Hairstyle: hair on the side – it’s stylish. We selectand create hair with the hair on the side on the average hair and changeform

Ср, 08 фев 2017 Автор: Ирина Тарусова

Hairstyle, whose emphasis is shifted to the side, called
asymmetric. Fashion на такие причёски не проходит никогда. She then
becomes less relevant, then again finds a lot of fans, and with
новой силой удивляет нас романтическими formами.

If you suit hairstyles of this format, then
you can be happy – you have perfect proportions

Hairstyle: hair on the side with medium hair (photo) – simple

If your hairstyle is originally asymmetrical and you decide
make any changes, the simplest thing is to attach on
one side of a beautiful hairpin or, given the occasion – a luxurious bow.
Of course, take into account the style of your clothes so as not to
it turned out that your bow or hairpin distracts the person from
communicate with you. The measure in this matter is a wonderful friend!

Nothing is easier than curling the ends of the hair with a curling iron and putting them on
one side, fix the varnish. This hairstyle is so simple
which does not require special skills in order to perform it.
Pick up for her stealth that will be perfectly fixed
hair on the back of the head, and will not cause discomfort
because they are about to “fly”.

If you are a fan of bangs in the style of the 30s, then do not forget
add gel or wax for its styling. Secure the received waves
so that bangs down to the eyebrows. Often every curl such
hairstyles fastened invisible, and they create an additional charm.
These types of hairstyles always represent some mystery in
formе современной леди.

Both in a feast, and in the world: in a hairdress with hair sideways on average hair
add fresh flowers

Perhaps fresh flowers – the current addition to the hairstyle,
able to conquer any fashionista. Salons specializing in
accessories for hairdressers, very often offer ready-made
compositions from natural flowers. To keep the flowers fresh
the time you need, they are placed in special capsules filled with
fluid. Do not be afraid to spoil your hair, because the liquid is safe
�”Sealed” and will not be able to pour out. Luxurious this hairstyle will be
смотреться на завитых локонах, нежно формирующих женственный form.
Do not set out to put your hair, hair sideways on the middle
hair, in perfect shape. Let her be a little “disheveled and
careless. ” Приколите цветы studs. Fix hair with lacquer.
Полученный form очень романтичный. He will like any women
age, because fresh flowers rarely meet in the hairstyles.

Challenge and courage in the hair – hair on the side, on the average hair
together with a bunch

Захотелось некоторой агрессии в стиле 80-х?
Fine! Можно попробовать и этот смелый form! Wash your hair
suitable shampoo. Dry your hair. The edges of the hair, if desired, you can
Curl on the curling iron or make a corrugation effect. Lower your head forward and
make a thick basal pile, especially on the parietal part
heads. It will form the main focus hairstyles. After that
how the nachel is done, grab a few strands on the crown of the head and
try, making a height of hair, fix everything
invisible. The rest of the hair can be picked up, laying on its side and
attaching them to the side of the head or immediately after receiving
bundle. Lightly comb your hair by changing the direction of each strand.
You can create a similar hairstyle by tying a light tail on top of your head and
firing hair out of the gum. Perhaps someone this way
will seem easier.

Romantic hairstyle: hair on the side with medium hair –
tuft on the nape

Simple enough and romantic, light in execution, and not
time consuming, you can call the following hairstyle. She is
can be created for any occasion by adding tender
decoration – will be festive.

If your hair is straight, curl it all along the length of the curling or
using curlers. The hair must be pre-washed and
dried There are no specific preferences in the volume of the curl. It all depends
from your mood and from the “pliability” of hair. When winding up
use a hair foam or a small amount of varnish. it
will allow better to fix curls. Divide hair into one
parting, shifting it to the side of the head so that, with one
side, there is a lot more hair left than the other. Take all
hair on the back of the head or on the base of the neck, releasing the side
strands. Tie the tail with a rubber band. Then wiggle the tail and wrap
it around the gum, forming a bunch (bun). Secure everything
studs. Уложите чёску на один бок light wave Small
Radical pile and good fixation with varnish, will keep the resulting
result and allow you to be irresistible.

Hair on the side with medium hair with braids: hairstyle

These hairstyles will require some skill and time for their
creation. But, the result will please you very much.

One option can be made for both straight hair and
on slightly curled. Apply mousse to cleanly washed hair.
volume. Separate, on one side of the hair, a wide strand and start
weave a braid. Perhaps you have the experience of weaving Spit Cage, and
you can do without extra help. Side of the hair
completely obliquely taken and forms an asymmetrical hairstyle. Spit
fixed invisible or small hairpins on the back of the head

If a little diversify a similar hairstyle, and start to weave
hair in a braid using strands all over the side and bottom edge then
hairstyle will be especially attractive. Run this
hairstyle option itself is quite difficult. Probably need
the help of a friend, mother or specialist. This hairstyle, just like
previous, shifts the focus to one side. To have more hair
fluffy – make a light lick on the entire length. Bang lay
light wave Fix hair with lacquer. Occipital or temporal
part, if desired, can be decorated with additional accessories.
Enjoy the result!

If you move the braid to the opposite side and slightly
to diversify a hairdress, having formed a bunch or a tail on a nape, –
we will receive one more worthy option. This hairstyle is very elegant.
Perhaps it will be evening or cocktail for you.

Split, cleanly washed hair, on the side parting. One side
hair will be thicker than the opposite. Lightly wrapped curling
hair will be easier to style. Use the pre
mousse for volume. Separate the hair on the crown part for weaving.
Spit “Spike”. You can grab a large width. It all depends on
your look at this hairstyle. Starting to weave a braid, take your hair
alternately, without tightening them. With each strand weaving in,
release it, creating volume. Take large strands. So spit
will be more voluminous. Take the braid to the back of the head or finish on
side. Fasten with a rubber band in hair color. For a faster option,
you can form a tail, the ends of which can be stronger
curl and lay curls, forming a bunch. If you do without
the tail, then the hair, twisting the tourniquet, you can lay, fixing

Each of the proposed options for hair, help get away from
familiar images and “play” with looks. Be patient,
and the result will pleasantly surprise and please you!

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