Hairstyles for long hair with bangs: ideas.Fashion trends in the creation of hairstyles for long hair, with differentoptions bangs

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Long curls – the true wealth and the dream of every woman. They
make their owner charming and unforgettable.

However, in real life, everything is much more complicated:
a long-haired woman wears a “tail” or “bundle.” Such monotony
hurts her image.

Our review provides helpful recommendations, presents
photos of gorgeous long hair hairstyles with bangs,
which are relevant in the current season.

Important trend 2017

Even the smallest nuance can drastically change the look
women. Often such a detail becomes a bang, which
corrects the shape of the face, hides its flaws, visually gives
hair fluffiness and thickness.

In 2017, at the peak of popularity, the following options

• straight and thick;

• oblique, asymmetric;

• arch or “fishtail”;

• “ragged contour”;

• long;

• on two sides;

• “French” (from the top);

• “wave”;

• other

Прямая челка — это стильно. On the day of any
Celebrations should be perfectly smooth and even.

Косая челка — романтично. Excellent
It is combined with a pile, high challah.

Ультракороткая челка-арка придаст «луку»
playfulness and hide the flaws of the round face.

The most relevant is considered “torn” edging, which
visually make any lady younger.

«Французская» — идеально гармонирует с «конским
tail “and” beam “. She will emphasize the character of the girl, keeping up
with fashion trends.

Diverging into two sides – unique and attractive.
This element actually looks with long curls.

Волнообразная — добавит в образ романтичности и

Professional designers claim that with the right
the selection of bangs, she is able to decorate any face. First of all,
It is necessary to pay attention to the following factors – the type of person
hair structure, the latest in hairdressing
industry, stylist recommendations.

On a note! The type of person is easily determined at home.
conditions in front of the mirror. For this, the reflected face oval is circled
(on the mirror) lipstick.

Face shape

Bang type


Smoothly turning into side strands


Any shape and length

Triangular or rectangular

Oblique, asymmetric, lush in the temporal region

Properly selected bangs smooth and soften facial blemishes.
bringing it closer to the oval shape.

Hairstyles 2017 for long hair with stylish bangs

Today, hair stylists create real masterpieces from
long hair, which is distinguished by beauty and originality.
Fixative preparations keep their shape ideally and do not glue curls,
and beautiful accessories make the hair elegant and luxurious.

Decorative ornaments

With the help of additional devices, trends are created.
hairdressing. Below is a list of the most popular.
decorating elements:

• studs;

• scallops;

• gum;

• rims;

• romantic flowers;

• delicate little feathers;

• openwork dressings;

• satin ribbons;

• shiny brooches;

• small sparkling hairpins;

• crabs;

• and other decorations.

You can add to the loose curls a couple of decorative braids
– it will change the usual “bow”.

Casual styling

Tiered wavy cascade with bangs, diverging by two
parties presented below

You can give preference to creating everyday styling.
weaving. �”Spike”, braided on both sides, will emphasize
restrained girl elegance. This hairstyle looks very
neat, so it is quite appropriate for a work environment.

Side braid also looks great with a bang. This styling
suitable not only cute girl, but also a self-sufficient lady. For
complete the business image should be laid naughty strands over
eyebrows with a hair dryer or ironing.

Evening holiday hairstyle

Beautiful hairstyle is an attribute of femininity. In the evening
image it is an integral element. From long strands you can create
any hairstyle For этого применяются:

• waving in large curls;

• fluffy pile in the crown;

• twist the tips in and out;

• weaving;

• twisting the harness;

• twisting in the “snail”;

• straightening iron;

• and etc.

As an option – hair, you can pick up a bright scarf or
monophonic bandana.

Variations with flowing hair

Evening hairstyle with bangs can completely change the look
women, wrapped in his mysterious aura. Long bangs, smoothly
turning into a hairstyle will be the perfect solution for
romantic evening.

Long bangs beautifully framed face

Hair tips can be curled up, as shown in the photo.

For следующей модели характерно отсутствие плавных или изящных
lines – impudent locks of different lengths casually descend on the face

If you are the owner of curly hair, try not
straighten your curls and focus on the bang-arch, which
wonderfully harmonizes with wavy curls.

Variations with matched hair

The models with weaving look amazing and elegant: a spikelet,
bezel basket.

This is an excellent solution for the solemn event.

Win-win – braid, braided to the side

Looks very elegant beam, braided oblique. For этого
you need to braid a pigtail on one side, and loose strands
pick a rubber band on the back of his head. Then wrap the weave around
tail bases.

The tiara has a fabulous aura, it can be small, large,
with rhinestones, etc. This decoration looks amazing with
open, and with a covered forehead. The main thing is her combination with outfit:
it is desirable that the dress had an even corset and was without

This photo shows a charming hairstyle with

Before you start laying your curls –
Imagine how you would like to see the result. Do not eat
too much gel or mousse, otherwise hair will be
have a neglected look.

Additional Information! Pick up
the most successful variation of the hairstyle will help a special computer
program, which today there are many. For этого
you just need to upload a photo of your face into it.

Do not look with hopelessness at the impeccable picture of the glossy
the magazine because these colorful pictures are pre
are adjusted, retouched, over the model itself by several
hours “conjures” a whole team of high-end stylists. �”Gloss”
should be your allies, a landmark in the fashion world.

Listen to the opinion of an experienced master, he will tell you
unusual and stylish styling. And do not forget about the correct make-up –
This is the final stage of creating a fashionable “bow”.

We hope you enjoyed this article, which details
talked about what hairstyles for long hair with chelochkoy
considered fashionable in 2017. Turn on the fantasy, invent your own
variation of hair with bangs. Bring in the creation of your image

Successful to you experiments!

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