How to choose a tracksuit? Sometips

How to choose a tracksuit? Some tipsAttitude to
the jumpsuit is always ambiguous, because it is so comfortable that
often many try to put it on anywhere, not at all
Required for training. It’s just great to go to
hike, to the country, go by train – wherever freedom of movement is needed
and ease, fit a tracksuit.


How to choose a tracksuit so that it is comfortable and

It would seem that difficult to choose a good
sports suit? However, the cost of a tracksuit is enough
great to take it without pondering everything properly.

The most important thing in sportswear is its functionality. If a
suit is designed for the gym, it must be beautiful,
natural, warming the muscles and tight-fitting body, but not
disturbing movements.

To travel to the mountains, of course, you need a completely different suit.
quality, designed to stay in low temperatures and
allowing you to keep warm and let your body breathe at the same time.

Yoga, water aerobics and jogging on a treadmill
Each type of physical activity has its own requirements for
Tracksuit and all of them need to be considered.

Run and exercise on a stationary bike is best in cycling and
tops, for yoga fit elastic tights and top, and for
aqua aerobics or swimming need special equipment that allows
burn maximum calories in water.

What should be clothes for sports?

But nevertheless any sports suit has the main

  1. Sportswear should be very comfortable, pleasant to
  2. It must be made of special materials or
    natural fabrics that allow the skin to breathe,
  3. It should not be painted (the body is moistened and in poor quality
    costumes are often painted in the color of the fabric),
  4. Must be safe (it should not be sharp objects,
    elements tightened around the neck, tight belts, seams should not
    cause discomfort in contact with the skin).

If a костюм предназначен для видов спорта на открытом воздухе,
then reflective inserts are needed that make it safe
running or walking in the city.

Fabric: advantages and disadvantages

For indoor occupations, people try to buy sports.
suits of natural linen and cotton that are great
even for very sensitive skin. However significant
The disadvantages of such fabrics are their rapid wear and the fact that
they instantly lose their shape.

Wool, bike and wool, in addition, also quickly sit down.

Expensive suits designed for professional sports
as a rule, they are made from combined fabrics that are combined in
properties of both natural and synthetic materials: they do not
crumple, promote warming of tissues, the skin in them breathes, they
pleasant to the touch. These costumes cost a lot of money, so many
It is easier to choose a tracksuit from modern synthetic
materials such as fleece and polyester, which although not so
environmentally friendly, but they look beautiful and also sit perfectly on

For outdoor sports inexpensive sportswear
mainly made of nylon, microfiber and acrylic, as
It is these synthetic fabrics that perfectly repel
moisture, practical and do not lose their appearance for a long time. For winter sports, these
fabrics are insulated with modern heaters, such as sintepon,
goose down, hollofaber.

How to choose a tracksuit design?

Of course, when choosing, we attach great importance to the appearance
costume, because in it we will have to spend a lot of time:
modern high-quality costumes do not have a catchy color, they
usually two tones – with one color being the main one, the other being used
for finishing.

Hoods in winter tracksuits should unfasten and
be trimmed with removable fur, the jackets should be comfortable
pockets (for example, for ski pass or documents).

And one more thing: you can not buy a good sports suit
only in a specialty store or online store, can
lucky and on sale at the mall. Going to the store
it is better to know exactly what you are looking for and not to be tempted by
what then will be completely unnecessary to you !.

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