How to care for a beard: types of haircuts andstyling. Bearing care: it should emphasize dignitymen

Вт, 14 июн 2016 Автор: Игорь Шведкой

Tens of millions of women all over the planet are considered bearded
men are more manly / attractive / sexy (like
look after a beard, you can read below).

In short, the opposite sex,
deserving more female attention than carefully shaving

How to care for a beard: the basic principles

Men who want to let go of their beard should understand that hair
on the face may emphasize the dignity of hiding some
imperfections (warts) “strong sex” or “emphasize” flaws
human face.

At this time, the beard is very popular with men.
– “Two-week unshaven.” Care for such a beard in the home
conditions – nothing is easier. For this you need to have a standard
hair clipper with a set of nozzles. Once a week
install the nozzle of the desired size (0 or 1), spend across
�”Vegetation” – and the beard is ready to enchant the female gender.

Hygienic manipulations with a beard “two-week unshaven”
held every day during the morning and evening water

Наибольшего внимания men требуют бороды с большой
vegetation: Russian (full), skipper (without a mustache),
Suvorov, Garibaldi, etc. But for all types of beards exist
general principles that must be strictly followed:

• After eating, be sure to look at the face — not
Are there any crumbs on the beard? After ingestion of fatty foods should be washed with
soap / shampoo hair around the mouth;

• Once a day to monitor the appearance of the beard and, if necessary
trim / cut facial hair;

• Apply beard cosmetics as needed.
(gels, shampoos, varnishes), which will give the beard the right man
size and shape.

How to care for a beard at home: errors

Основная ошибка men, решившего отрастить волосы на лице —
wrong choice of beard type. Rarely when a man grows up
beard “just like that, nothing to do.” As a rule, beard “strong
sex “grows to attract the attention of a particular woman,
draw the attention of the team, express / emphasize your
personality, become more manly / sexy. Or how
now stylists are expressing – to take the form of “brutal alpha –
the male. “

By choosing the wrong type of beard, a man can accept not
manly and stupid looking over which women / acquaintances will
�”Giggle”, poke fun. What kind of man can this situation
like it?

Therefore, a man can not just “make a beard”, to the choice of type and
the shape / length of the beard must be approached very scrupulously,
interested in the opinion of relatives and close friends.

Suppose a man chose the type of beard correctly. The next
basic error of strong sex with facial hair – not
regular beard care. Sticking in different directions hair on
mustache and beard, visible stubble on the face in places where it should not be
100% will cause negative emotions such as
The same as unpeeled shoes or wrinkled trousers / suit on a man.

Therefore, to care for a beard at home should be
regularly, with the use of modern cosmetic products: varnish
for hair, shampoos, soaps, waxes, balms for the desired type

How to care for a beard: haircut options (photo)

За многие века существования человечества men не боялись
experiment with your appearance in general, and with vegetation
on the face in particular. Please read only the most
распространенными видами бород, которые носят men по всей
the planet. Некоторые названия «режут слух», но козлиную
всю взрослую жизнь носил Ф.Э. Dzerzhinsky and not
�”Complex” (as historians say) on this issue.


Russian (full)



Duck tail


French fork




Современные men в более выгодном положении, чем их предки —
cosmetic industry fully satisfies all
hygiene needs for beard care
home conditions. And our ancestors cared for facial hair with
using primitive hygiene products: rainwater, which
after the procedure makes the hair “silky” without any
shampoos / balms and other modern tools. Who has
opportunity, wash your head and beard in rainwater using
the simplest soap and compare the result with the procedure carried out with
using cosmetics from leading world manufacturers.

How to care for a beard at home: tips

Recommendations of professional cosmetologists / hairdressers on
care for a beard at home are reduced to the simplest formula:
washing, combing, cutting.

These recommendations require some

• It is necessary to wash with products that will not cause
irritation of the skin of the face to form in the hair on the face
dandruff. Start washing your beard with those shampoos and balms that
apply for hair on the head;

• Combing. �”Two-week unshaven” comb not
have, and the other beards require constant combing. If a
do not perform this procedure regularly, look at yourself in the mirror
it will be unpleasant for a man, not to mention the people around him;

• Swatch. If a волосы на бороде регулярно не подравнивать,
the man will gradually take on a “homeless” look. Хотя, men – большие
originals can submit such an appearance as “a new trend in
stylistics ”, developed personally“ on the basis of innovative
world leading technology designer houses. ” More followers
find their “homeless” mind, which is based on
human laziness and disregard for the people around them.

From our resource we can recommend to men who do not
know how to care for a beard at home the following:

• Do not be afraid to experiment (moderately) with cosmetic
means: try to apply cosmetics, which was not previously

• Having released the beard, the man is obliged to look in the mirror more often and
watch out for a beard. Male version of combing hair on the head:
�”Hand held from right to left” with a beard will not pass. If a мужчина,
Of course, she does not want to look sloppy (such a trend).

• The main thing while wearing a beard – she should like her
to the owner. Even if his beard does not like others.

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