How to care for a tattoo in the early days? What do you needknow about how to care for a tattoo in the early days?

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Today, tattooing is not a luxury.

Many seek to decorate their bodies with a plain pattern or
a true work of art, but few know that
the tattoo heals quite painfully in the first days after it

How to care for a tattoo in the early days?

All the details are in this article.

Tattoo and basic information on how to care for a tattoo in
first days

Many masters, before applying a tattoo warn about
possible temporary discomfort after this manipulation. If speech
It is a small and uncomplicated tattoo, then a special unpleasant
sensations should not be. But if you immediately do the volume and complex
tattoo work, then you need to be ready for the possible
осложнениям после её drawing.

How is the drawing applied? The paint gradually fills the space.
under the skin. Of course, no master will give a hundred percent
guarantees that applying a tattoo will not cause an allergic reaction
or other side effects.

In order for all the work to be successful, you need
follow some rules:

• Tattoo is best done in the cabin;

• The master must provide a certificate for the paint, which will be
apply a tattoo, otherwise it can be done poor quality
material, with all the ensuing consequences;

• It is necessary to follow all the recommendations of the master in
отношении того, как ухаживать за тату в first days.

Do not save and do the work of low-quality paint,
because the tattoo can not be removed as clothing, it remains with her
host for many years, so it stands with all the scrupulousness
relate to the original work.

But, besides the correct choice of the picture and the master, it is important and place
Apply pattern on the body to choose wisely. There are such points on
body, on which tattooing is more painful than on the rest. TO
example, drawing a tattoo on the spine, wrists, calf –
painful procedure and such tattoos require additional

TOак ухаживать за тату в first days, сразу после нанесения

In the tattoo salon master will apply a special disinfecting
the structure, will apply a compress on drawing. In order to avoid
infection of the skin on which the tattoo was applied, the master
wraps cling film cling film. If he is a professional, then no
there will be no bleeding at the tattoo site, but if it started
the allocation of ichor, it is worthwhile to pay special attention to
тату сразу после её drawing.

Remove the compress can be at home, experts
recommend keeping it for at least three hours. Depending on the
blood coagulation with a certain intensity will be performed
subsequent manipulations with the tattoo.

For those who have normal or accelerated clotting –
The healing process will be much easier.

Why not take a compress in advance? Because on the spot
excretions of ichor appear crusts. TOогда они отпадут — исчезнет
and paint along with them, then the drawing will not be uniform. Tattoo
the healing of the skin will be spoiled
will be tightened.

What should be done after removing the compress? Required
tattoo wash soap with antibacterial effect. Why is it
need to? Required удалить отмершие клетки и бактерии, которые могут
cover the place of healing.

It is best to even take a shower with warm water. Hot shower is better
do not use, tattoo should not be steamed.

What also can not be done?

• You can not wipe the site of applying a tattoo with alcohol

• Do not use soothing agents for the skin, even

• Do not rub the place of applying the tattoo with a washcloth – you can
damage the pattern.

After the shower, it is worth getting a tattoo, it is better to use cotton
discs. Wet, no need to rub the tattoo, just hold
cotton pad a few seconds.

TOак ухаживать за тату в first days, если уже сняли

It is worth wiping the place of application with solutions that
disinfect and promote healing, they will be prompted by the master.
Miramistin can be used.

TOак протирать тату?

• propping from center to edge;

• It is necessary to wipe the tattoo and on the periphery, affecting the surrounding

• Swabs need to be changed as needed.

TOак ухаживать за тату в first days, что нельзя упустить

Be sure to consider the fact that throughout
healing will have to use a number of aids. By them
can not be neglected, otherwise blood poisoning is possible, various
skin infections. The wizard will tell you what cream is needed
use after removing the compress and processing the application site

What is necessary to use the cream? For speedy
healing. For those with poor blood clotting, this may
take quite a long time. Many masters for the purpose of healing
It is recommended to use sea buckthorn oil, which will also allow
avoid drying of the skin. Well proven ointment with
panthenol and vitamins.

You should not apply all the ointment at once, you need to choose one and
use it according to the instructions or recommendations masters. More
specified in the instruction period of use, the cream does not use
worth it. You can change the tool, if necessary.

Tattoo у каждого заживляется индивидуально. At the same time, one and
the same person, different tattoos can heal at different times.
Everything is individual, but the average term of this process varies from
ten to fifteen days.

TOак ухаживать за тату в first days, с чем придётся
put up with

What worries customers the most:

• Why does a tattoo do not heal for so long (if less than
fifteen days, and the tattoo has not healed – do not worry);

• Why tattoo tattooed (this is a physiological process and
с ним придётся put up with);

• Why is itching (this is a sign of the healing process, as on
child wounds, the crust can not be ripped off – will be damaged

• Why not go to the beach and the solarium (tattoo can quickly
burn out);

• Why can not lie in the bathroom for a long time and swim in
ponds (these are precautionary measures so as not to be damaged

Many not very comfortable moments, such as itching, are worth
courageously endure. The most important thing is the result. TOак
ухаживать за тату в first days — ответственно и внимательно. Rush
and negligence can lead to negative consequences.

In order for the tattoo to serve its owner for years, you need it
constant care It is impossible to be under protective cream for a long time.
sun rays. Even when the tattoo is healed – they can hurt.
An abrupt change in body weight can lead to the fact that the contours of her
float, it will lose its original shape. If wrong
ухаживать за тату в first days — это может произойти сразу.

In any case, in any controversial situations or complications – not
It is necessary to delay the appeal to the master or doctor. If um
flows intensely or suppuration occurs – urgent need to be addressed
for medical care. With proper tattoo care, appearance
unforeseen circumstances, almost unreal. It all depends on
vigilance and responsibility of the client and the quality of the tattoo,
скрупулёзности при уходе за ней в first days.

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