Hairstyles for birthday long and mediumhair. Creating a festive look: brush your hair on the DayBirthday!

Вс, 25 сен 2016 Автор: Марина Горячева

Girls adore their birthdays. Of course, the culprits
the celebrations on this day not only receive flowers and gifts, but also
have the ability to look stunning, to demonstrate
taste and sense of style. Before the birthday is not an easy task –
Choose an outfit and make beautiful stylish styling that is beneficial
will distinguish it from the other invited girls.

Hairstyles for Birthday. Fashion trends, photos

Hairstyle has a special place in creating a festive image.
Even if you are used to loose hair, then birthday is
the reason to make an exquisite styling, and for its creation is not at all
Be sure to sign up in the salon, you can beautifully lay the curls and in
home conditions. Some models recreate yourself
quite difficult, but you can resort to the help of relatives

Modern fashion trends of holiday hairstyles are contradictory.
On the one hand, natural ones are becoming increasingly popular.
styling: soft curls, high tails, volumetric braids and weaving,
hairstyles with harnesses, on the other – backing, styling in the style of style,
�”Babette” and other hairstyles of the 60s.

How to choose a hairstyle for a birthday

Tips stylists on the choice of holiday

1. To make the image harmonious and complete, hairstyle
Should be combined with outfit and makeup.

2. The female figure looks proportionate only if
if the head together with the laid hair is laid 7.5 times
over the entire length.

3. The hairstyle must be chosen according to the season.
and weather conditions. For example, in windy weather should not
dissolve the hair, the wind crush them.

4. Do not use a large number of locking means.
Firstly, it will make the hairstyle heavy, and secondly, the hair can
look messy.

5. Tall women should not do high hair, but
miniature girls, they are very even fit.

6. Women with a triangular face are also better off
high styling.

7. Owners of an oval face can afford any
shape hairstyle.

8. Chubby girls should comb their hair back and not
leave strands on the sides, so as not to make the face even wider.

9. Massive facial features and wide forehead soften asymmetrical
items in hairstyle.

Whatever styling you decide to do, remember that massive
designs will deliver discomfort and will not allow to enjoy
holiday to the fullest.

Hairstyles for a birthday on medium hair, photo

The average hair length became popular a few years ago and since
since then fell in love with girls for their versatility
various hairstyles, both everyday and evening. TO
Moreover, it is much easier to care for medium-length hair than

The easiest thing to do is to curl the curls with
curlers or curlers and create, thus, soft natural
curls. To keep laying the whole evening and not disheveled,
It is necessary to use varnish or wax for fastening. but
try not to overdo it with the fixative in
Otherwise, the hairstyle will look unnatural.

Twisted hair can be used as a basis for the hair,
for example, collect hair in a high ponytail, leaving a couple
order so that they framed the face. Or another option –
drag a trim band or ribbon over your head.

If you want a hairstyle with smooth even hair, then
Collect the hair on the sides, fasten stealth and fix
This styling will allow to emphasize the cheekbones and
will make an image impudent and at the same time womanly. Accessories with
rhinestones and glitter varnish will add glamor hairstyle and

If you have naturally wavy hair, then curls with
помощью диффузора — как раз то, что вам нужно
. Simply
wash your hair, apply a little mousse or foam on your hair and dry
hair using this nozzle in circular motions until complete
drying out

Owners of fine features will go very creative
a mess.
Creating it is very simple: apply it on your hair.
a little fixative, then squeeze the strands with your fingers,
to create light weightless waves. Add bright hair to your hair
stylish hairpins, and a unique festive look created!

The feminine Greek bun is not only suitable for all girls without
exceptions, but also retain their original appearance throughout
of the day

TOак сделать пучок. Step-by-step instruction:

1. Comb the hair and separate them with the help of the part on two
equal parts.

2. Twist the side strands into bundles.

3. Continue twisting the curls into strands, grabbing all new
strands towards the back of the head.

4. Assemble the harnesses in the back of the head.

5. Make a small depression in the hair and form
twisted tail.

6. Lift the tail and twist it inward, putting your hair in

7. Зафиксировать прическу шпильками и varnish.

Hairstyles for a Birthday for long hair, photo

Hair ниже плеч на три пальца называются long. Similar
length provides girls with complete creative freedom, because of
such luxurious hair can make any holiday

Soft natural curls will make the image romantic and gentle,
the missing volume can be added to thin hair with
Radical volume and hairspray.

Today, a variety of weaving is very popular, for example, “Fish
tail”. Externally, the tail really looks like a fish, and the hairstyle
It looks extremely stylish and modern. Ideal styling will be
look on hard straight hair, and highlighting or
Coloring will make it even more interesting.

If you think you can brace such exquisite beauty
only professional, you are mistaken, try, and see for yourself
that there is nothing difficult. If you do tail without
help, you need two mirrors – you must
see the reflection of the back of the head.

Step-by-step instructions hairstyle “Fisheye

1. Divide hair into two parts.

2. Alternate the strands between each other, grabbing them on each side.
(2-3 cm wide).

3. Select the same order on one side and cross it with
top strand braids. Hold weaving hands.

4. Swap the arm and separate the strand from the other side. To cross
her from the previous one.

5. Weave a braid of the desired length, crossing, alternating strands.

6. TOончики косы закрепить резинкой или заколкой.

To give the fishtail a glam look, you can decorate it
fresh flowers, studs with a variety of decor, laces,
rhinestones woven into the braid with strands.

TOоса может располагаться в центре, по бокам, зигзагом по всей
head, be very tight or, conversely, free. If you want to
do the last option, stretch the spit slices, thereby you
Give her the open look.

And if the density of the hair allows, then you can braid two braids, this
also very fashionable now.

Hairstyle “Babette” is rightly popular now
many decades. On long hair, it looks especially
chic. For the festive version of the classic bundle you can
connect with weaving to pigtails framed head instead of rim
or tape.

TOак видите, сделать прическу на День Рождения не так сложно, как
may seem at first glance. Use original
accessories and go to creating an image with fantasy.

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