How to choose a skirt depending on the typefigure?

Как выбрать юбку по figure?The skirt is perhaps the most familiar
part of the female wardrobe – it favorably emphasizes the figure,
adds femininity, depending on the length and cut can
make an uncompromising woman look like or
frivolous and sexy trainee.

Despite the fact that it is difficult to imagine a more “feminine”
thing, the choice of skirt often baffles: how to choose a skirt

Indeed, the skirt is the wrong cut or fabric, which
categorically “contraindicated” for this type of figure, capable of
visually “cross out” all efforts in the field of weight loss. What if
there is a desire to make the hips more lush, then a long and straight skirt
only aggravate the impression of thinness and lack of form.

Depending on the type of figure and should choose their skirts,
Of course, focusing on the colors, fabric, relevance in this or

Давайте рассмотрим на примерах как выбрать юбку по figure?

With a height of 160 cm and a miniature physique should not be aged
yourself at the expense of long skirts and midi skirts. Length below the knee makes
the silhouette is short, suppresses it, deprives femininity – in this
If you need to wear skirts above and to the knee, with and without ruffles,
leaving the top fitted and fitted over the figure. In the end, with
You can afford a lot with such a fine-grained figure!

With short stature and a plump figure you should not hide your
uniforms in robes – assuming that wide clothes will hide all the flaws
figures, we completely deprive ourselves of individuality. In fact,
well-chosen skirt will be able to narrow the silhouette and make it
slimmer. In this case, a strict skirt of dense fabric should only
slightly adhere to the body, leaving room for maneuvers and fantasies

If the figure is distinguished by boyish angularity, thinness and
the lack of pleasant bulges, then the free silhouette of the skirt only
aggravate the feeling of awkwardness, fitted will look
inappropriate, but flared A-shaped miniskirts and legs are beneficial
will be underlined, and thighs will be added to the hips, and the waist will be painted, hinting at
existence of hips! Under this skirt you need to wear tight tights
without a pattern, making the top in loose-fitting light-colored blouses

With a very feminine shape, the figure with a narrow waist, not
too broad shoulders and luxurious hips (the so-called figure
�”Pear”) is best to focus on the upper body, enhancing
chest light tones and large pattern.

When choosing a skirt you need, on the contrary, to choose flowing fabrics
masking hips, with a small pattern and style, expanding to
bottom smoothly. If you combine long blouses to mid-thighs and
medium-length flared skirts that open slender legs, then
you can achieve a harmonious silhouette and lead away from the wide

How to choose a skirt on the shape of an hourglass? With equal
the ratio of the volume of the hips and chest, beautiful shoulders and thin waist
choose a skirt is not difficult – this figure is considered
�”Ideal”, and even in the presence of excess weight. Only plays a role
the ratio of proportions, and what the volume is not so important! In that
If you want to wear long skirts with straight or slightly flared cut
soft tissue, with a small pattern or without it.

If the figure is slim, it will look good straight
mini-skirts, tulip skirts, pencil skirts, tight and
flared skirts of various lengths. The main thing is that they emphasize
silhouette, highlighting the hips and focusing on a thin waist.

Sometimes it is very difficult to choose a skirt on the figure – should
take into account the smallest details, such as the length and shape of the legs, for example.
If the legs are X-shaped, that is, the knees are touching, and
the calves diverge to the sides, then knee-length miniskirts and skirts do not
desirable. Thus, the choice of skirt must be approached strictly
individually, but with fantasy!

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