Haircut bob for medium hair: unfadingclassic. How to vary the image with a bob haircut on mediumhair (photo)

Вт, 14 июн 2016 Автор: Юлия Еркова

Haircut bob – today one of the most popular hairstyles, acquired
its fame largely due to the infamous Victoria
Beckham, who has preferred it for quite a long time.

Among the fans of this hairstyle are many celebrities: Ashley
Simpson, Cameron Diaz, Gwyneth Paltrow, Katie Perry, Reese Witherspoon and
a lot others.

In our time, bob has become not just a haircut, preferred
by millions of women, but by the whole wealth of the century and gaining everything
very popular among the fair sex any

The history of haircuts bob on medium hair, photo or how it was on

So how did it all start? Let’s dive into the history of the military
France mid-XIV century. There, the young and beautiful Joan of Arc,
named only as the Virgin of Orleans, decides to shortly shave

It takes many years and the outstanding French stylist Antoine de
Betting the king among the hairdressers and the barber among the kings, in 1909
year, inspired by the feat of Jeanne, creates a truly something new in
fashion world – haircut bob!

Women around the world just go crazy, persuading their
hairdressers to cut them short, that in those days was unthinkable and
considered something on the verge of shame or shame.

Few masters agreed, few took up so
unexpected offer, but her hairstyle was getting bigger

Coco Chanel, known for her little black dress and
gave the world women’s pants, decided to make a bob than puts
decisive point among the taboos on short and medium hair.

Mata Hari, a famous dancer and courtesan, Vera Cold,
silent film actress, Edith Piaf, singer and actress, make their
a decisive choice in favor of a bob haircut.

So ended a century of taboo on short hair and the era began
medium hair, at the head of which, like a diamond on top of a crown,
the bob hairstyle with its variety and originality flaunts.

If you think about it, she has so many variations and shapes, that is enough
It’s hard to find two identical hairstyles that look identical on
two different women.

Curvaceous, straightened, elongated or shortened, strict or
playful, youthful frivolous or aristocratically refined,
neat or asymmetrically unusual options for haircuts and styling
все более популярны среди женщин любых ages.

And what about me? How to choose for yourself haircut bob on
medium hair (photo)

You are active and full of energy or prefer exquisite
party in secular society?

Do you want to give your image originality and originality?
Or do you prefer office work and quiet rest?

Those girls who grow hair and want to look
irresistible always, you should pay attention to bob haircut on
medium hair. In this version, you have many options.
laying for any occasion of life from a social event to a walk on
cycling along mountain trails.

Of course, bob is a universal haircut for all girls,
having any type of face. So, the owners of narrow and
triangular faces fit volumetric styling strands, which is visually
will soften and expand the face, give it youth and tenderness. Girls with
round face fit asymmetry from the chin to the shoulders, which
visually make a face already.

Bob is also great for visual adjustments.
age If you are young, but want to look older than you are,
stop on the version with straightened ends and neat
bangs A couple of years will help hide a multi-layered bean or elongated
strands with playful mess in laying.

Length also plays a significant role in creating a complete image,
which one you choose for yourself.

If you are the owner of long hair and want with them
to part, but afraid of radical changes, that bob is average
lengths suit you best.

You can straighten your hair with ironing and foam or
divide them into wavy playful strands, slightly covering the tips
neck, giving your image naive and almost childish
spontaneity, but only one note will remain unchanged,
which will play a crucial role in the symphony: the beauty of your face,
framed by hair.

The hairstyle as well as possible will underline the person and will serve for
focusing on the eyes.

Haircut bob for medium hair, photo: fashion trends and new items

Haircut bob on medium hair has long won hearts
millions of women around the world and it looks like this season
the exception. Owners of thick hair will be in doubt
a winner by turning your attention to this hairstyle. Try
refresh and diversify your image with small nuances to
Look really fashionable and stylish this season.

Now hairdressers recommend paying attention to the effect.
ombre staining. This should be done exclusively on straight hair.
or straighten your hair daily with a flat iron. Especially impressive
will look the transition from darker hair to light brown

However in experiments can go further and dye the ends of the hair
in completely unusual and unexpected colors. Especially impressive
Now look blue, pink or purple shades.


Retro style is also very popular today.
Straighten your hair, reaching almost to the shoulders, and make a straight
french bangs Especially suited to the image of bright red lipstick and
high eyebrow line. Now you are a film star!

Cheeky bangs, trimmed in the form of a wave, and side parting
ideal owners of blond hair. Brunettes will be
look good with a classic parting in the middle.

Another fashion trend is the effect of wet hair. Arm yourself with gel and
fine hairbrush to give the image of lightness and sexual

How to lay a haircut at home bob on medium hair
a photo


If we talk about styling, then variations for the bean exist,
perhaps even more than the variants of this haircut. let’s
Consider how best to style your hair with this haircut:

1) It is always necessary to pack clean hair. Wash hair with
balsam that will help not only combing naughty
hair, but also restore the scalp, strengthen the roots and even
stimulates hair growth.

2) Dry the hair with a towel and gently comb it, and then
uniformly apply to the entire length of hair mousse, giving volume, paying
special attention to the root zone.

3) For quick styling it will be enough to lift the hair with a hair dryer,
wrapping the ends at the back of the head and near the neck with a round
hairbrushes Parting in this case is optional.

4) Select the method and style of styling. You can style your hair like
hair dryer, and with the help of curlers. Strands with this can be laid in
random order that will give your hairstyle uniqueness.
If you stop at the second option, then separate the main part
hair and pin it on the back of your head. Then fix the hair with
бигуди or круглой насадки для фена (плойки). Evenly
curl your hair along its entire length, holding it
perpendicular to the head, moving from the temporal lobe, up to

5) If you chose hair curlers for yourself, you can now remove them.
Полученные локоны причесать or разделить пальцами, чтобы они были
более упругими и придали вашему образу легкость и романтичность or
betrayed your dreamy nature.

6) Fix the hair with lacquer. Done! Now you are irresistible in
eyes of others.

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