ваш выбор брюки,
giving volume to narrow hips and designating a waist.

Что еще стоит учесть, если стоит вопрос «как выбрать the size
trousers? If you buy a model of stretch fabric, it is quite normal
that at the first fitting pants seem a little cramped. but
не спешите брать the size побольше – очень скоро штаны растянутся и
sit better. And too stretched, baggy sitting pants are capable
disfigure even the perfect figure.

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