Haircut for a triangular face – choose a new oneform! What kind of haircut is needed for a triangular face: examples andstyling options

WITHр, 30 ноя 2016 Автор: Ирина Тарусова

So it is accepted from the stylists that they “check” each of us for
This or that “attitude” to the ideal forms of the face and body in order to
help us create an impeccable and attractive image.
Let’s try to figure out for yourself the subtleties of hairstyles that fit
owners of a triangular face.

Как известно, идеальная форма лица, принятая за основу,
– this is an oval.
In order to determine your face shape,
it is enough to raise the hair, tying the tail to open the borders
forehead. If you have a wide forehead and narrow cheekbones, and the chin may
to be both round and sharpened, then you are the owner
triangular face.

Women with this form of face are very gentle and angular. For like
Forms need to choose suitable, concealing a wide forehead, hairstyle.
The lower part of the face, respectively, should increase visually.
(expand) that will help create a proportion in the image.

What kind of haircuts for a triangular face is best avoided

There is an opinion that short haircuts are contraindicated for ladies with
triangular face shape. To some extent this is true.

Do not “bare” the whole forehead. This will visually expand and reduce it.
chin, but we need harmony in the image.

Thick and voluminous bang in hairstyles for a narrow face creates
unnecessary emphasis on the upper part, which is already enough

Avoid piling up and shovels of hair at the crown. This haircut
will bring attention and emphasis to the upper part of the face, which is perfectly

Hair styling inside (to face) is also not always advantageous. Such
hair style option visually “steals” centimeters of the lower part of the face,
although not in all cases. In this version of the haircut is important length.

Preferred haircuts for a triangular face (photo)

Considering the above-mentioned “cons” in haircuts and styling,
We conclude in favor of those that suit you, the owner
youthful mischief and tenderness in the face.

Let’s start with short

If you decide to cut your hair very shortly, then pay attention to
bang, which is quite acceptable in the asymmetric version or
can zakalyvatsya (refuel for the ears) on both sides. Winning
looks and parted with offset on one side. This moment of laying
will give a visual reduction of the frontal part of the face. Do not weigh down the tips
hair. It’s best to make them milled and lightened.

Medium length hair

To make a hairstyle of medium length is much easier, because after
haircuts, it can be corrected by proper styling. With an average
haircut for a triangular face (photo) always looks great
�“Step” edge – profiled. In the laying is better to give
preference curled edges out or with light curls of different
directions because they visually create the right round
chin shape and level face with frontal part.

Hairstyles for long hair

Owners of long hair can be “played” with options.
hairstyle It is very important to know that the volume top, in the form of a “cap”, –
not for you. Prefer flowing curls, strands of hair,
hanging on either side of the face, or side parting with a long
bangs Ideal option with a voluminous lower part of the hair or with
asymmetry ends.

We select the best haircut for a triangular face
(a photo)

As you know, there are a number of basic haircuts, which, in
depending on the shape of the face, can be changed for better and
stylish image. To pick the right hairstyle, consider
Several options for different types of hair and their length.

One of the short haircuts and styling type “hedgehog” or “under
boy “, recently, has become very popular among young people
and not only. This hairstyle can advantageously emphasize your
individuality. Give bangs a “playful” carelessness. Not
lift it up. Let her loose on her forehead. If
you have thin and not very thick hair, then you can not do without
styling products.

Haircut for short hair, Bob – another basic and stylish. WITH
Its basis can create an unforgettable and very romantic image,
the main thing is not to make a big pile on top. Hair is better
lay light strands. Ideal this haircut will look,
if it is made more elongated, to the level of the ears. Can be
asymmetrical ends.

On the basis of Bob with the addition of elements, all known, Caret,
may have another stylish haircut for
обладательниц triangular face. This hairstyle resembles “overgrown”
Bob perfectly “softens” the cheekbone area, creating proportionality
and harmony. A graduation (step haircut) will give hair
airiness and lightness.

Укладки стрижки для треугольного лица (a photo) на основе

Hairstyle that fits almost everyone, regardless of form
Persons, Kara, we will pay special attention. This haircut может иметь
several options in laying and each of them is perfect
for fragile female nature.

Caret can be called a universal hairstyle, since everything depends
от её длины и качества ваших hair. WITHтрижка Kare suitable for
any age and can serve as the basis for intricate hairstyles,
if your soul requires any image changes or

В случае с quads, идеальными будут смотреться кудри, которые
can be done using curlers, curling iron or curling iron.
Fix them with special tools and enjoy the beauty and
grace curls. This hairstyle visually corrects parts of the face.
and is irreplaceable when you do not know what you
choose for yourself beloved to change or transform your
form. You can always add it with a decorative element.
(barrette) that will create the evening version and will please

Caret looks advantageous and with straight hair. Laying that
soften angular chin, will look like a king.
Wrap the ends of the hair inside, sprinkle with varnish. Hairstyle will be
look very feminine. She is especially, gives the grace
his mistress. Удлинённое quads с прямыми волосами — ещё один
отличный вариант для создания stylish image.

Длинные стрижки для треугольного лица (a photo) с применением

When we hear about haircut for long hair, we understand that
this length, most often, boasts a couple of options: hair
подстрижены ровно понизу или же с применением graduation в виде
Hairstyles Cascade Current stylists offer different types
укладки при таких вариантах стрижек для triangular face.
Choose for yourself any! Perhaps you pay attention to
ниспадающие локоны или ровно уложенные кончики hair. Will like
curled in or out. Would you like to decorate your hair
(with a pin, brooch, hoop) or just pin a stealth one, –
each option will look perfect for angular shape
faces because long hair visually removes the lateral and frontal
parts, soften angular cheekbones, round sharp and protruding

Which of the options you would not choose – the best of them, you can
determine by looking at yourself in the mirror and imagining that your face
inscribed mentally in the oval. Saw emollient and corrective
haircut? Do you like yourself? So, this is what you need!
If you doubt your taste and knowledge, do not hesitate
contact the experts. Next, – to experiment with the image!

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