Hairstyles for short hair with bangs: fashionableseason trends (photo). What choose modern women of fashion: grungeor retro?

Пн, 26 сен 2016 Автор: Мария Горячева

Many girls believe that short haircuts provide
very narrow field of activity in terms of creating beautiful stylish

This is not entirely true; indeed, on long curls you can
build anything you like – weaving, bundles, braids.

However, spectacular styling can be created on short

Hairstyles for short hair with bangs. Fashion trends

A short haircut does not deprive the girl of femininity,
on the contrary, it favorably emphasizes facial features, adds to the image
style and charisma. That is why more women prefer
cropped hair following Coco Chanel’s bold example – she’s the one
introduced them to fashion. The most popular haircuts today are
pixie, bob, page, square, asymmetry, expressed in different lengths
hair on the sides. Trend 2016 – textured bob car in style

Short haircut is easy to lay, in the process you can
experiment. Very stylish look on short hair
slanting partitions, light naughty curls, lightly fleece at the roots
gives curls the missing volume.

To create a festive image, various
original accessories – ribbons, hairpins with rhinestones, headbands, live

Hairstyles for very short hair with bangs, photo

To leave at least hair on your head, you need a certain
courage. However, on the face with expressive features like
hairstyle will look great. No wonder many Hollywood
stars, for example, Sharon Stone or Natalie Portman choose short

Interestingly on very short hair look textured
haircuts Thanks to the layered texture, you can create a little chaos.
on the head, the image is fresh and frivolous.

Step-by-step instruction:

1. Wash your hair, dry with a towel, but do not comb it, so
how the hair should dry naturally.

2. When the curls are almost completely dry, apply on them
a small amount of fixing agent – mousse, foam, wax.
Равномерно распределить на hair.

3. Separately highlight the order on which you want to focus, and
also bangs and hair on the back of the head.

How to put a bang in a hairstyle on short hair

Almost all short haircuts suggest the presence of bangs. it
a big plus, because if necessary it can be combed back, so
In other words, a completely different hairstyle will turn out. Wherein
bangs can be short, long or mega fashionable in the latest
seasons asymmetric.

On short hair the bang becomes a bright accent of the hairstyle and
creates the basis of the image.

Straight smooth bangs make the bow elegant and refined. With
This other hair can be tousled and create a creative
a mess.

Smooth bangs go well with a bean and a square, and elongated
serves to create an extravagant image. It can be laid
side down, leave straight, give it a texture using a styling
means or slightly curled – in the case when you need to create
festive bow.

If you want to remove the bangs, modifying the haircut, you should
know that this option is only suitable for oval, classic
face shapes.

Laying back can be created using accessories (tape,
rim or gel.

Withчески с челкой на короткие волосы до подбородка, фото

Такая длина уже позволяет experiment. The most
A common option in this case is a bob haircut.
It is suitable for almost all women and does not require special styling.
If you want to create a festive look, you can leave your hair
perfectly smooth and used for fixing varnish with glitter, and
You can curl curls with soft waves with smooth transitions.

В последнее время актуальны короткие стрижки в стиле grunge On
a mess is made to the head, giving the impression of lack
hairstyles as such, however, to achieve a similar effect is not so
easy, especially if a girl has naturally smooth hair. But
the owner of curly hair will make chaotic styling
much easier. She just needs to wash her hair and dry
curls in a natural way, beating them with your hands and highlighting with
wax separate strands.

Straight hair curled with forceps, twisting strands in a chaotic
okay, in different directions. After that, the head should be tilted down.
and disheveled hairstyle. Fix the result with varnish.

Withческа с эффектом мокрых волос всегда смотрится празднично и
original, especially on short haircuts. Make her very
simply. You need to wash your hair, apply mousse for styling, after which
dry curls with a diffuser.

If your hair is a little longer than your chin, you can already
afford some types of weaving. Most often it is a pigtail in
bang area.

Withчески на короткие волосы с челкой в стиле ретро, фото

Recently, retro style has become very popular. Similar styling
short hair is not suitable for everyday image, it is purely
evening option.

Retro hairstyles include:

• smooth, combed back hair;

• soft waves;

• straight bangs that twist inward or lay down,
divided into “videos”;

• large curls;

• weak twisting of the strands a couple of turns and stabbing them

Exquisite vintage hairstyles are decorated with glamorous accessories –
wide fabric or plastic headbands, hoops, ribbons,
hairpins with rhinestones, feathers, ornaments with a veil, mesh.

Of all the retro hairstyles, the most impressive are the waves and
curls, however, to create them on a short head of hair is not so easy
and the shorter the hair, the more difficult it is.

Triple waves can be used to make waves. For
Very short hair needs a curling iron of the smallest diameter.

Waves can be made manually using metal clips,
but it is a long process, besides requiring certain

The easiest way is to curl your hair with curlers, but too short.
it is better not to use their hair. To curls looked spectacular,
the length of the strands should be enough for a couple of turns around the middle curler
diameter. That is, the hair should be at least below
chin up

And some more tips on creating curls. On прямые, не
too short hair, for example, elongated four, can be done
any curls, ranging from soft feminine waves to creative
zigzag curls.

With текстурированных стрижках (каскад, боб) лучше делать
neat curls of medium size, small curls – not the most
the best option, since the hair will stick in all directions, and
hairstyle – look untidy.

Depending on the parting – oblique, straight, zigzag or
his absence glamorous hairstyle in retro style every time will be
look fresh and new.

Curls can be an independent hairstyle, and can and act
base to create a new stylish styling. Hair up
up, going and stabbing with hairpins and pins. So
Thus, the illusion of long hair is created.

Ретро-прическу можно сделать и на гладких коротких hair. For
this hair is carefully straightened curling, curls at the roots
lifted with a hair dryer. That’s all it remains to wear
cloth rim on the head, trying to make it lay on a level

As you can see, on a short hairstyle with bangs, you can also create
many spectacular feminine hairstyles, and with the styling process
cope any girl.

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